živjo, moje ime je sara in zlo rada berem in pišem.



marie; hello, my name is marie, i am 17 years old and i love to read books. reading is my passion. i don't have a lot of friends. my only friend is demi.i have a cat her name is xya ( ekszaja). i am an A plus student.

drew; hi, my name is drew. i am 17 years old and i love to party. i have tons of friends. my family is rich. i love a girl but she dosen't like me back.

demi; hey, my name is demi i am 17 years old and i love art. i love drawing and writing poems. i have a friend named marie and i just love her.

A; hello, my name will remain unknown. i am the person who hates everyone. i want to ruin 2 girls lifes.

jessica; hello, my name jessica but call me jess. i am drew's girlfriend.

več folka bom še poj dodala.

okay lets start

there was a party on my street, like it is evey week. ugh i hate parties. people just get drunk and think they are so awesome... i'll call demi.
-marie calls demi-

marie: hi demi, wanna come over?
demi: sure, when?
marie: right now c:
demi: okay. be right there c:

-demi hangs up-....

-marie- omg have you herd that a girl named alison was killed last year? the police just told the news yestarday.
-demi- yes, my mom told the that they haven't got the killer.
-marie- i hope they get him soon

at the party..

drew: this is the best party ever!!
jess: i know babe i know
drew: brb babe.

-drew goes to his friend but sudetnly the light stops and everything is dark.-
drew: what happend?
luke: idk man

-they hear a scream-

jess: what was that?

-the light tuns back on-

luke: where is lia?
drew: they kidnapped lia!!

24. julij 2012
25. julij 2012


marie: how about we go out tonight?
demi: whatever
marie:why are u being so mean?
demi:i'm sorry, but i have a date..
marie: wait... WHAT?
demi: its justin..
marie: but he's like our brother
demi: your brother..
marie: whatever have fun
demi: thanks love
marie: c:

on the date:

justin: what movie should we watch?
demi: idk maybe 21 jump street!
justin: sure babe!
demi: did you just call me babe?
justin: yes, is there a problem?
demi: no, no.
juetin: lets go then!
marie: ugh, i'm so bored! wait what lia is missing, since when?
why are people missing is there a kiddnaper on my street? holy shit o.O

07. avgust 2012
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