To bo scaaary zgodba v english language upam da znate angleško.....

Shhhhhhhhh... I hate birds... they taste bad... my old bloody lips cannot eat birds and foxes forever. We need human meat... We need human feet, legs, guts, hearts, I'm a bird with humany body. And I'm superior. I need human meat... I need human meat. I need human meat. I need human meat..
Another one. Another human in blue suit with a cap. We must hide. We must hide and not show ourselves anymore. NO! I need meat! Hungry! Hungry!
Policeman was walking forward and pointing his gun forward deeper into the forest. "SHOW YOURSELF!" he screamed. Too late. I jumped from behind. He turned around and I tore off his guts. He was alive when we were eating him. Mmmmmmm............the taste..... But then he said: "Pleasee, please stop, please! There's a wife waiting for me and also her son. It's my son. His name is.. Barry. Please don't kill me!" I was so sad because I almost killed a father. But no!!!!! MEAT! MEEEEAAAAAAT! My deadly side won again. Hunger! I ate his lips, his teeth, his guts, his everything. God save me I'm a monster. Then I saw the picture in the policeman s hand..... Barry. Barry..... Must.... find... barry...

Next or not! 5 NEXT AND I NEXT.
27. avgust 2013
BARRY is on the picture.
27. avgust 2013
come on.
28. avgust 2013
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