Že en čas pišem knjigo. Je o nadnaravnih bitjih in napeta. Sicer je v angleškem jeziku. Tule je prvo poglavje, potem pa povejte če bi radi prebral še naslednja poglavja.

I’ve traveled the world over and across but I somehow always found my way back to Scotland. I was born in a small city, named St. Abigail in year 1489. After fourteen years a particular vampire decided I will be his next experiment. He kidnaped me and turned me. After five hundred and eight years, I think I’ve adapted enough to live among humans without exposing my true nature.
Maybe I should tell you a few facts about us, vampires. Spending the night in a coffin? Sure, if you like those things. I personally approve beds more. Crosses? Why not. Churches? I love them. They are so peaceful. Fire, wooden sticks and vervain hurt us.
Sunlight? Sunlight is not good for any vampire that doesn’t have a ring or a necklace enchanted by a witch. I have it. And it’s lifesaving.

Ali vam je všeč?

če želiš glasovati se prijavi ali včlani

27. november 2011
next pa al boš to pisala v angleščini? sei me ne mot sam uprašam? pa slikce prosim!
03. december 2011
Ja, bom to pisala v angleščini
17. december 2011
January, Sunday evening. High heels are not exactly the kind of shoes you would wear on a hunting spree, but I kind of never cared about what other people thought. My eyes were bloody red; the sing that meant a vampire is hungry. And it’s surprising, how many people are in the wrong place at the wrong time. But, hey! Nobody told them, they had to take a walk in the woods. After an old black widow and a suicidal young man, who had not seen any problem in being a vampire’s next meal, I wished for something that would actually run from me. I was searching for some action. And then a boy came by. Not older than myself, meaning the age I was showing. My teeth had already grown to its most dangerous size and bloody cracks under my eyes were even bloodier than ever. But when a boy stooped in front of and then ran, I couldn’t follow. There was something in his eyes that prevented me from killing him. I killed someone else that passed my way that evening. After three kills my eyes became icy blue.
In the morning I went to school like any normal person.
My first class was English. When I came to the class, the bell rang. I entered the class and nobody even looked at me. But secretly there was whispering about me that I could hear. After all I am a vampire. No school can change that.
17. december 2011
Slike pa še pridejo, ko bo kaj za pokazat...
17. december 2011
aha ok
pa next!!!!!
21. december 2011
Then the teacher entered with a boy. She introduced him as Nickolas Perth. He was from a huge city, which name I, strangely enough, didn’t remember. Because my seat was the only one that was empty, the teacher sat him down next to me. As he was walking to the seat, a slight breeze blew through the open window and took his scent to me. I froze.
His smell was soo tasty.
22. december 2011
13. januar 2012
It took all my powers not to jump on him in the middle of the class.
As he sat down to me he said hello and I mumbled a short hi.
“You can call me Nick…and what’s your name?” he whispered.
I looked at him and realized that he was good-looking. His tan skin was the opposite of mine pale white. His hair was dark blond, also the opposite of mine shiny black, and his eyes were grey blue with a touch of green and brown. I realized they were beautiful. He was tall, maybe a few centimeters higher than me.
I took a small breath and I exhaled. He smelt like cherries and chocolate. And blood.
13. januar 2012
04. februar 2012
But I was able to hold myself back. I whispered: “I’m Abby.”
“Is that shortening for Abigail?” he whispered back.
“What’s your last name?”
“What’s the next class?”
“Oh no. I hate art. I’m not a good artist at all.”
I chuckled. “Well, I like it and I’m pretty good at it to.”
He looked at me and then slowly, very slowly, whispered: “Have we ever met before? Your face seems familiar.”
That exact moment I realized that the eyes that were staring at me belonged to the face I saw yesterday in the woods. I mumbled, still whispering: “I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen you before in my life.” But I was lying.
08. februar 2012
Če bi kdo bral?
O volkodlakih!
Pa sori za oglaševanje!
25. februar 2015
sori nočem ti težit sam
- objava naj bo napisana v slovenskem jeziku (tema humor je lahko tudi v drugem jeziku
to piše pa nč slabga nočem
25. februar 2015
Če želiš poslati sporočilo v to temo, se prijavi ali včlani