σ∂ℓσčιℓα ѕєм ѕє,∂α вσм σвנανιℓα ѕνσנσ zgσ∂вσ σ Mιcнαєℓυ Jαcкѕσηυ,кι נσ žє кαя ηєкαנ čαѕα ριšєм,αмραк ν Aηgℓєščιηι.Mєηι ѕє z∂ιנσ zgσ∂вє вσℓנšє ν αηgℓєščιηι,zαтσ ѕєм נσ šє ѕαмα ηαριѕαℓα ν αηgℓєščιηι.Uραм ∂α яαzυмєтє αηgℓєšкσ,кєя ηєвσм ρяєναנαℓα кєя тσ ρяє∂σℓgσ тяαנα.
Hi, I'm WWE Diva AJ Lee.
And I'm best friends with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
Michael and I have been best friends for years, ever sense his time with the Jacksons.
And we love each other dearly, but Michael doesn't know how I feel.
I've been in love with Michael ever sense we met, and it's never changed sense then.
I haven't told him because I didn't want to ruin our friendship.
And it's worse now. Because... He's getting married.
To the daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley.
I know I don't know her much, but I know that she's trouble.
How can I tell Michael how much I love him now?
AJ's P.O.V

I quickly walked Into the WWE Divas locker room, and while I was, I couldn't stop thinking about what Michael told me a few hours ago.
I walked Into the locker room and saw my best friend, Kaitlyn. And then I saw Layla.
"Hey, AJ."
I ignored Kaitlyn, and opened my locker.
I ignored her again.
"What's wrong?" Layla asked.
I slammed my locker closed and turned to them.
"Nothing." I lied, faking a smile.
"AJ, there is something wrong. Cause you walked in angry, and you ignored me for the first time--" Kaitlyn got cutt off by Layla.
"And you slammed the damn locker, nearly breaking it." Layla snapped.
I rolled my eyes at her, and looked at Kaitlyn.
"What's got you so fed up?"
"I'm not fed up, Kaitlyn." I scoffed.
"Heck yeah you are." Layla said, and I glared at her.
"No afense, but is this about Michael?"
When Kaitlyn said that, my eyes widened and then I scoffed.
"Pfft, Michael? Hell no! It's not about him." I smiled, lying through my teeth.
"AJ, it's got to be about Michael. Because you wouldn't get this fed up if it wasn't about him."
"Kaitlyn, it's not about Michael."
Kaitlyn glared at me, she hates it when I lie to her. Just like Michael.
"Okay, okay. It has something to do with him."
"You mean it's about him." Layla corrected.
"Look you, don't make me take off my shoe and shove it up your--"
"AJ.." Kaitlyn cutt my off.
Then I sighed.
Kaitlyn looked at Layla. "Now Layla, AJ is not in a good mood. Now please, don't make a problem."
Layla sighed. "Okay."
"Now AJ, what did Michael do?" Kaitlyn asked.
"He didn't do anything, it's just..."
"Just what?"
"Michael is..." I sighed. "He's getting married."
"Michael's getting married???" Kaitlyn and Layla said, at the same time.
"Well, that's great." Kaitlyn said.
"You got fed up over that?" Layla asked.
"Grr..." I growled, and Kaitlyn held me back.
"Anyways, wow. That's good."
"Kait, it's not good." I stated.
"Oh, I get it. You don't want Michael to get married because you like him." Layla smirked.
"Noooo..." I shook my head. " I don't like him. Like that."
"Yes, you do. Cause you wouldn't have a problem about it if you didn't." Layla said. "You LOVE him, as something more."
"Lay, I don't love Michael like that." I lied.
"AJ, Layla has a point." Kaitlyn stated.
"Who's side are you on?" I asked, looking screwed.
"I'm on no ones side." Kaitlyn scoffed. "I just think Layla has a point. Because you would not be angry if you didn't have a problem with it."
"I love Michael like that a tiny bit." I lied, smiling.
"AJ.." Kaitlyn started.
"Okay, yes." I confessed.
"Anyways, who is he marrying?" Kaitlyn asked.
"Lisa Marie Presley." I said, as I rolled my eyes.
"Oh, I know her. She's the daughter of the famous Elvis Presley." Layla said.
"Yeah, she's so nice." I said, sarcasically.
"You don't like her, do you?" Kaitlyn raised her eyebrow.
"Heck no, I don't like that witch."
"AJ you don't even know her." Layla said.
"But I looked into her eyes today. She's pure evil." I stated.
"That's what you think."Kaitlyn smiled. "You have to get to know her first, before you call her a witch."
"Whatever." I said. "Bye guys."
And with that, I walked out.

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