Hello usem! Odločila sm se,da napišem en Larry fanfiction
(nimam nč proti Eleonour,ampak mislm da sta Harry pa Louis ment for eachother)
Tale fanfiction bo v angleščini,ker so skor usi v slovenščini!
Hope you like it!


Harry's POV

A loud knocking on the door woke me up.
"Yeaah?" I said angrily. "What do you want?"
The door opened and our butler was there.
"I'm sorry mrs.Styles but you're gonna be late for school,"she said,almost crying.
"Oh,uhm yeah... I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell at you." i quickly apologized. She just nodded and closed the door. Oh yeah,school.
I got up from my bed and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair. I jogged to my giant closet and picked up an outfit that i'm going to wear today. I chose a Polo shirt,skinny jeans and black Vans.
I ran down the stairs in our large house and said a quick "Bye" to mum,dad and the butlers.
I slinged my bag over my shoulders and reached into my pocket for the key of my car.
I parked at my usual parking spot and locked the car. Liam was already waving at me and i quickly walked over him.
"Hi,mate"he greeted me
"Nothing. Hey did you see the new student?"he asked with his questionable eyes.
"Nope" I said replying him and popped the 'p'.
Liam and I have been best mates since we were kids. Our familys run a bussines together so we became family friends. We were the most popular kids at the school. We hanged out with Zayn,Perrie and Niall.
"Hi lads" Niall said with full mouth. That boy always eats something.
"Hi" we said back.
I suddenly saw the new lad in the school. He had short light brown hair and he was wearing blue stripped shirt,red pants and a dark jacket. He looked gorgeus to be honest. Wait-did I just say GORGEUS?! no i'm straight for crying out loud!

It was the first period-Biology. Great! I hate Biology!
We headed to the class when i suddenly tripped over someone and i felt a slight pain on my leg.
I realized that i tripped over HIM. The new student in the school.
He was so close to me,I could feel his breathe on my lips:
"Hi." he said with a big smile on his face.
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Harry's POV

"Erm,hi"i replied to him while standing up.
"Listen uhm,sorry didn't see ya,"i mumbled a quick apologize and offering my hand to pick him up.
"'S alright",he nodded.

We headed to the class and he took a sit next to me.
"Are you good in English?"he asked with his wonderful blue eyes. I swear,he had the most blue-ish eyes i have ever seen.
"Are you kidding? I suck at it. I really don't like the subject,"it was true,I really wasn't good at English.
"English's my favourite subject",he said proudly
"Really?"i beggined "well i like art. I like drawing and stuff"
"That's cool. I really wanted to be a good drawer but i'm really NOT that good"he said with a giggle
"Can you draw something now?"he asked me,while his eyes locked with mine.
"Shure"I nodded.
I beginned drawing a portret of him. I laughed while i drawed because he was making really funny faces. When i finished the drawing i passed him the paper and he looked shocked: "Wow,that's amazing",i felt blushing like an idiot and i really wanted to just hide somewhere.
We soon realized that our teacher was looking at us,tapping with her fresh nail polished nails on her desk.
"Styles",she snapped. "Do you wanna share that with the whole class",she questioned annoyingly with anger in her eyes.
"No,miss",i shooked my head.

I then looked over at Louis,a nervous smile stretching over my face.

We had "the moment". The moment when our eyes locked,smiling at the same time. I blushed again. Gosh,is blushing my job now?

The moment soon broke when the bell rang. I never wanted this to end.
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Louis's POV

After the class he handed me the portret and i promised that i would hang it somewhere because damn,he really knows how to draw.

It was the last class today: HISTORY

I love history,and i was glad that i had the same classes as Harry. Wait what?

"Take your seats",mr.Johnson-the teacher said. He was old and he had grey-ish hair. You could see that he was tired.

Harry took a seat next to me. I bit my lip nervously hoping that i wont blush or something.

I'm always really focused in History classes,but today just wasn't my day. I couldn't hear a single word Mr.Johnson said becasuse i was too busy looking at Harry's chocolate brown curls and his plump lips. I don't know what's happening! i just can't get my mind off of HIM. I started questioning myself about my weird feelings for him. I still had a crush on some girl named Kylie. She was really gorgeus and i'm shure that i'm straight. I don't even know him that well and i get those feelings in my stomach. Something weird is happening to me.

Harry's POV

History is always boring but not with Louis next to you.
It was a long class and i was too scared to look at Louis because that would be weird.

Something about Louis made my head spin. I shooked my head,trying to push these thoughts out of my head and then the bell finally rang.

