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I can't handle this stress,
I'm a mess,
No matter how much i try,
at the end i always cry
I always fail,
Still i Try to bail, out of this prison,
Waiting for the change of the season.
It's always the same,
I fell like i'm trapped in a frame,
Everyone can see thah i'm weak,
Everyone pulls a trick,
Everyone makes fun of me,
Still i try to reach my dream,
I ain't stopping,
But i can't handle the mocking,
It's ruining my life,
At the end of the day i just want to be somebodys wife.
I want to mean something to someone,
I want to be someones THE ONE
Someone soulmate,
But i'm just a bate,
That's used the last,
Never the first, always the last.
Nobody takes me serious,
I'm going delirious
But i know that at the end of the day,
I'm the one laughing,all of you will say,
Say that you're sorry,
But i won't listen to you,
I'm gonna say : FUCK ALL OF YOU
20. februar 2012
ful huda pesem
20. februar 2012
20. februar 2012
I never thought that i'd find,
Someone like you, so kind.
Friendly and nice,
It's like you're the cat and i'm the mice.
You 're the one catching,
I'm the one running.
Running just because of the chase,
Every once in a while i leave a trace.
Don't worry you will catch my heart,
You're gonna be the first on my chart,
I'm just making it fun,
Till the day i'm gonna be your "hun".
Love your senth,
Your lips taste like menth,
Hands so warm and soft.
Look deeper,
over my behaviour,
Are you my savior?
To save me from the nasty world,
Smile and my heart is sold.
You're headed right,
Please don't get out of my sight.
I need some time to adjust
To get me to trust.
Can't really figure out,
Should i go north or south?
Maybe east or west?
Should i let you bring out the best?
All this questions are making me confused,
Don't know which way to choose.

тσ šє ρα נαž ηαριšαℓα♥
24. februar 2012
ali tudi ti pišeš pesmi? napiši jih sem
(ko kaka reklama hahah )
08. marec 2012
če želiš poslati sporočilo v to temo, se prijavi ali včlani
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