Baby you light up my world like nobody else;•Cause you've got that one thing;•Cause there is nobody else;•But I see you with him slow dancing;•Or else we'll play, play, play all the same old games;•From the moment I met you everything changed;•Tell me I'm a screwed up mess;•Cause I can't look you in the eyes and say;• And jump around until we see the sun;•You only want me cause I'm taken;•Give you this, give you that, blow a kiss, take it back;•It's everything about you, you, you;•You should open your eyes but they stay closed, closed;•Took a minute girl, to steal my heart tonight;•Tonight let's get some and live while we're young.

I don't think you can really define love-H̲̲a̲̲r̲̲r̲̲y̲̲ ̲̲S̲̲t̲̲y̲̲l̲̲e̲̲s̲;Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain -L̲̲o̲̲u̲̲i̲̲s̲̲ ̲̲T̲̲o̲̲m̲̲l̲̲i̲̲n̲̲s̲̲o̲̲n̲;Never look back, reminising on yesterday, smile for the future, tomorrow is a new day-Z̲̲a̲̲y̲̲n̲̲ ̲̲M̲̲a̲̲l̲̲i̲̲k̲;I'd rather be a kid and play with paper plans, than be a man and play with a women's heart-N̲̲i̲̲a̲̲l̲̲l̲̲ ̲̲H̲̲o̲̲r̲̲a̲̲n̲;Dreams are like stars. You may never touch them, but if you follow them, they will lead you to your destiny-L̲̲i̲̲a̲̲m̲̲ ̲̲P̲̲a̲̲y̲̲n̲̲e̲. ♥Tomlinster, Paynette, Niallator, Zaynster, Stylator and Directioner until I die ✔ !;□Single □Taken ■My 5 Husbands are on tour.;Is it legal to marry 5 sexy boys ?;OI London 2012 ♥; How do you spell PERFECTION? wait H-A-R-R-Y-S-T-Y-L-E-S ♥

“The reason why the fans are so dedicated is because I think they feel that they can relate to us. We’re the kind of boys you go to school with.;I've always wanted to be one of those people who didn't really care that much about what people thought about them..but i just don't think i am;I think you have to take me for me. I am who I am;If i wasn't in a band i reckon i'd be a virgin;It only takes a second to call a girl fat and she'll take a lifetime trying to starve herself, think before you act;I wish i had a girl to cuddle up to at night rather than my pillow;I wake up so many mornings feeling so lucky and so grateful to be where we are;I travel around going trough different experiences every single day with four of my best friends, who i didn't know two years ago, and now we're as close as brothers.”- Harry Styles♥
01. november 2012
01. november 2012


And PERFECTION is spelling O-N-E-D-I-R-E-C-T-I-O-N
13. oktober 2014
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