če mate radi scary stories je to pravi kraj za vas saj vam je tu na voljo kolikor jih hočete... he-he-he... v angleščini so pa zato ker niso primerne za ''otročičke''... k bi se jim sanjal...kar piše tuuuu.....
15. april 2011
no ta nej bo ta uvod:
A young girl in need of a job was able to find work as a babysitter for a couple who lived in a large, isolated, old house. They were going out to see a movie that night and left the teenage baby-sitter in charge of their two young children.

The babysitter put the children to bed when it got late and then went downstairs to watch some television. She was just getting comfortable when she heard the phone ringing. When she answered it, all she heard was heavy breathing followed by a man’s voice asking, “Have you checked on the children?”

Freaked out, she hung up the phone, trying to convince herself that it was just someone playing a practical joke on her. She went back to watching television but about 15 minutes later, the phone rang again. She picked up the receiver and heard hysterical laughter from the other end of the line. Then the same voice asked “Why haven’t you checked on the children?”

The babysitter slammed down the phone. The poor girl was frightened out of her wits and immediately called the police. The operator at the police station told the babysitter that if the man called again, she should try to keep him talking. That would give the police time to trace the call.

A few minutes later, the phone rang a third time and when the babysitter answered it, she heard the heavy breathing again. The voice on the line said “You should really check on the children.” The babysitter listened to him laughing hysterically for a long time. She hung up the phone again and almost immediately, it rang again.

This time it was the operator from the police station who yelled, “Get out of the house right now! The calls are coming from the upstairs phone!”

The babysitter dropped the phone in shock and suddenly she heard heavy footsteps walking down the stairs. Without pausing for a second, she ran out of the house as fast as her legs would carry her. Just as she closed the front door behind her, a man’s hand slammed against the glass. She screamed and ran out into the street just as a police car was pulling up outside.

The police searched the house and found the two children upstairs, hiding in a closet, crying uncontrollably. In the parents’ bedroom, they found a bloody axe lying on the floor next to the upstairs phone. The back window was wide open and the curtains were blowing in the breeze. There was no sign of the madman who had made the phonecalls. He had escaped into the night when the police arrived and managed to interrupt his horrible plan to kill the two children and the poor babysitter.
15. april 2011
če bi še kšno pa puvejte... buuuuuu...
15. april 2011
pa če jo neznate prevest jo dejte na google prevajalnik sam glupo prevaja mogoče sam besede...
15. april 2011
There was an old farmer in Arizona who owned the best farm in the area. Everybody said his crops were the best and people came from all over to buy their goods from him. Whenever people asked him how he was able to grow such good quality crops, the old farmer would say it was all down to his scarecrow.

“That old scarecrow is the one I have to thank”, said the farmer. “He makes sure no crows or critters or pests come near my crops”.

The old farmer had built the scarecrow himself and it was a fearsome sight. He spent months working on it to make it as scary as possible. He knew how important it was to keep pests away from his crops. So he gave it enormous straw arms that stretched out about 6 feet and big long legs that made it as tall as a tree.

But the scariest thing about this scarecrow was it’s head. The farmer carved it himself out of a huge pumpkin. He spent countless days and nights perfecting his design until it was perfect. The scarecrow’s face and head was so grotesque and ugly that even he was sometimes scared to look at it. But it was very effective, scaring away every rodent and bird that ventured near.

The neighboring farm was owned by two young men who were brothers named Josh and Harold. They were lazy and never did much work around the farm which resulted in their crops being bad. They were jealous of the old farmer’s success and were plotting against him. If they could drive him out of business they could take over his farm and make more money.

So one night, the brothers decided to sneak onto the old farmer’s land. They stole his prized scarecrow and brought it back to their own house, where they stuffed it into an old closet so nobody would ever find it.

The next day, the farmer woke up to find his hideous scarecrow missing and all his crops being eaten by rats and crows. He fell to his knees and cried, knowing that his farm would soon be out of business. Meanwhile, the brothers, Josh and Harld were watching from their own property and couldn’t help laughing out loud when they saw the old man’s tears of grief.

Hearing the laughter, the old farmer came over and asked them if they knew what happened to his scarecrow. The brothers looked him right in the eye and said they had no idea where his precious scarecrow might be.

“But you know I’ll go out of business and have to sell my farm if I can’t find my scarecrow”, said the farmer.

Josh just laughed in his face, saying “That’s just your tough luck, isn’t it?”.

“Sucks to be you”, giggled Harold.

The old farmer walked slowly back to his house, his head hanging down in defeat and depression.

That night, as Josh and Harold had trouble sleeping. Not because they felt any remorse, but because they couldn’t get the image of the scarecrow’s horrible twisted face out of their minds. They decided they would never be able to sleep as long as that ugly pumpkin head was in their house. So they got up and dragged the scarecrow out of the closet.

Harold took a baseball bat and smashed the scarecrow’s head to pieces until all that was left was little bits of pumpkin strewn around the floor. The brothers swept up the pumpkin head pieces and threw them in the trash. Then they went back to bed and were soon fast asleep, having put all thoughts of the disgusting scarecrow face out of their heads.

