Hey! To bo moja zgodbica o punci ki je Selenatorka in obožuje Seleno Gomez. Večinoma bo u angleščini
Hello Guys!
I am Marie Smith and I love Selena Gomez! I live in Los Angeles, USA. I've never been to her concert or see her live, but I will someday go to her concert and meet her, because it's an audition for back up singers and like a lot of people said to me, I'm a very good singer! So I will auditioned. Audition will be tomorrow at 4 p.m. and I am so nervous and hyper! I will wearing this t-shirt:

and this jeans:


my phone:

Well that's all, if you want me to next, saying out loud NEEEEXT!!! Just joking
19. avgust 2012
Well today is the day of audition! Just a few hours left! 3 hours later....
I am sitting on a sofa with 2 other girls, who looks perfect. If they are gonna auditioned, I will never get the 'job' of back up singer! I am hoping for the best. I am relaxing and playing games on my i Phone. I am really nervous! I will see Selena and I will maybe be her back up singer but I'm not sure... Well anyway, I don't know what to do now! But then a woman in black steps out from the room and says: next! And it was my turn. I was a little bit scared but I was having a good feeling. "I am gonna do this" was saying little voice in my head. "I can do this. I am better then perfect girls next to me". Then I walked in the room and there was Selena Gomez!
M-me S-Selena w-woman in black m-man in black
S, w and m-Hello! What's your name?
M-Mare, Marie Smith
S-and how old are you?
M-16 years old. (goshhhhh I am talking to Selena Gomez!!!)
S-hehe yes you are talking to me! Nice to meet you Marie!
M-Nice to meet you too Selena!
w-Well what are you gonna sing to us?
M-Who says, by Selena Gomez
S-Ok, you can start!
M-I wouldn't wanna be anybody else, Hey! You made me insecure, told me I wasn't good enough...

S-Omg wow you are such a great singer!
w and m-Yeah we agree!
m-well we will send you a mail if you will be choose.
M-Ok thanks! Bye!
S, m and w- bye!
I was so happy
20. avgust 2012
When I comed home there was my boyfriend Josh. "Josh!" I said and run to him. He hugged me. I just love him so much.
10. november 2012
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