Bob The Robber

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  1. pleas don't stop the music
  2. the world is full of beautiful things like U! ;$
  3. The perfect friend
  4. eminem: ''His gift is a curse, forget the Earth he's got the urge to pull his dick from the dirt and fuck the whole universe!''
  5. Bob Marley Leđend
  6. beauty and the bear. :33
  7. the most beautiful girl on the whole world. *-*
  8. the best
  9. Share the LOVE ♥
  10. the heart
  11. peace on the world!!
  12. the roses for you
  13. The word is more beautifuL upside down ^___^
  14. pozabi!!!Radio 276 The best radio,,,,
  15. wheres the diffrence
  16. cute whit out the e
  17. the simpsons
  18. the best damn thing
  19. american dragon jake long vrs the hjuman
  20. Alone in the big world...
  21. ♥♥♥Love in the rain♥♥♥
  22. Maite the best
  23. It's not like the movies.
  24. Dancing in the rain
  25. I watched from the distance as you made life your own. *-*
  26. tHe ßEsT
  27. The ßest!!
  28. Miley.. Party in the USA < 333
  29. the black eyed peas
  30. Over The Rainbow
  31. imagine all the people living for today *-*
  32. bob marley
  33. lauraka the one
  34. ♥ in the air
  35. God save the queen The fascist regime They made you a moron Potential H-bomb.....XD
  36. Miley je The Best !!!!!!!!!!
  37. Sex & the city 2 xD Mileeey < 33
  38. The horse and rider is more than just a feel, its a partnership. In that split second it feels like the world has stopped and the only thing moving is you and your horse dancing. The way the horse's hoofs thud to the sound of your heartbeat. It's like the whole world stops when you and your horse unite together as one. The way a horse makes you feel at ease with yourself and the world. When the world turns upside down, these animals will still be there. The way that feeling feels when you breath to his evrey move pounding to his hoofs. The way the horse runs, the wind through your hair, the freedom that we borrow from this magical creature. this horse is more than a slave, he's apart of you, he's your soulmate, he's your best friend. ♥
  39. winnie_the_hungry
  40. You are the reason I smile. $:
  41. I know you need to go to the hospital becaus ur mental.But remember im here for you !
  42. mucica vs the silver dragon
  43. You hold the key to my heart :3
  44. the green dragon of the dead whally
  45. Hug the world (: ♥♥♥♥
  46. Where the fu*k is my prince with his horse?? xD
  47. The Vampire Diaries !
  48. see i told you im the king of the ring
  49. however im king of the ring
  50. me on the card (deed)
  51. the kavbojke ;DD
  52. sky is not the limit :3
  53. The Notebook *-*
  54. The Rev
  55. Iris you are the best horse of planet! Łajk?