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28. maj 2019
vem da to ni ravno oglasevanje ampak
kaj menite o pesmi ki sem jo napisala??

Out of the four seasons there is one
That I find especially fun.
It's spring, of course!
'Cause everything is pretty,
flowers are blooming,
to pick they are ready.

Birds are chirping and children are playing,
days getting longer,
that's when I like staying outside until dusk,
'Cause I can relax,
thinking what part of the forest to explore Next

Warm morning breezes are back for a while,
sun rays on my sky, I can't help but smile!
Everyone's happy and so am I
When I look up to clear bright sky

The endless meadows of the greenest grass,
make me wish for spring to never pass.
The brooks and the lakes,
and the rivers and all,
I cannot resist the sound of their call.

Spring is the time when we love and respect,
are grateful for things,
and there's nothing we lack.

I wish spring would last,
not for three months, but
That everyone'd have time
to learn to love themselves
29. maj 2019
31. maj 2019
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02. junij 2019
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02. junij 2019
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