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Mogoče kdo od vs pozna serijo Chicago PD, Chicago Fire al pa Chicago Med? No, Linstead (Lindsay & Halstead) je moj otp iz CPDja. In na wattpadu sm začela pisat nepovezane zgodbice (one shote) o njiju, in prjatlci sm obljubila, da ko dobim 3K readov na wattpadu, da objavm celo stvar še sm. (ker si pač nikol nism mislna da bo 3000 ljudi prebral moje stvari ). Ubistvu loh to prebereš tud, če ne gledaš/nepoznaš serije, ker mislem da bo precej razložen u oneshotih. Je pa u angleščini ja ker mi je glupo prevajat

1. - green eyes.

Lake View High School in Chicago . Lunch break. Some junior-year boys were sitting at their table. One of them with fries in front o him - but he wasn't eating. He stared over the cafeteria at another table. His friends were talking, but he wasn't listening. One of them friendly punched him in the shoulder and said ''And Jay agrees with me, right Jay?''
He turned to him, quickly shaked his head and said ''Umm, yeah, of course,'' and nodded. He had no idea what he just agreed to. But it didn't really matter.
His sparkly blue eyes were scanning the room again. Ah, there she is. She was probably new here. Or he just didn't notice her before. Isn't that the girl who he accidentally bumped into last week? Yes, that's her, he thought and smiled.
She was talking to her friends and smiling. Her smile was significant. She had wavy brown hair and beautiful green eyes. He wanted to be one of those freshman girls, he wanted to be the reason for her smiling. He just wanted to get to know her, be her friend, maybe something more. He was sure he fell in love. But really, how could he never noticed her before?
He made a decision. He's going to talk to her, maybe ask her out, even if as a friend. He stood up.
''Wow, wow, wow, where are you going Jay?'' Toby - one of his friends - asked.
''I'm gonna go talk to that girl.'' He whispered and nodded his head in the way her table was.
''No, no, no. Jay, remember what we talked about five minutes ago? You agreed that we're going to play basketball because we have a free period. I didn't really see which one you meant, but it doesn't matter, she's crowded with friends so you couldn't really talk to her. And I bet you don't even know her name.''
That was true. It seemed like those friends of hers were not going to leave her. Ever. But how could he possibly knew her name when she was a freshman, so two years younger than him, and he never actually noticed her or her beautiful smile.
''Let's go man.''
His friends dragged him out, while his pretty eyes were still staring at hers. He was just another student at a big school for her. Nobody. Blurry face. But then suddenly, she turned her head to him and his blue eyes met her green ones. But a moment after that, he turned the corner and she was out of his sight.
That was it, that one little moment was all they shared. Maybe she looked that way randomly, but she definetly looked into his eyes. It was like the moment lasted forever, but it was just a second long.
For the next week Jay's eyes always scanned the cafeteria, but he never saw her again. He always missed her. Maybe she went to lunch earlier or later, but they never looked into each other's eyes again. After a week he lost his hope. He just stopped searching for her. He probably saw her again, in the hallway, but didn't realize it.
They never knew that fifteen years later, they'll end up like partners in Chicago Police Department.


It was Jay's first day in his new job, as a cop in CPD. He was just about to meet his new partner.
''Just wait here, she'll come,'' a woman who told her name was Platt told him.
He waited for a few minutes, and she walked trough the door. It could be anyone, but he felt this was his new partner.
She was smaller than him, with wavy brown hair. She steped to him and said ''You must be Jay. I'm Erin.'' she smiled.
He smiled back and looked into her eyes. They were green. No, it can't be... He told himself. It's just your imagination, he decided and frogot about this whole thing. But her eyes were irresistable and her smile was just significant, he thought.

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07. februar 2017
Jz sicer poznam serijo, ampak se imen ne spomnm preveč, mi je pa vseen super, da je šel eden o tem pisat. Pa čestitam drgač za 3000 bralcev na wattpadu
Drgač pa itak super (sicer je kkšna napaka, ampak kdj pa ni)
Pa full mi je všeč. da je šel en pisat v angleščin
07. februar 2017
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