Hi. So i guess im gonna write a story here? It's not a fanfic or anything.
Feel free to point out any grammar mistakes bc i am in no means an english expert but do it respectfully pls bc no one appreciates rude comments ((: also this is just an introduction part so it's not v exciting. also also idk how often ill update this.

FINDING AMBER / © 2016 plantkid

Imagine waking up in your bed, with no recollection of how you got there. Then imagine searching your pockets and finding a note. Small piece of paper with two words written on it.
Imagine dropping everything and deciding to go find Amber. To go find someone you don’t know. That’s exactly what Kourt did.
Kourt throws the covers off his bed and stands up. He reaches to the bedside table to get his glasses and puts them on. He glances over to the small desk. There it is. The small, yellow piece of paper with two words scribbled on it in black ink. It was two days since he pulled it out of his pocket and he could practically feel it burning a hole in his head when he wasn't paying attention it. He has no clue how the note got into his pocket nor does he know anyone named Amber. Sighing, he approaches the desk and slowly picks up the note. He wonders if it is, actually, meant for him. Maybe someone mistook him for someone else and slipped it into his pocket. Because the note doesn’t make any sense to him. How is he supposed to find Amber when one- he doesn’t know anyone named Amber, and two- the note didn’t come with any instructions or a map, how the hell would he know where to start searching? Kourt considered throwing it away but just couldn’t bring himself to. He shakes his head and lets the paper slip out of his fingers. Running his hand through his raven black hair, he opens the door and quietly makes his way into a small kitchen. It’s half past six in the morning and his parents are still asleep. He picks up his mug filled with coffee and makes his way to the balcony. He loves sitting in his small plastic chair, watching the sun slowly rise. He adores the view of the still sleeping city. It’s freezing this morning but Kourt doesn’t really care. He sits down and lets his mind wonder. No matter what he thinks about though, his thoughts will always return to the note. He wonders if Amber is missing. Why else would someone want him to find her? The note was driving him crazy and if it wasn’t afraid of dying in the woods looking for a stranger he would have left the second he read the note. Because besides all the reasons, he can’t just go, this one is the real obstacle. See, the thing is Kourt forgets. It’s a weird kind of forgetting. It doesn’t happen always but when it does, everything he did in the last 24 hour hours just disappears. Nothing stays and it’s like the day never happened, never existed. And he hates it. He can’t go to unfamiliar places because there’s always a chance it’ll happen and he’ll have no idea how to get back home. Not that his parents would actually care. Always working, they don’t give him much attention and Kourt… well he doesn’t really care anymore. Saying his parents don’t love him would be a lie. But they’re both too busy with their own lives and problems, to find some time for their only child. He prefers being alone anyway. So really, his forgetfulness is the only thing stopping him. Kourt shakes his head to break the train of thoughts. The sun had already gone up and his mug had been emptied a while ago. He stands up and makes his way back to his bedroom. Shutting the door he sits on his bed. The distant sound of door opening and cabinet door shutting indicates that his mother is awake. He could get up and hug her, wish her a good morning like it’s done in other families. He could but he stays where he is, letting his body hit the soft bed. No one comes into his room to greet him. Muffled voices are heard, doors open and close and finally the house is quiet again. Kourt glances at the clock on his desk. 8:34. Usually, he would be on his way to school by now but it’s the summer holidays which leaves him with 8 too many hours to spend in the small city. So in that moment he makes the decision. He will find Amber.
idk is this where i ask for nexts?
