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It was a hot summer night by the beach and people were outside talking, drinking, having fun... People were laughing until they heard a loud crash. A car crashed into the fence. Windshield was completely broken, front side of the car wasn't even front side because it was that smashed.

They all looked in the same direction. They saw a car that crashed and one of the people at the party immediately called ambulance. Before ambulance arrived three men stepped out of the car and on of them shouted "fuck". That was the driver. All three seemed all right. But they all had a few scratches on their heads and legs. A man went to them and asked if they are ok and if they need a mechanic to fix their car but driver said that they don't need one and that he will fix the car.

Man said: "It's a shame that it's all smashed, It's a nice Impala though."

"Yeah it is, it was my dads car." he said with a really low voice. He knew the man, he saw him before but he couldn't remember. He was just so familiar.

"If you need any help I can help you with the car."

"Yeah okay, I'll see if I'll need any help." "What's your name?"

"I'm Castiel"

"That's an odd name"

"Yes, but that's exactly why I like it." "What's yours?"


"Nice to meet you, Dean." "I live near and if you want we can hang out and drink something?"

"Yeah sure." Dean said that with dreamy voice, he wasn't sure if he saw Castiel somewhere but even his name was so familiar that he just couldn't give that thought up.

Castiel gave Dean his phone number just in case he needs anything.
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27. julij 2013
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When ambulance arrived they took a look at Dean, Sam- Dean's brother and Bobby- Sam and Deans "father" (He took care of Sam and Dean when they were little). They didn't have any serious injuries and they didn't have to go to a hospital (thank god). Sam, Dean and Bobby hated hospitals. They were faking IDs, Police badges, credit cards so of course, police was looking for them. Even if they needed stitches they did it themselves. But they never told anyone what they do and that's probably because they didn't have normal life, they didn't have any friends. If there was someone else in their lives it was a hooker or a girl from a bar that Sam and Dean occasionally met there. Basically their lives were boring if you didn't knew them. But no really knew them.

It was pretty late and Dean wanted to start fixing the car immediately but Sam knew how to talk to Dean and he just went to take a shower and then go to sleep.

Next morning, 6 am.

Dean just woke up and he went to the kitchen to make breakfast, he wanted to make cereal, but they were out of milk.

"Damn, I can never eat what I want."

"Morning Dean!" Said Sam with a sleepy voice kinda mad because Dean woke him up.


"Are you okay??" Sam said in worry.

"Yeah I am but we don't have milk. I wanted to make us breakfast."

"I'll go to the store to buy pie."

"Sammy, that would be really nice, Thank you."

"See ya' "


Because they crashed last night Sam had to walk to the store. Luckily there was a store nearby. He was looking for pie when he saw Castiel.

"Hello" Casiel said with friendly voice.

"Um.. Hey"

"Oh yeah, I'm Castiel, I talked to your brother last night I'm going t help him fix the car"

"I'm Sam, that's great. He really needs some help, thanks for that!"

"He seemed kinda off last night"

"Well he did hurt his baby.."

"His baby..?"

"The Impala."


"Do you know where the pies are? I can't find them."

"Sure. Here"

"Thanks. See you around!"
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Sam went to take that pie but he knew Castiel, he was so familiar to him. He just thought he saw him on the street before but that was almost impossible because he wasn't on the streets much, he was always driving in the Impala around the states. He took pie and went to the cashier and paid for what he bought. In bag there was a pie for Dean and Bobby, bread, juice, beers and duct tape. When he returned to the motel he gave Dean and Bobby their pie. Sam just drank some juice and then he started to read a book. They were working on a case nearby and Sam didn't have anything batter to do than to read. Dean and Bobby went to the parking lot to fix Impala. They worked for about six hours straight before they took a brake. Sam almost finished the book when he hear noise behind him. It was Castiel.

Sam was very confused so he asked Castiel: "Um what are you doing here?"

"I don't know I snapped my fingers and here I am." "By the way, how do you know my name?"

"We met at the shop earlier You told me where the pies are."

"I was never there" "I don't know what you're talking about"

"Maybe you'll remember Dean more. He's my brother."

"Yes I know him. There's a lot of speaking of him in Heaven."

"Man, you're crazy."

" Yes, whatever I need to speak with Dean." Castiel said and he was just gone.

He didn't go down the stairs. He just disappeared into thin air. Sam couldn't believe what he just saw. Yes he saw a lot of weird creatures, but nothing like this.
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28. julij 2013
ok toje konc prvega poglavja, pišem drugo neki časa bo trajalo da ga dokonca napišem ker ga bom objavla ko bo dokončano.
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When Castiel disappeared into thin air, he went outside looking for Dean.

Castiel showed up behind Dean and Bobby. He didn't say anything for about 5 minutes, then he said: "Hello Dean, hello Bobby." Which was weird because Bobby and Castiel never met so there was no way Castiel knew Bobby. Both turned around and Dean just stared in Castiel's eyes for a moment then he looked away.

"Castiel?" Dean said with a really weird voice like he never saw something so pretty and bright. Of course Castiel didn't actually shine. Castiel answered him with a normal voice like it was something he did everyday.

"Yes, Dean?"

"Look Cas, I really appreciate that you want to help but right now we were just taking a break from work. I'll call you tomorrow if I need help. Also I know it's not my business but what's with the trench coat, man?" Dean just said Cas instead of Castiel. Sam was the only one that Dean gave a 'pet' name, now Castiel has one too. But this time it was different. He called Castiel Cas like he talked to him everyday and like he knew him for a very long time. When Dean realized that he just called Castiel Cas he said "Castiel..."

"I'm not here to help you fix your car, Dean. I'm here because I need to tell you something."

Bobby still didn't get what Castiel is or what he wants but he sure didn't like that he just knew his name.

"I'm sorry.. Castiel, right? Look I don't want to be rude or anything but where the fuck did you get my name from?"

"Oh yeah, I know your name because you're almost all the time with Sam and Dean and there's been some talk about you."

"Kid were you drinking something?" Bobby wasn't sure how to respond to that. He just thought he was a demon so he took a bottle from his coat. It was holy water, he kept it in his coat because it might be handy sometimes. And this was one of those times. He took in and spilled holy water on Castiel."Oh no I'm not a demon, holy water just doesn't work on me." Castiel said with the most calm voice that he could. And it wasn't very calming to Bobby and Dean. Bobby looked at him with his eyes wide open.

"Then what the hell are you?"

"You wouldn't believe even if I told you and you would just spray me with the holy water again. But Dean might believe what I am."

"Oh c'mon." Dean said like he was the only one that can really solve this.

"Dean, I am an Angel of the Lord."

"You are what?"

"Oh I am an Angel of the Lord. My name is Castiel."

"Dude I know your name, but c'mon Angels aren't real."
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