Hej! Ugante kdo se je spontanu spomno napisat zgodbico! Kokr sm omenla je zgodbica čist in totalno spontana, ideja dobljena iz neke slike, ki sm jo vidla na instagramu. Zgodbica je v angleščini, ker mi je tko pasal in če vam to ni vseč lahko to daste v moj predal pritožb, ampak sam tolk da veste ga ne pregledujem. Haha. Opozarjam, da je verjetno dost napak, ker angleščina navsezadje ni moj prvi jezi in ga znam samo slabih 5 let. Drgač upam, da vam bo zgodbica všeč.


It was the middle of biology on a totally normal day. Ok maybe not totally normal day. It was Tuesday 3 days before the valentine dance. The dance was held every year on the 14th of February, but I guess that much is obvious. It was also very obviously valentines day themed. But that didn’t effect only the dance, but also the school. There were harts every where, posters for the dance, roses on teachers desks and you couldn’t pass a corner without seeing a happy couple being all lovely dovey.

Matthew has of corse completely forgotten about it. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to go or didn’t care, but there was only one person he was willing to go with. Luckily (most people wouldn’t agree about that) only a few girls asked him, so he didn’t have to deal with all the heart breaks and stuff. Basically he wasn’t intending to attend the dance and so forgot all about it, which was pretty weird matter all the posters that were hanging around the whole school.
He was in the middle of biology, doodling in his notebook while the teacher was giving some boring lecture about evolution. It was so boring that the whole class stopped listening. Ok maybe not the whole class because, Scarlett was still taking notes. How did that girl not get bored?

“Hey Forrest!”

There a shout was heard from the other side of the classroom. The voice belonged to none other than Gillian Levy, the self pronounced Queen of the school, a girl with a gigantic ego, the schools troublemaker, the girl he fought with in almost every class and unfortunately the girl he had a massive crush on.
She had one of the most annoying personalities he had ever seen. But like any other person she had a better side-standing up for anyone that couldn’t do it themselves, always fighting for what she thought was right and not carrying, and so on, while mastering the art of looking like a complete arse hole- picking fights, insulting people, talking back to literally anyone and obsessing with sarcasm.
She wasn’t one of the prettiest girl, but she wasn’t bad looking. To him she was absolutely stunning. Her long blond hair, so light it almost looked white, her amazing green forest eyes, her light pinkish lips always carrying a smirk…

He turned his head toward her, ready for yet another insult battle. She was standing one leg on the table the other on the chair, pointing in his direction, a wild smirk on her face. As soon as she got his attention she continued.
“Will...go...o………..wit.. ..e!?” she yelled. Wait what? Due to some people that were starting to talk louder, expecting the usual insult throwing from the two, he didn’t quite catch what she was saying.
“What!?” He yelled back at her. For a second she was quiet, frozen with a confused look on her face. It was however quickly replaced with a irritated look.
Oh...The whole class turned dead quiet in a split of a second, the teacher stopped talking to shock of hearing sudden shouting in her classroom. Everyone turned their heads over at him, looking either really interested, pissed of or just shocked, even Scarlett- the cool headed Scarlett White- was looking at him in complete horror and disgust, awaiting for his answer.

Well Matthew Forrest was never one of those people, so he didn’t even think about it. His head wasn’t filled with questions like “She likes me?”, “How is this possible?”, “Am I the luckiest person alive?” or “Am I dreaming”. He was however felling like thousands of butterflies just fluttered in his stomach, his face felt warm and before he knew it, he was blushing. But none of that stopped him from standing up and steeping on his table.
“HELL YES! I WOULD LOVE TO GO!” He shouted back at her. Her cheeks suddenly turning a slight pinkish colour, her smile getting wider and her eyes shining lighter.
“Great! Pick me up at eight!”

They both suddenly sat back into their chairs. The classroom was completely silent for a couple of seconds before erupting into loud fits of laughs, cheers and giggles.
The teacher suddenly snapping out of the trans she was in due to sock, tried to get the class to stop whatever they were doing. After a long row of coughs, ahem-s and soothing words, she threw a book at the wall finally shouting up the class. The classroom was yet again quiet, only a couple whispers and shuffled giggles were still heard.
“You two,” she said and pointed a finger at Gillian and Matthew:”To the principals office. NOW!”


Hej spet jst (vem ta grozota)! Mogoče je blo tole mal kratko...V originalu je bil misljen tole one shot, ampak ker sm prijazna vam dajem na možnost 2 možnosti:

a.) Nadaljujem še eno pogavje in nrdim tole two shot

b.) Na tej temi objavlam cel kup one shotov o njunem razmerju (sicer povezani,samo napisani v različnih časovnih obdobjih)

Pa tut opozorilo: Sm lena in brez idej in nemorm obljubljat rednih updatov, mi je zlo žal.

No to bo vse, upam, da se mate fajn
11. marec 2016
P.S.: Nikol nivesar ne piste v auto correctu v google documents, ker te zaserjeeee (čist neočitno govorim o polovici te zgodbice)
11. marec 2016
P.P.S: Tistga and not carrying tut nebi smel bit. Tut zanč tipkovnca te lahko zaserje pri večih stvareh, ne samo pri lolu
11. marec 2016
Haha alex. Ful dober del in ne skrb zarad napak. Res zlo zanimivo in lepo napisan. Drugace pa sm za moznost a(nadaljuj ta del) in potem b (pisi naprej), ker sta mi ta dva karakterja res usec.
11. marec 2016
Ok nimam poglavja (vem bedna sm) v zameno sm vam narisala en mini strip (In ja narisala sm ga jst) v katerem sta Gill pa Matt...upam, da si ju bo potem mal laži predstavljat. Strip je v angleščini, ker to sm jst Vzel mi je ene 3 ure, da sm dokončala, ampak tuki je! In ja opravičujem se za kvadratke kjer sm ratala lena . Cel proces sm poslušala queene, ker sm čudak in njihov ful velek fan. Po pravici nimam nič za povedat o tem stripu. Zelen je kr tko, ker mam rada zeleno. AJA če koga zanima je tole objavlen na mojem deviantartu (ja mam ga whatever). Ok nehala bom zavlečevat kle mate "strip".

Rada bi se zahvala lexi123 ker je kometirala! Aja pa Lexi- Gill je natsala predn sm se postrigla in začela lase tko nost (no pa sej ona ma itak tko ful daljše)

27. marec 2016
kul je...in ne razumm kako lahko tok lepo rises in se sam tri ure ti je uzel
27. marec 2016
Če želiš poslati sporočilo v to temo, se prijavi ali včlani