14. januar 2016
okej lihkar sm se prjaula u igre samo da bom komentirala tole zgodbico. običajno tega sploh ne počnem ampak tole moram. mogoče bo malo daljši komentar zato mi oprosti, vsekakor pa obljubim da ne boš brala 10 vrstic omg-jev in omb-jev in klicajev kjer te bom v caps locku nadirala kako perfektno si spisala (kot so pogosti ti 'razpisi' na igrah). Rada bi ti namreč dala eno iskreno in utemeljeno mnenje c:
Okej, torej najprej naj pohvalim tvojo angleščino, je ubistvu zelo dobra, morda bi našla kakšno napako če bi res podrobno prebrala tekst ampak morda tudi ne, ker je takole ni bilo videt in ne morem ti povedat kok me veseli, da nisi čisto popljuvala angleškega jezika kot mnogi pisatelji, ki se spravijo pisat v ang ampak dejansko oblikovala neke stavke - še bolj pomembno pa, da se zgodba ni začela s hi i'm putthenamehere, ampak ma dejansko nek lep začetek (: + hvala ker primerno uporabljaš velike začetnice in vsa ločila, sploh vejice (hvala!) pa da tvoji It's-i niso pisani kot its in wasn't ni pisano wasnt. Mogoče te je moj grammar police govor zlo zdolgočasil zdele ampak te stvari dejansko zelo cenim pri takih besedilih, ker jih je v takih internetnih skupnostih vedno manj po mojih opažanjih. (ne da jih ni, samo malo jih je) mislim, vseeno mi je kako ljudje pišejo v komentarje, dokler ne pišejo svoje zgodbe kot komentarja in totalno brez oblike.
okej zdaj pa k vsebini. nočem 'fangirlat' zdej tukaj ampak dejansko me ful zanima kaj se bo zgodilo. začetek je popoln za privabljanje bralcev in vzbujanje zanimanja v ljudeh. ideja se mi zdi zelo originalna in meni nič ni všeč bolj kot take originalne ideje, torej bom vsekakor spremljala še tole zgodbico.
čestitke drugače za začetek neke originalne zgodbe na igrah ki ni ff in je še vedno zelo zanimiva. resno upam da boš dobila bralce ki si jih zaslužiš, želim ti vso srečo (:
14. januar 2016
insomnia.* - najlepsa hvala, take komentarje zlo cenim (:
15. januar 2016
A/N-je si napisala v angleščini, tko da se mi zdi edin prov da to odgovorim v tem jeziku:
Thanks the creator for people like you!
We, writers, can be shy when it comes to original works (and even fanfictions), so first thing first, I'd like to congratulate you on picking up courage and posting something you've actually made from scratch.
You're a great writer with good talent and should be protected at all costs.
2. If you ever decide to publish this story as an actual book, let me know and I'll buy it (unless you kill off the main character at the end ... who am I kidding, I'd read the hell out of it, frankly speaking).
3. There are not many books of good quality on this page for some godforsaken reason, and you managed to create one of the stories worth reading. I'm really glad this is not another bad 1D fic and I can see you've put a lot of effort into plotting. the plot twists will be amazing, I can sense it.
4. Do you, by any chance, have Wattpad?
I'm truly looking forward to a new chapter. Good job and good luck!
15. januar 2016
hello again. Look who decided to update. I'd post this earlier but the talent I am, I broke my arm and let me tell you it's really hard to write with one hand.
SherlockWho - thank you for your comment, I really appreciate your kind words. And I do have Wattpad (https://www.wattpad.com/user/pasteliant) though I haven't used it in a while but I am thinking about posting this story there.
Now let's get to the actual chapter.
Kourt has absolutely no idea what he is doing. He picks up his old school backpack from the floor and shoves a jacket inside. It seems pretty stupid to go look for someone without anything but a note and it’s even more stupid because he hates not knowing things and in this case he knows absolutely nothing. What is he even supposed to take with him? Will he be gone for one afternoon? A day? More? Surely, he will return home in the evening. It’s not like he’ll go out of the town to find her… right? Kourt looks around the room. What could he possibly need? He grabs his camera, just in case, his phone, some money and of course, the note. He doesn’t give the planning as much thought as he probably should have and steps on the hall. He writes a quick ‘I went out. Be back by 8’ note for his parents and sets it on the table. Grabbing the keys from the counter, he swings the backpack over his shoulder and opens the door. His eyes meet the bright light and his skin is instantly warmer under the rays of hot, summer sun. He’s about fifty meters away from the house when he realizes something. He has no idea where he’s going. Where should he start? He coniders his options and decides to visit the small police station in the town. It seems like a good idea to ask if anyone named Amber is actually missing. So he goes, and after a ten minute walk he finally reaches the police station. The building is old and the light blue paint is already peeling. The sign is missing a letter and now says “Police stati n”. It doesn’t look like much and to be honest, the workers aren’t much either. They rarely do anything at all and