Some time after midnight, Josh and Harold were awoken by the sounds of scratching and clawing at their bedroom door.

“Did you forget to put the dog out?” asked Harold, sleepily.

“W-w-w-we don’t have a dog”, stammered Josh.

Suddenly the bedroom door burst open and a solitary long straw arm snaked in through the opening. Then a second arm thrashed around, followed by two long stick legs. The two brothers were frozen in fear and could only look with horror as the headless scarecrow’s body rose up on it’s long stick legs and it’s long arms reached out for them in the darkness.

Harold felt a cold sinewy, straw claw close around his ankle and screamed as loud as he could. He begged his brother Josh to help him. But Josh was already running out of the bedroom. Fleeing in terror, he ran down the hallway, crashed through the front door and out onto the moonlit road.

He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, puffing and panting and screaming at the top of his voice. As he passed his neighbor’s house, he saw the old farmer standing at his gate. In the moonlight, he could see the farmer just staring at him with a strange smile on his face.

Josh kept running, his bare feet slapping against the rough gravel road. He glanced back over his shoulder and saw something that scared him to his very soul. He saw the scarecrow running along the road close behing him. It was gaining on him, coming closer and closer. And that wasn’t all he saw. He noticed that the scarecrow had a brand new head. And it looked a lot like Harold.

The End
15. april 2011
Bill whistled as he strolled through the park. He was on his way to meet his girlfriend, Sally. He could smell spring in the air. He jingled the engagement ring in his pocket and thought about asking Sally to marry him.

Sally sat down on a park bench and Bill kneeled down in front of her.

“Sally,” Bill said, “you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. I love you and I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?”

Sally laughed and said, “Yes! I will marry you.”

As Bill gazed lovingly at his bride-to-be, his eyes lingered on the red velvet ribbon Sally always wore around her neck.

“Why do you always wear that red ribbon?” Bill asked.

Sally said, “Bill, I must never take off my red ribbon!”

Bill smiled at Sally and left the ribbon alone.

Bill and Sally were married that June. Bill found a lovely little house in a nice neighborhood and they moved in.

Bill bought Sally many party dresses. But Sally always wore her red ribbon with each outfit. Bill thought this was odd.

Sally just smiled and said, “I must never take off my red ribbon.”

After a few years, Sally found out she was going to have a baby. This news delighted Bill.

Sally talked with her friends who had babies. Bill talked with his buddies who had children.

They talked together late into the night about what they had learned from everyone.

When the big day came, Sally said, “Please tell the doctor I must not take off my red ribbon!”

Bill was frustrated. But he promised Sally that he would tell the doctor.

After the baby was born, Bill gave Sally flowers.

“Thank you for the flowers, Bill,” Sally said. “And thank you for telling the doctor I must not take off my red ribbon.”

Bill did not understand why the red ribbon was so important.

“Do you want to hold little Billy?” Sally asked.

Bill, Sally, and little Billy lived happily for many years in the small, lovely house in the nice neighborhood.

When little Billy was a baby, he would sometimes reach for the red ribbon around his mother’s neck. Sally would gently take his little hands in hers and coo at him, saying, “Mommy must never ever take off her red ribbon!”

The red ribbon had frustrated Bill for a long time. He loved Sally with all of his heart, but did not understand her need to wear the red ribbon.

After many years, Bill had an idea. “Our anniversary is coming up. I will buy Sally a beautiful necklace. She will take off that old red ribbon so she can wear the beautiful necklace!”

Their anniversary came. Bill took Sally to a fancy restaurant overlooking Central Park. They had a delicious meal.

Then Bill gave Sally a velvet box with a beautiful diamond necklace in it. She opened it, smiled, and tears came to her eyes. Bill put the necklace around her neck and started to take off the red ribbon.

Sally stopped him. She said, “I must never take off my red ribbon!” Bill sat back in his seat with a huff. He looked at Sally and shook his head.

“I may never understand,” Bill said.

Sally gently placed the diamond necklace back in the velvet box and closed the lid. “It is lovely, Bill. I will treasure it always,” she said. “But I must never take off my red ribbon.”

“Why?” Bill asked, as he had for so many years.

Sally smiled sadly and shook her head. She did not answer him.

Late that night Bill was still awake. “I’ve loved Sally for more than twenty years. But she insists on wearing that horrible red ribbon around her neck. I think it’s about time I found out why.”

Bill got out of bed and walked around to Sally’s side. Bill carefully pinched the ends of the bow on the ribbon. He began to slowly pull on the ribbon.

The bow became smaller and smaller. The loops of the bow pulled through and only a half-knot was left.

Bill slid his finger under the half-knot and tugged.

ZIP! The red ribbon gave way.

POP! Sally’s head came off. It rolled right to the floor, bouncing in the moonlight!

One large tear fell from Sally’s eye.

“I warned you!” she said.
15. april 2011
15. april 2011
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