Torej odločila sem se napisati še eno zgodbico ki mi bo zelo blizu saj ne vleče k neki popolnosti v življenju ampak resničnosti

Upam da boste brali in pa prosim povejte ali naj pišem v slovenščini ali angleščini ?
Začela bom kar v angleščini ker mi je ljubša ampak seveda lahko spremenim če tako želite
(I'm using some celebrities as characters in the story)

I'm Madison Luna Swan. I am 15 and going to be freshman at Albany High School (California).
Me :

I am currently living with my 6th foster parents. I have been 1st adopted when I was 5 years old. But I think I found my family-for-life. I have stayed with them for 3 years, and that is the longest I have ever stayed with a family. One year after I came to the family "their" mother passed away. Now I am living with dad and 2 brothers.

Dad :

Calvin (17) :

and Chris (16) :

So as usual Chris knocked on my door, I roled into the sheets covered my haid with a pillow and yawned. He peeked in and said morning and then left. He was my living and walking alarm clock haha. It was in the middle of July so there was no school. But I had to wake up, becouse Calvin just turned 17. He was a great brother. Just like Chris. So I slowly got up and remembered that we are going to the swimming pool after lunch and I couldnt wait. I jumped down the stairs went to the kitchen and there was Calvin siting on the bar chair just casually eating cereal. I went behing his back hugged him tight and said happy birtday and ofcourse I kissed him on the cheek. He turned hugged me back and said thanks sis. I really loved how they accepted me into the family. Few seconds later Chris came down walked pass me, while messing up my hair and went to punch Calvin in the shoulder. He also said happy bday bro. He was trying to sound cool but after he brought up a present he was hiding in his pocket he couldn't pull the cool - kid swag off. The present was so nicely wrapped even I stared for a second. Calvin slowly took it, shook it and then started opening it. He got a pair of Calvin Kleins. HAHA what a coincidence. They were both laughing but he said he really liked them. I walked up to the fridge, then remembered "something" and my mood just turned down really fast. I turned my head just a little bit to see if anyone was watching, but they were too busy messing around. I pretended to eat some fruit, then I filled a glass with ice cold water and chugged it down. Then I walked back up the stairs into my room and picked this outfit :

I will next no matter what but I hope you like it so far
20. junij 2016
Then I opened my laptop and just surfed on the internet for a couple of minutes and then I got a call from Austin. He was my best friend since ever. I didn't change school so much becouse my families lived kinda close to each other. But that doesn't matter since I'm starting high school in September. Austin :

is gonna be my school mate. And please don't think we're gonna fall in love or something. No, hes is gay and he already has a boyfriend. But that is another story. So he called me asking if I wanted to hang out and grab a lunch. I was explaining that I couldn't go but Calvin got into my room and asked who is on the phone so I said it was Austin, and he invited him to the lunch with us. He got really excited and said h would love to go with us.

In an hour we all got in our car and drove to a restaurant, but I forgot the name. Austin was already waiting, so we got in and started ordering. Everybody was laughing but I just stared at the menu. Everything was so oily and high calorie that I just wanted to cry. The waiter came and they started ordering pizzas, burgers, chicken wings but I just stared. I ordered salad and I saw the look on my dad's face. So I ordered non diet coke. Just to calm him down, but I wasn't going to drink it. So we ate and everything was good. Later we went to the swimming pool and we had a blast. Calvin seemed really happy.

Now you are probably wondering, where are all my friends. Well people tend not to like me becouse I am adopted. So they like to avoid me, cut I seem to make them uncomftrable. But until I have Austin, Calv and Chris and my dad everything is perfect.

I never expected what happened Next day!

20. junij 2016
20. junij 2016
zakej ne pišeš po slovensko????
21. junij 2016
Sej lahko ce bo tko nevem anglescina je bl tko domace
21. junij 2016
Če želiš poslati sporočilo v to temo, se prijavi ali včlani