"Are we clear about the Assignment?"
My head and Louis's snapped at Mr.Johnson because we didn't listen. I was deep in my thoughts the whole time and Louis was probably in his own little word.

"Oh boys. Don't tell me you didn't listen."Mr.Johnson sighed in frustration.
"Uhm.."Louis cleared his throat.
"I'm sorry profesor,could you explain one more time?"i begged with my best begging face on.
He sighed and beggined: "Well since you didn't listen I'm giving you some extra books to read. You have to work together. We're having a test next week and you better do that assigment. I'll give you some papers to study on and you'll have to write an essay about the 18.th century. Are we clear?"he gave us tons of books and 5 papers.

"Wait,so we have to write an essay about 18.th century and to the assigment paper? And read all these books? I don't know if we have that much time!"Louis said in defence.

"You'll figure out something. Now excuse me,I have to go" the old teacher said and headed to the exit.

This will be fun.

I headed to my car and Perrie,Zayn,Liam and Niall were already there.

"Vas happenin",Zayn happily greeted me.
"Nothing."i snapped at him. I burried my hands in my pockets to reach for the key.

"What's wrong Haz?"Niall asked with his mouth full of food.
"I have to read thousands of books and do some stupid essay with HIM."
"Who's HIM?"Perrie joined the conversation.
"Louis Tomlinson. You know the new lad in the school. Yeah with him."i was angry because i didn't know how to act around him. And besides i'd probably do something i'd regret. Like kiss him or something like that couse i can't resist hi kissable lips.

"What's the big deal about him anyway?"Liam asked confused.

I dind't know how to answer his question. And i really don't want to be gay. I mean come on! I liked girls and I STILL do. But then HE had to come in OUR school and he ruined everything. I was so mad at me because i wasn't ready to commit to myself that i'm gay. And i was shure that i wasn't.

"Harry?"Liam asked again.

"I DON'T WANT TO WORK WITH LOUIS TOMLINSON! I HATE HIM" i snapped,and i was so angry at him that moment and i honestly didn't know why. He didn't do anything wrong. He just had to come and be so fucking beautiful and his fucking gourgeus eyes. He was so hot and i don't know why he had to ruin everything! I could punch a wall or something!

"Is that so?" I turned around realizing that he was standing there the whole time. My eyes widened and i pinched myself just to make shure that it was actually Louis there.

"Louis,that's not what i meant i didn't...."i began,almost crying

His red lips opened,but there was no sound coming out. His eyes fixed on mine,and I just wanted to cry and die somewhere.
"I thought you were my friend Styles."he snapped with his raspy voice and turned around running away from me. He was gone now.
"But i love you"
i muttered with tears rolling down my cheeks.
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And that was the moment when Harry's heart broke in two. He couldn't believe his own words. How could he be so stupid?
"Mate,are you cryin'?"Niall asked with his thick Irish accent.

"'M fine" he said with almost a sob escaping his mouth.

"Mind telling us what just happened?" Liam joined in and meeting Harry's icy green orbs.

harry's POV
"I don't know okay. I just... i... he really was a good friend and then i had to come and ruin everything."

"And i think i have some mixed feelings for him" i interupted Zayn

Niall,Liam,Zayn and Perrie just stood there their jaws open and their eyes confused.

"Wait.. so your telling us that you actually care about the lad?"Zayn broke the silence

"I mean... i don't know... I always was into girls though and i think i might be bi."i answered and Niall finally stopped eating for a second.

"Well bi or not,we're always here to support you no matter what" Perrie said with a weak smile on her face .

"Yeah,besides it doesn't matter,you're still OUR Harry" Liam said smiling and giving me a side hug.

"Thanks guys."

"And how are you supose to be friends with Louis again?"Niall asked while eating the last bits of his sandwich.

My smile was soon gone when Niall's words eccoed in my head.

"Hello,earth to Harry" Niall chuckled

"Oh right. Dunno. I don't know if he'd forgive me." just by the thought of me not being friends with Louis makes me wanna curl up in a ball and die.
But maybe... Just maybe Louis would forgive me and everything could go back to normal.
Yeah,smart thinking Styles like that's gonna happen.

I didn't want to go to school next day because honestly i couldn't care less. All because of Louis. Because of him.

But i still had to.

I got up from my king sized bed and went straight into the bathroom.
I looked tired,exausted which was true because i couldn't sleep last night. I couldn't stop thinking about him. He was driving me crazy with the whole not-friends-thing.

I washed my face and calmed my hair. My curls were a mas in the moment so i went for a shower.

I decided to wear some dark denim jeans and a plain white shirt with some read converse.
I grabbed a black jacket and quickly walked to my car.
Louis' POV (surprise (; )

I can't go to school today. I can't go to school today. I can't go to school today.
I repeated the sentence in my head over and over again-it was true. I really can't go to school today!