usually just leave fights and crimes alone, as if they’re going to solve themselves. Kourt fixes his backpack and enters the station. An officer is sitting at the desk, reading a newspaper, while three others are laughing about something at the back of the room. The nametag on the desk says his name is officer Keegan Harris. Kourt clears his throat. “Excuse me?” Mr. Harris barely lifts his head so he tries again. “Excuse me, I was wondering if you could help me with something.” Officer sighs and puts down the newspaper. “What do you want kid?” “Do you know if anyone named Amber is missing?” Kourt asks, his voice shaking a little bit. “And why would you like to know that?” Mr. Harris raises his bushy eyebrows. What is he supposed to say? “No reason really,” he chuckles nervously. Mr. Harris glares at him but still drags his fingers across the computer keyboard. “No one is missing. But there’s only one Amber in this town. She lives on the Saris street if you’re looking for her...” he announces after a while. “Uh yeah, thank you. Have a nice day. Bye,” Kourt smiles awkwardly and stumbles over his feet. He can feel the officer’s eyes on his back on his way out. He’s glad when he’s finally outside again. That probably couldn’t have gone worse but he figures the officer will forget about him in five minutes so he doesn’t think about it again. Starting at Amber’s house seems like the best idea and it is also the only clue he has, so Kourt starts walking to the Saris street. He passes shops and cafes full of people, and playgrounds with screaming children swinging on the swings and enjoying the hot summer day. He wonders if he has a chance of running into one of his classmates or if all of them are spending their summer in some exotic country, far away from the Pines. Not that he minds not seeing them, half of his classmates hate him and he isn’t exactly fond of them either. Lost in his thoughts, he doesn’t even realize when he reaches the Saris street. Looking around at the pretty much identical white houses and green garden, he tries to remember Amber’s house number but realizes the officer didn’t tell him the number. He has no idea what her last name could be so he has no other option but to knock on every single door until he finds the right one. He starts at the beginning. He knocks on the dark brown door and wait for a few moments. No one answers. He tries again. Nothing. He figures they aren’t home so he tries at the Next house. This time, an old lady opens the door. “Hello dear. How can I help you?” she smiles fondly down at Kourt. He smiles back. “I was wondering if Amber lives here?” “Amber? No, there’s no one named Amber here,” she answers, a smile still resting on her lips. “Oh. I’m looking for her and I’ve been told she lives on this street. Do you have any idea where I could find her?” Kourt explains. “You mean Amber Collins? Yes, she lives just down the street. Number fourteen!” she points at the house on the other end. “Thank you very much,” Kourt thanks her and quickly makes his way down the street. He spots the house right away, a gold number 14 hanging on the plain white door. He rings the doorbell and waits. It seems like no one is home but then the door opens suddenly. A small woman with short brown hair is standing in the doorway and Kourt assumes she is Amber’s mother. “Hello… Mrs. Collins!” The woman glares at Kourt. “What do you want?” The tone of her voice indicates that she’s not very happy about the unannounced visitor. “I’m looking for Amber,” Kourt smiles. Woman’s body visibly stiffens and her face becomes still as a statue. “Amber is not home,” she grits her teeth. “Oh. Well do you know when she’ll be back?” Kourt tries. He’s not leaving until he finds out more. “No. Who even are you?” “I’m her friend Kourt. We were supposed to meet today,” he lies. “She’s never mentioned you before. She went to her friend in Larton yesterday. Now if you don’t mind I have work to do. Goodbye,” says Mrs. Collins and slams the door in Kourt’s face.
(I didn't spell check this because I wanted to get it out as quickly as possible so I apologize for any mistakes) I hope you like it.
Also just a little warning, this story will contain swear words and maybe some violence and later on, themes that some people might have a problem with so if you know you're someone who doesn't like anything that isn't 'normal' or whatever please don't read this because I won't be tolerating idiotic comments and stuff. Thanks.
22. januar 2016
perfection♥ Next
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Zgodba je napisana odlično, pa tudi zelo mi je všeč ker je napisana v angleščini. Komaj čakam na nadaljevanje, ker je ena izmed redkih zgodb ki ni fanfic in je prav tako dobra in vredna branja. Mislim pa tudi, da v besedilu ni veliko napakic (če je sploh katera) kar pa me tudi veseli. Pravzaprav glede tega nimam nobene kritike, upam le da boš hitro objavila nov del...
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Če želiš poslati sporočilo v to temo, se prijavi ali včlani