▲Ženija shipper forever!▼
▲destroy yourself and see who will give a fuck.▼
▲pugs not drugs.▼
▲if you're not pretty, at least you can be drunk.▼
▲be like snow: beautiful but cold.
▲i'm ugly enough to kill myself.▼
everything is better if you're drunk or on drugs.▼
▲we ignore the ones that adore us,
adore the ones that ignore us,
love the ones that hate us and
hate the ones that love us... ▼
▲If i only had four words left on my last dying day they'd be,
''You're perfect to me,''
If i had one wish you'd have to grant it,
To let me love you as you'd permit,
If i had one last day before i go,
Id travel the world with you in two,
If only we weren't locked in this cage,
Our love story would be on the front page,
Love, it's too cold outside for angles to fly,
I hope you know these words are not a lie,
I want you to know I tried my best,
But now I must let my soul rest.
I love you whit all my heart,
Now your eyes may dart,
From word to word you wonder why,
Well i'd rather die than live a lie,
I'm leaving the Earth in my room,
For i'd rather no one know of my gloom,
Please don't cry my dear this is not goodbye,
I'm spreading my wings and learning how to fly,
I'm glad my last day i spent looking into your eyes,
Seeing sou breath, your chest fall and rise,
Someday the wise will see this and understand,
This is not what i had planned,
I wanted to share my life with you,
As i say farewell promise me this,
Remember every day our first and last touch,
For wherever i am you are the only person i will truly miss.▼
▲We don't want to die. We just want to stop the pain.
▲The day you asked me to ask her if you have a chance to be with her my heart stopped. It was like you stabbed me in my back.▼
▲I hate the felling like i'm here, but i'm not... like someone cares, but they don't.▼
▲I fell in love the way you fall asleep; Slowly and than all at once.
▲Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.▼
▲''that's the thing about pain,"; Augustus said and than glanced back at me. "it demands to be felt.";▼
▲&quot;okay."; he said after a forever ";maybe okay will be our always.&quot;
";okay,&quot; i said.
▲Obsessed with The fault in our stars.▼
▲Hazel and Augustus forever.▼
▲Why try to fix something that can't be fixed again?.▼
We all have stories we won't ever tell.▼
▲No one really cares until something really dramatic happens.▼
▲I wanna run away from love.▼
▲My eyes used to shine so bright.▼
I always dreamed that when you grow to a teenager you will be happy, go to parties every weekend and enjoy life.. but it's the opposite.▼
▲every time I hear his name a part of me dies. why? because i know that I will never have the chance to call him MINE.
▲For me scars are something beautiful, they are like battle wounds they make you see how many fights you loosed and you still didn't give up.▼
▲The moment you were born you started to die... we don't live life, we live DEATH.▼

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bomo probale ja $ ahhaha
28. junij 2014
aja ja seveda :'D hahaha drugače pa sem od prvega septrembra dalje vsakk dan v mbju tako da če prej ne se takrat fix dobimo
28. junij 2014
lahko probam samo mi bo ziher vse šteknilo spet :'cc umm ja upam da ja. mislim ziher pridem haha zakaj?
28. junij 2014
nimam haha mela sem sam mi je ful stekalo pa sem zbrisala :/ hahahah
28. junij 2014
suuper haha dolgčas mi je
28. junij 2014
thankss god<33 hahah kako si? +hvala:*
28. junij 2014
ti s čist pozabla name? :'cc
btw pišem novff, bejž ga prebrat, hvala<3 hohoho
28. junij 2014
Ok. Saj ni nič.
04. maj 2014
;c A si že doma???
04. maj 2014
Šola in bedarije...-.- zakaj si ti slabo?
04. maj 2014
04. maj 2014
04. maj 2014
teb je non-stop dc
05. februar 2014
menim se z urško kak žiga lepo diši . ti?
05. februar 2014
ma supar sam ti . i ti?
05. februar 2014
heeej ančii
05. februar 2014
okeeej tyt
29. januar 2014
29. januar 2014
ja res se je narobe slišal, ampak booooom
hahaha tooo, reklame so crknleee
28. januar 2014
weeee, zaka more bit moj poročen? :c haha itak ni moj xđ zajebavaaam
a daš še men mau Sammy??
28. januar 2014
če želiš komentirati, se prijavi ali včlani