No povejte pač katere muske od katerih izvajalcev so vam najljubše. No ja lahka povete tut vaših najljubših 10,30...Whatever. Oprostite če obstaja že kakšna podobna tema, ampak jst jo nisem videla...
Moja lestvica TOP20
1. Zonaria-Rendered in Vain
2. Graveworm-Loosing my Religion
3. Norther-Omen
4. Amon Amarth- Runes to my memory
5. Children of Bodom-Lake Bodom
6. Kalmah-Hades
7. Dimmu Bogir-Kings of the Carnival Creation
8. Dimmu Borgir-Muorning Palace
9. Kalmah-Heroes to us
10. Nightwish-Nemo
11. Evanscence-My immortual
12. Cradle of Filth-Tonight in Flames
13. In Flames-Take This Life
14. In Flames-Delight and Angers
15. Arch Enemy-We Will rise
16. Arch Enemy-I Will Live Again
17. Kataklysm-Talking By the World Storm
18. Ektomorf-Outcast
19. Hypocrisy-Destroyed
20. Apocalyptica-Conclusion
Hmm ja poli bi pršla še kaka Throught the Fire and Flames, M16, Thrash Till Death, pa še kakšna muska od Children of Bodom pa od Amon Amartha)
30. julij 2009
aja ja vse od abbe
pa še bolj pop
31. julij 2009 day-21guns
2.nickelback-rock star day-amarican idiot
4.jonas brothers-paranoid
5.nickelback gotta be somebody
20. avgust 2009
1.linkin park-new divine
3.nightwish-moon dance
4.evanescene-going under floyd-high hope
6.evanescence-my immortal
dalje pa nwm več
20. avgust 2009
22. avgust 2009
22. avgust 2009
no na ti to povezavo kitty caty
22. avgust 2009
huda muzika

22. avgust 2009
tku je ku pa pojejo alvin in veveričke
22. avgust 2009
22. avgust 2009
miley cyrus demi lovato oa te disney stars
23. avgust 2009
23. avgust 2009
1-green day-21guns
2-bon jovi-its my life
3-green day-bascet case
4-kety perry-hot n cold
5-jonas brother-paranoid
04. september 2009
1-green day-21guns
2-bon jovi-its my life
3-green day-bascet case
4-kety perry-hot n cold
5-jonas brother-paranoid
04. september 2009
1-green day-21guns
2-bon jovi-its my life
3-green day-bascet case
4-kety perry-hot n cold
5-jonas brother-paranoid
04. september 2009
1. manian-ravers fantasy
2. David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over
3.Cascada - Evacuate the dancefloor
4.Cascada - Dangerous
5.Italobrothers - Stamp on the ground
6.Basshunter - Now You're Gone
7. Basshunter - All I Ever Wanted
8. Boten Anna - BASSHUNTER
9. Basshunter - Every Morning
04. september 2009
10. Basshunter - Angel In The Night
11. Basshunter - Dota
12. basshunter mix
13. new basshunter mix 2009
14.Crazy Techno Mix
15.DJ Splash Techno Mix
04. september 2009
1.Cannibal Corpse-Hammer smashed face
2.Slipknot-The Blister Exists
3. Mudvayne-Dig
4.Slipknot-Spit it out
6.Ozzy Osbourne-Crazy train
7.Ozzy Osbourne-I don't wanna stop
8.System of a down-Cigaro
9.System of a down-Chop Suey
10.System of a down-Boom!
11.Bullet for my Valentine-Hearts burst into fire
12.System of a down-War?
13.System of a down-P.L.U.C.K.
14.Ozzy Osbourne-Iron man
02. januar 2010
1.Jay Z ft. Mr Hudson- Young Forever
2.N-Dubz ft. Mr Hudson- Playing With Fire
3.David Guetta ft. Akon- Sexy Bitch
4.Kesha- Tik Tok
5.Rihanna- Russian Roulette
6.Black Eyed Peas- I Gotta Feeling
7.Young Yoc- It's Going Down
8.Sean Kingston- Fire Burning
9.Timbaland ft. SoShy- Morning After Dark
10.Justin Bieber- One Time
11.3 Oh! 3 ft. Katy Perry- Starstrukk
12.Cheryl Cole ft. Will.i.Am- 3 words
13.The Saturdays- Ego
14.The Last Goodnight- Picture of you
15.David Guetta- Love Is Gone
16.Backstreet Boys- The Call
17.Cheryl Cole- Fight For This Love
18.Westlife- What About Now
19. Alicia Keys- Doesn't Mean Anything
20. JLS- Everybody In Love
08. januar 2010 day-peacemaker day-boulevard of broken dreams day-basketcase
4.evanescence-bring me to life
5.evanescence-call me when your sober
6.basshunter-now your gone
7.3oh!3-don't trust mr
8.linkin park-new divode
10.kid rock-all sumer long
8.linkin park-new divide
08. januar 2010
ok spreminjam
1. LinkinPark-New Divide
2.Evanescence-Bring me back to life
3.LinkinPark-What i've done
4.RyanDan-Tears of an angel
5.Onerepublic-All the right moves
....sicer se pa pri meni itaq vsako sekundo spreminja zaporedje
28. januar 2010
