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it begans with a simple look, but then you're on a hook. you look in to his eyes, there are no more wrongs, only writes. you start like friends, he takes you out to dance. you start seeing eachother, than you can't forget one another. you like it very much, you're asking for a touch. he makes you're dream come true, but wait theres more to do. but nothing lasts 4ever, somevhere everything comes to an end, and whit all the tears its hard to find some land. you see him whit youre best friend makind out, so you scream loud, you eavil heart breaker and you friend feacker, you let me down, so hear me out, you're very mean, just like an eavil queene. i will 4-get you soon, and when i look into the moon, i know, its teh end of this ";bend";

"We have touched for the last time You are long gone, in love with someone else I now fear nothing but life itself And I have learned that living is just a slow way to die I do not believe in life or in love anymore. The joy I feel are the joys of emptiness I hate myself for loving you The fear I feel night after night has developed into a disease No-one can see the emptiness in my eyes. To escape life itself now seems the only solution With relief i look foward of letting go of the pain Finally... there is peace in my soul To lie dead without a concern , without a tear, You own my heart And life without you is so imensly painful Just to think of you, talk about you, dream of you makes tears stream down my face I cannot imagine happiness without your beautiful smile, your angelic face, your wonderful body and your good heart: You are everything , I am nothing I want to die But really... I am already dead";

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Komentarji (36)

  • ~Niiikaaa~

    07. junij 2015 12:13
    Odi špilat človek ne jezi se v - SOBICA JASMINA-
  • u177234

    04. avgust 2014 21:58
  • Kaja Skušek

    04. avgust 2014 21:55
    kjača??? resno
  • u177234

    04. avgust 2014 21:55
    haj kjača kak si?
  • u177234

    01. avgust 2014 13:12
  • ~Niiikaaa~

    25. julij 2014 14:48
    heiiiiii )
  • Kaja Skušek

    29. november 2013 16:21
    ok ti?
  • pa tista ena :*

    29. november 2013 13:33
    hay kajča kak si
  • EM&EM

    08. julij 2013 21:18
    ja ti tuj!!!
  • EM&EM

    05. julij 2013 19:08
    nehita nooooo!!!
  • Kaja Skušek

    13. maj 2013 16:05
    hah ni res jaz sem v fanta kaj ma na isti dan rd kak jaz in je ista generacija kak jaz tak ka prosim vtihni
  • EM&EM

    13. maj 2013 15:18
    ti pa z žanom alikak mu je ime! kateri je iz 1. razreda!!! (to mi je mihi rekel)!
  • Kaja Skušek

    12. maj 2013 10:19
    Cujem da sta se z karmen razsla
  • EM&EM

    12. maj 2013 09:47
    ti pa ta tvoj lol!
  • Kaja Skušek

    10. maj 2013 18:50
  • EM&EM

    10. maj 2013 18:32
    hvala bogu!!!
  • Kaja Skušek

    10. maj 2013 14:36
    nisem ok grozno sem
  • EM&EM

    10. maj 2013 13:59
  • Kaja Skušek

    09. maj 2013 14:48
  • EM&EM

    09. maj 2013 14:40
    in kak si?

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