Ali veste, kdo je A? Imate kakšen namig? Ali je mogoče katera od lažnivk? UGOTOVITE SAMI
27. april 2013
Reason #1 - The texts did not start until the day Aria got back from Iceland. Why would -A wait so long? Almost a full year. And what was the first text they all got from -A? Something like “I’m back bitches. -A”

Reason #2 - Aria doing the “Shh” in the intro. Not necessarily a sure fire clue, since Marlene King said they filmed all the girls doing it, they just liked Aria the best. On the other hand, they also filmed Caleb and Paige being -A instead of Toby, just to throw the cast off
Reason #3 - The “Big -A” theory. Mona calls Aria “Big A” in one of the very first episodes. A strange thing to call someone who’s not really your friend, and you’ve never really spent any time with….
Then there was this….
Reason #4 - The Black Swan. Marlene King said the costumes at the masquerade ball were important. And Spencer said that -A is dressed as the black swan. Welll…..
Nice black leather gloves Miss Aria (; Know what else that dress reminds me of?
Queen of hearts (:
Reason #5 - This strange moment….This was at Mona’s “glamping” party. One of her favors were these black hoodies. In this scene Hanna is watching for -A, and she sees Aria in a black hoodie running to this dark car (which is Ezra’s). When she first gets in the car, she sits there for a moment in the black hoodie before dehooding herself. This was such a strange moment, since it appeared to be such a climactic moment.
Reason #6 - Aria is the best liar. For some reason, all the liars were very quick to call Aria the best liar. Hmm. Is she? (;
Reason #7 - This moment. Remember, “the bolder the move, the less somebody questions it”….
Reason #8 - The A in her name. This was always a strange scene to me. Why would they include her writing her name on the window, UNLESS it had a purpose. And who writes their names in all capitals? Like, no one. Weird scene.
Reason #9 - “Unknown Caller”. This text was sent from Aria to Ezra right before Ezra was about to walk into a restaurant about to be trapped by Byron…..enough said?
Reason #10 - The type writer. A few of the -A messages has been written on a type writer. Two of them being the letter to Ella about the affair, and the letter to Byron about “Do you know where your daughter will be tonight?” Ezra and Jenna are the only two people we’ve seen with typewriters. Then, Marlene King changed her twitter icon to a typewriter….huh…
Reason # - When you think about it…..NOTHING has really happened to Aria because of -A. Her and Ezra ALMOST got caught a few times. -A told Ella about the affair, when Aria didn’t want to. -A got rid of Jackie, convenient for Aria. And -A helped Ezra keep his job by framing Noel for the stolen midterm tests….WHY? The only real thing that has happened was the ghost train. And that wasn’t til’ season 3.
27. april 2013
13. junij 2013
Do konca 3 sezone je A Mona... pomaga pa ji Toby... potem pa prideta oba na stran lažnivk, in je A neka blondinka v rdečem plašču... pač morate pogledat zadnji del 3 in prva dva 4 sezone, drugače najbrž ne veste tega.... Če pa koga zanima kdo je A, vem skoraj zagotovo, sam nočem tuki pisat da če kdo noče vedet da ne vidi pač,... tko da zs, če hočte izvedet...
19. junij 2013
ezrA je menda pokaže v delu 4.12
20. oktober 2013
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