she way out
"Hey you! Ever wanted to dismantle traditional values, norms and modes of expression so as to deconstruct contemporary culture? Ever craved something but did not know what it was that you craved? Are you bored? Is that why we are on our phones? Is this pretentious? Yeah? Yeah.. Yeah?… No. Whatever, who cares just keep looking looking looking…Wow. Now, if you’re famous you needn’t be reading this as you have already won, already made it, you’re at the shores of Ithaka taking pictures and passing off hallmark philosophies as your own. I see the people on the Internet sometimes they are looking at me sometimes not and I know their names.

All I know is the only art worth any investment is art that makes you feel personally addressed. A simple truth, or set of truths, that galvanises an awareness and passion within the individual and in doing so emerciates them into a community founded upon that same personal connection.

Too many artists care about what others think - we are for the community - a non-linear observation on everything that has been and what will become, the lack of understanding of the world we are immersed in.. the post ironic notion of the modern world. Selfie mythologising. Creating how we consume. Fragments of culture. Not settling for what you’ve been given. We’ve just come to represent a decline in the standards of what we accept.

I would die for this, as pretentious or over reaching as that may sound I fucking would.

This is for the fans.

………Me xxx ";

Matty Healy

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she way out
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the 1975, the japanese house, lany, swim deep, catfish & the bottlemen, years & years, twenty one pilots, the neighbourhood, radiohead, the front bottoms, the last shadow puppets, arctic monkeys, crystal castles, wolf alice, telekinesis, drake, marina and the diamonds, lorde... bUT MAINLY THE 1975 i live for the 1975

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