guess who


  • BFFs - they can make you smile even when you wanna cry
  • If we run away (run away), no we won't ever look back!
  • Ow Yeah!!
  • Želim si, da bi imela njegov pogum ^^
  • Ko bi le bilo tako lahko XD
  • That's my sister. I know. She's a little special --> urije :D
  • could i have this kiss forever
  • I'll never let you go **
  • Turtle Attack!!! *-*
  • Physic ... if there is god somewhere, now should be perfect time, to show up
  • If you ever loved somebody put your hands up!!
  • Zakaj plamen bo zagotovo prišel in požgal in osmodil in ogolil ves hrib. A v prvi mehki pomladni sapi se bo med pepelom spet  odprl plahi nežni cvet, uklanjal se bo vroči sili, a z vztrajno lepoto nazadnje plamen čisto ukrotil.
  • Find the light in the dark
  • Come on ... you can't be that evil ...
  • IAN --> takšen cuker, ki ga še diabetiki ne smejo zavrniti ♥♥♥♥♥
  • Listen to him, and he'll tell you *
  • When you finde it ... love will save everything
  • Don't judge just because you don't understand ...
  • OPS! ^^
  • You are never alone ... don't forget that!
  • No matter what, just keep smiling :(
  • kittyes are always welcome ;)
  • True love never dies ...
  • To love a friend is always a mistake **