Heeeey Js sm Tajda, in trenutno pism svojo prvo fanfiction Je nadeljevanje Allegianta (Povezani), tkoda tisti k ste bral knjige neb smel met tezau z dojemanjem zgodbe (pa tud tisti k jih niste neb smel met problemov) je pa v anglescini. So pa tko giant spoilerji, tkoda ne bit jezni ce niste hotl zvedt konca
hitra obnova originalnih knjig:
Knjige govorijo o mestu Chicago, in kako so bli ljudje razdeljeni v skupine. pri 16 letih, si ti opravu en test, k ti je povedu kam sodis. in Beatrice Prior je ugotovila da je Razcepljena (pomeni da sodis v vec kot samo eno ločino), te so pa pobijal, ker so se jih ljudi bal.
ločine pa so:
-eruditi (erudite)
-asketi (abnegation) (tuki se je Tris rodila)
-herosi (dauntless) (sm se je 'prestavla')
-agapejci (amity)
prvi so pametni, drugi skos govorijo resnico, tretji so nesebični, četrti neustrašni, peti pa ljubeznivi.
torej. tris zapusti svojo druzino, in zazivi novo zivljenje med Herosi. Tam spozna nove ljudi, med njimi tud svoje najbolse prjatle (med njimi Cristina - dva umreta pred koncem prve knjige) in se zaljubi v svojega instruktorja Tobiasa. no ce preskocm pol ogromn deu zgobe, konca se z smrtjo Tris, in s tem se začne moja zgodbica pač kle sm res na hitr opisala, bom prlepla trailerje za prvi, drugi, pa prvi del tretjega filma:
1. film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sutgWjz10sM
2. film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IR-l_TSjlEo
3. film :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vzn4MJdaabw
The story is AU continuation of The Allegiant (The Divergent Trilogy) It's about Tobias Eaton's life after the death of Beatrice Prior.
Ce bom vidla da bo kdo brau, bom objavla 1 del (uvod v zgodbo)

a si ze gledal/a filme oz. ce si prebral/a knjige Divergent?

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09. oktober 2015
1. del:
I wake up with a bad headache. I was invited to a friend's party yesterday, though I promised myself I would stay long. And that I wouldn't drink. Damn. She wouldn't like that. I check my phone. It's 8.30 a.m. I'm late.

I get up with a loud growl. I walk to the kitchen - more dead than alive - and start heating up water for some morning coffee. In the meantime, I try to find some Aspirins for my head, but all I find is an empty box. Crap. When I get back to the kitchen, I start sipping my coffee, and check for voicemail. ''Hey Four!'' Zeke. He still calls me with my nickname, because that was the only name he knew for a long time. ''So as you probably know, tomorrow is the third anniversary after Tris and Uriah passed away... well you know. So I was thinking we should meet. Our old gang-Christina, Shauna, Cara, Amar, Matthew... Maybe even Caleb?'' I sigh as I feel the strong pain in my chest. The last time we met like that, was about 6 months ago, when we organised a small and simple funeral for her. A tear slips down my cheek. ''Anyway dude, call me as soon as you get this, okay? See you soon.'' I sigh again. You can do this, I tell myself. After I called back Zeke, I quickly got ready for work. I work in a gym, as a personal trainer. I was an assistant in government, but I quit about a year ago - too much fighting for me.

''Hey Tobias! No offense, but you look like crap today,'' says one off my co-workers. I know he's right, but I don't have much energy to care about his teasing. So all I say is ''Jeez, thanks man''. I roll my eyes. When I check the schedule, I find out I'm not training anyone today, so I start my way towards the treadmill. Someone suddenly puts a hand on my shoulder, and thanks to my Dauntless reflexes, I almost punch the guy. I turn around, and see my boss. ''Sorry, I should probably stop doing that,'' he says. ''I came to tell you that I need someone on the martial arts classes and I was wondering if you would be interested.'' ''No thanks, sir. I'm completely satisfied with position I'm currently holding.'' Actually, I'm just done with violence. And I don't want to have anything to do with it anymore. ''Okay. You know where to find me, if you change your mind.'' I nod. When he leaves, I take a pair of headphones, put them on my head, and start running.

When I come back from work and groceries, I start boiling water for some pasta, and start chopping the vegetables for a salad. There's a knock on my door - my mother. She comes for a visit every now and then. When I open the door, she greets me. ''Hi Tobias.'' ''Hello,'' I say with a smile. ''Need help? I can make the sauce,'' she offers. ''Thank you.'' She smiles in a reply. After we finish the meal, we clean up together. That's an Abnegation thing. ''Heard anything from Marcus?'' I ask, trying to build a conversation and sound casual. I'm not sure if I even want to know, actually. ''No. But I'm suspecting he's looking for someone, who will do all the work that needs to be done for him.'' I heard he's working in an office a year ago, so that's probably what she's talking about. ''And how are you hanging up?'' she asks me. ''I'm doing okay. Not much of a life actually. Boring. And miserable.'' ''Yeah. That's what I though.'' I sigh sadly. ''You still don't like her, do you? You never did,'' I say quietly. I think she murmurs sorry, but that word won't fix anything. With that, we sink into silence.

After we said good bye-s to each other, I take a hot shower. It helps me to clear my mind for tomorrow. I put on a pair of shorts and fall asleep.
10. oktober 2015
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