With the yesterday's incident i really didn't think about nothing. The harsh words that Harry said couldn't get off my mind.
I thought that for once i found a good friend but no-I never get what i want.

I was so done with myself. I didn't understand Harry. First he's being all sweet and inocent and then BAM-he says he hates me.
I don't know what i did to him. Maybe i was boring or lame. Or worse-weird. I really tried to be perfect around Harry because for once i really felt like i belong somewhere.

Harry's POV

I was already in class waiting for Louis to come.
What if he doesn't come and what if he hates me now? And the damn project. Fuck i almost forgot about the project we had together. GREAT. How am i suppose to work with him if he hates me. Why did i had to say that i hate him(which is not true)in the first place.
I could hear the clock tick-tack but yet still no sign of Louis.

And then finally the door opened and there he was: LOUIS FUCKING TOMLINSON
I almost fell out of my chair when he walked in.
He had a blue and white striped tee with red pants and suspenders on paired with a black bennie.
Fuck. He looked absolutely stunning.

I could feel the tension between us when he looked at me. His eyes were full of fear and anger.

He sat next to me uncomfortably with heavy breaths coming from his plump pink lips.

We didn't move the whole time and that's what made it even more uncomfortable.

i almost had a fucking heart attack when the bell rang,reminding us that the class is over.
After the school i went to the parking lott,searching my car.
I fished the key in my pocket and stepped on the gass.

I decided to go buy some groceries couse my parents weren't home and i thought i could cook something for myself.
Just as i was about to go back to my car i heard someone screaming and begging to let go.
I walked into the direction of the sound was comming fom and in that moment the bags that i've been holding fell on the ground.

(tuki sm misla nehat ampak sm bla preveč neučakana in sm napisala še naprej )

There was Louis. All vulnerable with red eyes from crying.
There were four other man surrounding him,tattos covering their boddies.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON" i yelled with an angry voice.

"Oh look who came. Mr.Saver to save his stupid little boyfriend."The teasing words escaped the older man's mouth with the smell of alcohol.

"No pleaase,i'm begging you. Don't do anything to him" Louis hiccuped and begged.

"To late you little twat." The other man kikced Louis' stomach and small whimpers and crying escaped Louis' mouth.

"LET HIM GO." i commanded and i really could kill someone right now.

"Or else what?" the man with a black ponytale and a ring in his nose asked with sarcasm.


The bold man mummled something to the black ponytale guy and then they ran.

"THIS ISN'T OVER" some of the man yelled and dissapearing.

"Oh gosh Louis,are you okay?"i ran to him and bended down so i could pick him up.

"I..i...i"he began crying and sobbing.

"Shhh,baby your safe now,it's okay."I pulled him to my chest and kissed him on his forehead. His body was shaking. I hugged him in tight embrace and hushed him whispering sweet words in his ears.

"Baby why did they do that to you?"i asked him while rubbing his back with small circles.

"They..they....They're homophobic and they. They raped me Harry.. I'm disgusting. I hate my self,Harry i don't deserve to l-live,why did you do this? Why..wh..why did you s-s-s-save me?"He asked,tears rolling down his cheeks.

"No Louis,no. Your not disgusting. Don't you ever think that. You deserve to live and your amazing. You deserve to be loved and...and what they did to you. They don't deserve to live! They're disgusting! Your not,your the complete oposite and your so brave baby,so brave"

"But..b..but you ss-said you h-hate me. Why Harry,why. What have i done. I understand if you don't want to be my friend because i'm disgu-"

"Don't you dare say that word Louis Tomlinson"my voice cracked at the end of the sentence.

"I don't hate you no..I... your everything that i ever asked for. And i was just angry. I. i was so angry because i didn't know how to act around you Lou. You,your beautiful and and i love you. Yes lou,I love you. I love you so much and i was scared to admit that to myself.. I ... I'm sorry baby"

"What?"Louis eyes widened "You...you..l-l-love me?"
"Yes Louis... And... and i understand if you hate me and if you don't want to hang out.. I understand that. You have all the rights to hate me. and-"

And then i could feel Louis' lips crashing onto mine. I could feel his mixture of strawbery and minth breath.

His hands soon found their way around my neck,playing with my curls.
I wrapped my arms around his waist-we were standing by now.

Our tongues were exploring every inch of our mouths making movements.

We soon pulled,gasping for air,before i hugged Louis.
"I love you Louis and i'll never let them do that to you again."i breathed in his neck and
hugged him tightly. This was it. I really do love him.


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