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My name is Sara and I am 15 years old.
I have love of my life, my puppy Joshie and 2 bunnies, one bunny is alive, one bunny is a ghost, but for me he is still here and I know that I can learn to hear him someday because i believe. And yeah animals are everything to me, so I am vegan and my destiny is to help them and never hurt them. So let me tell u more about my life. Sometimes I just feel I dont belong in this world, i feel like I am mistake, stupid loser and I am the ugliest human being I have so many goals in my life, too many dreams but everybody are just better than me, i dont have even a single talent, even if I love photography, drawing, etc. I am such a loser and If u know me u know that I am weird and probaly what I am writing now is weird and in everything I write is in weird form, really sorry, but my brains are just not normal, I just wish I could be average and can write normal, be normal and live normal and after all this years with internet and everything, I get I have so many disorders really so many disorders u probaly didn't hear of human with so many disorders, just nobody understand me, i am trying but never succes, i know that a lot of u would hate me now but sorry cause I am so dumb, sorry cause I am not normal, sorry cause I live. And yes I am bad at school, I just can't never concecrate, I can't stop drawing and can't stop thinking, I just can't, my head will probraly explode of thinking. Don't get me wrong I am acttualy very lucky and positive person and try to think positive sometimes too much, I always think everything will be okey, but I really don't know anymore. I am so weak, I am trying to be like Coyote Peterson but I am just so weak, I could never cut myself like others do and I am afraid of fucking ghost, but I am not afraid of animals and I really love them, like coyote does and I am trying to make my dreams true cause if i don't i really don't see a reason why to live, I just don't know if I can make them, but I live cause I know that life is so beautiful, Earth is so beautiful i just can't understand this world, i cant understand why are people so evil, i can't understand how can u kill someone i am so dumb that i can't understand why are people destroying earth and everything. And I am not human, I have never had soul of human, I have just spirit of the fox<3
25. december 2017
Neext ^^
25. december 2017
25. december 2017
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