Interpretation of the Chinese starzmart semiconductor market March 2, hosted by the China Semiconductor Industry [url=][b]wholesale electronics[/b][/url] Association, CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. hosted the "2011 China's IC Market" was held in Suzhou, the Eighth [url=][b]android tablet[/b][/url] Annual Meeting has been held today, released its annual information has become China's semiconductor market trend of the year to judge the wind vane. China's IC market in 2010 increased 29.5% Global semiconductor market in 2010 $ 298,320,000,000, the market growth rate of 31.8%, is the stazmart second fastest growth rate since 2000, the year the market. After the fall of 2009 after the market rebounded sharply, ending a slump over the years of development.

Li Ke, director of CCID semiconductor business group that the Chinese integrated circuit market is also ending [url=][b]ebook reader[/b][/url] a downward trend in growth over the years, in 2010 the market growth rate of 29.5%, achieved sales of 734.95 billion yuan. After 2005 is the second fastest growing market for one year (Figure 1). Rebound due to global economic recovery, downstream whole machine market demand [url=][b]baby monitors[/b][/url] of electronic products, thus boosting demand for the upstream IC products. In addition, since 2010, strong demand for the downstream market for the chip, so the overall chip prices relative to previous years, making more firm, even in certain product areas the phenomenon of rising chip prices, chip prices are one of the factors affecting market development. Overall, 2010 has been able to achieve sharp rebound in the market, the key factor or because [url=][b]netbook[/b][/url] the market in 2009 caused by the global financial crisis, recession, leading to market a low base, so in 2010 both the global market and to achieve rapid growth in China .
28. april 2011
29. april 2011
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