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Lily: Back to Hogwarts

“Tuney! I can’t believe you’re still mad at me after all these years!”
I was at king cross ready to go to my favorite place in the whole world. Hogwarts! It was my last and final year. Unfortunaly my parents were trying to make me say goodbye to my “darling” sister Petunia, or in other words, my pain in the ass, the monster that visit my nightmares, the creature… well you get what I mean. James Potter was also a pain, but that’s another tragic story.
“Don’t call me Tuney! and I don’t hug freaks. I’ll get germs and won’t be able to see my Vernon.”
Now I’m going to be sick. Vernon was a fat pig who just loves to talk about his business with drills. I mean who brags about that! He and my sister were going out and she claim they were in the “Serious” state. Ughh.
My sister and I weren’t always so mean to each other. We use to play around and secretly put on our moms makeup and even though it always turn out awful we commented each other.
Now, that I know I’m a witch, she hates me. I’ve tried to be nice and grow up but it’s no use with her. It’s never the same with her.
Still, I’ve never meet to people who can be so annoying and a big pain. Well, maybe Sirius Black and James Potter but as I said, that’s my other tragic story.
“Fine then, goodbye! I don’t need you”
I walk away with my nose in the air, glad to be away from that pile of dragon dropping. I enter the train to Hogwarts looking around for my friends.
“Lily!” I turn around to see my best friend Alice. She has short blond hair, brown eyes and a round face.
“Hey Alice!” I hug her and we go look for an empty compartment and take our seats.
“Oh, can you believe it! Our last year! I’m going to miss you so much! All the time we spend together!” she looked like she was close to tears.
“Well still see each other. Don’t worry” I assure her.
Alice and I were friends from the start. We meet in first year and we were both shy. We were both muggle born and had no idea what we were going to encounter. Ever since we stick together and I can’t think how she could have survive without me. She’s a sensitive girl so I have to be there standing up for her.
“Oh look! It’s Vanessa! And... Uh oh.”
I follow her gaze and I almost wish I was with Petunia again. Almost.
Vanessa, my other friend who has black hair and blue eyes comes in, but I’m not frowning at her she’s holding hands with Sirius Black. He was (okay, I’ll admit it) sexy with black hair and brown eyes that’s said he was up to something. Next to him, okay my frown is going deeper my mouth just might fall, was James Potter. He had black hair that stood up everywhere and hazel eyes that also said trouble. He runs his hand through his hair, the annoying habit I hate about him. Then he gives me a flirtatious grin. Another thing I hate about him. I have plenty.
I grind my teeth and look away. Potter has been my stalker last year. He asked me out every week and, me, knowing he’s an insensitive git who’s a dumb troublemaker and think he’s so cool, said no.
He is not my type. My type is a sweet charming man who will sweep me off my feet and will carry me off into the sunset. Brave, strong, and NOT James Potter.
I know I sound like a love sick puppy but I can’t help but feel Prince charming will take me away from this crazy world. I’m still waiting.
Sadly for me, he sits next to me and the pair of idiots sits right in front of me.
“How’s your summer been Evans?” he said in a friendly voice.
“Fine Potter” I say through my clench teeth.
In his mine I was gorgeous, or so I think, I mean why else will he ask me out. It’s not like he cares about a girl’s personality. I had curly dark red hear that went over my shoulders and had olmen green shape eyes. I don’t mind the eyes; I like green, but red hair? Why me? Since when does red go good with anything? I look like a Christmas decoration.
The compartment door went open and in came Severus Snape.
“Oh Lily, I found you-(he turns to Potter and Black) what are they doing here” he says with hate.
“I didn’t invite them. Now, what do you need” I say politely.
Severus used to be my best friend. He was the first person to tell me I was a wizard. But when he got assigned in Slytherin we grew apart. He started hanging out with some dark people who love dark magic and did awful stuff. He believes purebloods are better and when he “accidently” called me a mudblood it was an end to our friendship. He’s been trying to gain my trust back, but I’m not giving it to him. Still, like always, I’m polite.
“I just wanted to talk to you”
“You know what I’ll say. Please leave”
“But lily”
James speaks up
“You heard the lady, Get out before I hex you, or worse make you wash your slimy hair”
“I don’t need directions from you potter, and I wouldn’t be talking” He spits out the name Potter. He leaves though and I’m relieved. I round up on Potter.
“I don’t need your help. I could do fine on my own”
“You are too nice too kick him out”
I turn around and face Vanessa and Sirius. Sirius whispers something in her ear and she giggles. I throw her a questioning look. What the bloody hell was going on with them.
Vanessa looks at me at my happily “you see, me and Sirius were talking and found out we have a lot in common, so we decided to go out”
I snorted “nessi, you’re only going to be his snogging buddy for the week” I wasn’t exaggerating. Sirius wasn’t any better than Potter.
“Evans, I’m hurt you will think that! (He clutches his chest) I treat women great”
“Yeah nessi, just ask the past 20” I shot daggers at him and buy some chocolate frogs from the trolley. What can I say; I eat when I’m grumpy.
Alice looks really uncomfortable so she turns to me.
“So, did you make head girl?”
“Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you, I did!” James looks my way; I’m never going to date you, big head!
“Congrats! Do you know whose head boy?” Alice says eagerly.
“Um…no, I only read the part where it said I was head girl”
I was really excited that day until Petunia, being as sweet as always, ruined it for me by saying “congrats! Now you’re head of the freaks! You really deserve it”
James looks extremely happy now.
“Well, the head boy is in this very room” He says with a grin on his face. I just wish I can smack it off.
“ What!? Sirius couldn’t be head boy. I know Dumbodore is getting old but he can’t be that senseless”
Sirius looks up from Vanessa.
“Hey! I can be good when I want, I Just chose not …. Well yeah you’re right, Dumbodore can’t be that senseless”
Potter looks al little annoy with me
“Ha-ha cute” he says sarcastically “Come one lily. It’s time for head duties”
“You’re head boy? I can’t believe Dumbodore finally lost it” Am I dreaming
“Oh, he lost it ages ago. Now come on were going to be late”
Potter worrying about being late? Now I know I’m dreaming. Why me? I’m a good girl, I never lie... well maybe that time I said Petunias dress looked pretty and not hideous.
“Fine let’s go”
This is going to be a long year.


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