Jimin's girl

Jimin's girl

안녕하세요!! (Annyeonghaseyo)/Hello!!

Hi, my name is Park Mi-Cha. I'm learning english and slovenian cause im from Korea and i have frends from those countries.

I really love BTS with all my heart and I have been to almost all of their concerts and a fanmeeting (i think that is how you call it) too!! Jimin is my bias, but i love all of them!
They are so hot like omg, and please check out their videos if you are not an ARMY but if you are then you know who they are and definitelly know those songs

Thanks for chincking out my profile I hope i did not spell anything wrong!..


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Jimin's girlfrend /Park Mi-Cha
20 let, Seoul- South Korea


K-pop - BTS, Blackpink,...
Bring the soul, Burn the stage
Listening to music

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Japanese food, korean food
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Haters of K-pop

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