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Toda zgodbica je angležka.

Clara and Mia's Mountain
(this isn't a true story)

Once upon a time,there was a little girl named Clara. She has a twin sister named Mia.They really like each other.Clara and Mia live with they're grandma Gurtrude and grandpa Fillip.Their parents died in a war.Their mom wanted to pretect Clara and Mia. She sacraficed her life for them.After their parents died their grandparents diceded to take good care of them.

>>Clara,Mia it's time for breakfast!<< said Gertrude.She made pancakes.Clara always wakes up early,Mia…well…lets just say her breakfast is at 1 PM.She is very lazy but Clara is very active.She does drink a lot of coffee,that gives her the energy.Mia sometimes drink's coffee, with a bagel.Clara went to the Kitchen as fast as thunder,but Mia she went as slow as a snail.By the time she got there,Clara was already done eating.

>>You have finally come Mia!<<said Clara.She was laughing with tears.>>Haha, verry funny.<<Mia wasen't verry happy of what Clara said.>>OK girls,calm down and eat your breakfast.Grandpa is still a sleep after his night shift at Freddy Fazbears Pizza.You do not want to wake him up.<<
>>Sorry grandma.<<they both said.
>>It's allright.After breakfast we are going on an andveture!So hurry Mia,you two still have to get ready in a half an houre and you didn't even took a bite of your breakfast.<<
>>Don't worry grandma i will hurry.Where are we even going?<<Mia asked.>>That's a suprise!Now hurry!<<

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27. april 2016
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27. april 2016
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