1.The Bestles-Real Love
2.Paul McCartney-Of the ground
3.Paul McCartney-C-Moon
4.Paul McCartney&Stevie Wonder-Ebony and Ivory
5.Paul McCartney-Coming up
6.Paul McCartney-Wonderful christmas time
7.Paul McCartney-Dance tonight
8.Paul McCartney-Mull of kintyre
9.John Lennon-Imagine
10.John Lennon-Woman
11.John Lennon -Happy Christmas
12.The Beatles-Here comes the sun
13-The Beatles Run For your Life
14.Oasis-The shock of the lighting
15.Green day&Oasis-Boulevard of broken dreams
16.Pussycat Dolls-Jai Ho
17.Lady GaGa-Bad Romance
19.Michael Jackson-Black or white
20.Alexander Rybak.Kiss and tell
29. januar 2010
1.jon bon jovi-it's my life
2.jon bon jovi-we weren't born to follow
3.m.j-man in the mirror
4.m.j-dirty diana
5.m.j.smooth criminal
7.taylor swift-love story
8.lady gaga-bad romance
9.lady gaga-pokerface
10.lady gaga-love games
11.lady gaga.paparazzi
12.pirates of the caribbean soundtrack
14.shakira-she wolf
15.celine dion-my heart will go on
16.jenny lewis-barkin at the moon
17.jefferson starship-nothing's gona stop us now
18.leann rimes-can't fight the moonlight
19.celine dion-one heart
20.robbie william-you know me
29. januar 2010
1. Abba - Waterloo
2. Lady Gaga - love game
3. Lady Gaga - paparazzi
4. Abba - Honey honey
5. Black Eyed Peas - I gotta feeling
6. Rihanna - SOS
8. The Pussycat dolls - I hate this part
9. Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend
10. kelly Rowland - When love takes over
11. shakira-she wolf
12. celine dion-one heart
13.celine dion-my heart will go on
14. taylor swift-love story
15. lady gaga-pokerface
16. lady gaga-bad romance
17. bon jovi-we weren't born to follow
18. leann rimes-can't fight the moonlight
19. m.j-dirty dianam
20. The Bestles-Real Love
30. januar 2010
1. Ke$ha-TiK Tok
2. The Veronicas-Untouched
3. Lady GaGa-Paparazzi
4. Amy MacDonald-This is the life
5. Kelly Clarkson-My life would suck without you
6. Lady GaGa-Love game
7. Britney Spears-Three
8. Katy Perry-Hot n cold
9. Mims-Like this-*DD*
10. Usher-Burn
23. februar 2010
1. Ke$ha -TiK Tok
2. Ke$ha - Your Love Is My Drug
3. Nekromat ft. Smayo - Brez mene ti bo lažje
4. Ozi- Juicy Pen ;D
5. 3OH!3 ft. Katy Perry - Starstruck
6. Eisblume- Eisblumen
7. Twilight soundtrack - Bella´s Lullaby
8. Eminem - Beautiful
9. Lady GaGa - Paparazzi
10. Lady GaGa - Bad Romance
11. Taylor Swift - Crazier
12. Avril Lavigne - Hot
13. Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending
14. Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boy
15. Avril Lavigne - Complicated
16. Anna Nalick - Breathe
17. Hillary Duff - Raise your voice
18. Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA
19. Selena Gomez - Magic
20. Shakira - She wolf
23. februar 2010
1. Siddharta - usee
2. Metalica - ussee
3. Green day - usee
4. Slipknot - useee
5.Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
6.Lady Gaga - Paparazzi
7. Lady Gaga - Just dance
8.Ke$ha -TiK Tok
9.Eminem - Beautiful
10. Sanja Grohar - Črni dež
11. Sanja Grohar - Ko sneži
12.Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boy
13. Lady Gaga - Love game
14.Avril Lavigne - Hot
15.Bon Jovi-It's my life
16.Shakira - Hips dont lie
17.LinkinPark-New Divide
18. Simpl plan - Welcome To My Life
19. Justin Biber - One Time
20. Katy Perry - Hot N Cold
23. februar 2010
1.Dj quicksilver - Club files one
2.Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
3.Lady Gaga - Love Game
4. David Guetta - Tommorow can wait
5.Lady Gaga -Just dance
6.Kesha - Right Round
7.Enimen - We Made you
9.Neznan izvajalec - hrcek crknu

8.Slon in Sadež - Božiček in Dedek Mraz
26. februar 2010
1.The Beatles-Real Love
2.Oasis-My Generation(Ta pesem je drugač ud skupine The Who)
4.Paramore-Brick my boring brick
5.Mika-Blame it on the girls
6.Jason DeRulo-In my hand
7.Katy Perry&3oh3!-Starstrukk
8.Paul McCartney-Of the ground
9.U2-Beautiful Day
10.Ansambel roka žlindre&Kalamari-Narodnozabavni Rock...
26. februar 2010
2.miley cyrus
5.lady gAGA
04. maj 2010
Če želiš poslati sporočilo v to temo, se prijavi ali včlani