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Bi brala pliss.. Al pa če bi povedala komu če bi bral.. Hvala..
29. avgust 2012
cool profil
03. maj 2012
A => crazy
B => loves people and fun
C => selfish
D => a very good girlfriend or boyfriend anyone ever had
E => has gorgeous eyes
F => loves people wild and crazy adore you
G => very outgoing
H => stick to one
I => is really sweet & romantic
J => is very sexual
K => hot
L => is a very good kisser
M => Makes dating fun
N => is a very good kisser too!
O => has one of the best personalities ever
P => popular with all types of people
Q => a hypocrite
R => funny
S => makes people laugh
T => a smile to die for
U => is loved by everyone
V => not judgmental
W => can be funny and dumb at times
X => never let people tell you what to do
Y => is loved by everyone
Z => very broad minded
07. september 2010
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