So hey guys..I write story for the first time and I'm writing in english language and sorry for mistakes,I don't speak English very well
So let's get started


Hello,I'm Alexia and I'm fifteen years old.I have one older brother Luke(he is seventeen years old),one younger brother Christian(he is ten years old) and two younger sisters Laura and Arianna(they are five years old).They are twins.My mum Hannah is for job fashion designer and my dad William is director for movies.I have two BFF'S too.One is Elizabeth and one is Matthew.I don't have boyfriend.
This is me:

This is my older brother:

This is my younger brother:

My sisters:

My mum&dad:


Hope u like it..Please comment and say what you think about my story
28. maj 2015
OMGGG this is a perfection.i love this story already <3 <3
28. maj 2015
thanks <3
28. maj 2015
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