No pisala bom v angleščini kr mi je bolše : P ( čudno sam ka češ )

Nick -- [sitting outside the school]

Jake -- [comes over ] hi Nick

Nick -- hey, when did you get here?

Jake -- a couple minutes ago, we’re in Jamison Dorm again this year

Nick -- i kno

Jake -- i’m going to go put my stuff in the room..are you coming?

Nick -- no

Jake -- why are you sitting out here anyways?

Nick -- Jake its the first day back!

Jake -- i kno

Nick -- that means new girls

Jake -- [rolls his eyes] right..i forgot

Nick -- thats that supposed to mean?

Jake -- Brian here yet?

Nick -- i don’t think so

Jake -- well----

Eliza -- [ behind Nick, wraps her arms around his neck ] i missed you over the summer

Jake -- don’t start making out

Nick -- shut up Jake!

Eliza -- you kno we're in the same dorm again this year

Kelly -- [comes over] why is everyone over here?

Eliza -- its not everyone!

Kelly -- [glares at her]

Nick -- do you need something Kelly?

Kelly -- i just wanted to kno what room and dorm your living in this year

Nick -- i donno

Jake -- we’re in room 320, in Jamison

Eliza -- when are you going to get me my key Nick?

Nick -- in a couple days

Jake -- your giving her a key again?

Nick -- Jake----

Jake -- okay fine, give her a key

Nick -- [sees a girl walk by] whoa

Eliza -- [hits him]

Nick -- what was that for!

Jake -- [looks at the girl Nick saw] she’s hot

Nick -- yeah and that dress is really short

Kelly -- thats because its supposed to be a shirt

Nick -- what?

Kelly -- i have the same one, except i don’t wear it as a dress, and i didn’t cut parts of it

Nick -- well it looks much hotter on her! Who is that anyways?

Eliza -- thats Leah Tyler

Nick -- who?

Jake -- thats Leah? Wow she’s just like i imagined her

Nick -- can someone just tell me who she is?

Eliza -- don’t waste your time with her

Nick -- why?

Eliza -- because she’s only interested in real bad boys [goes into the school]

Nick -- whats that supposed to mean!.... Eliza! [ goes into the school, goes over to Eliza, grabs her arm, pulls her back outside the school ]

Eliza -- what the hell! Whats your problem!

Nick -- what did you mean she’s only interested in real bad boys

Eliza -- i mean that she is only interested in real bad boys

Nick -- i am a real bad boy!

Eliza -- if you say so

Nick -- Eliza----

Eliza -- i have to go [walks away from him]

Nick -- [sits back over with Jake and Kelly]


Leah -- [goes into her room, puts her bags down]

Eliza -- hi Leah

Leah -- um did you kno my name?

Eliza -- almost everyone does, i’m Eliza and thats Bridget over there

Leah -- hi

Bridget -- your living here?

Leah -- there a problem?

Bridget -- you’ve only been here for a couple hours and you already have a reputation

Leah -- so?

Eliza -- just ignore her

Bridget -- [glares at Eliza]

Eliza -- [rolls her eyes, sits down on her bed]

Bridget -- [turns to Leah] so is it true you killed someone?

Leah -- [ignores her] are there any parties tonight?

Eliza -- yeah, theres one in our dorm

Leah -- good

Bridget -- you guys are going to the party?

Leah -- of course

Eliza -- the start of school Party is always the best

Leah -- well besides the end of school parties

Eliza -- true

Bridget -- you shouldn’t go to a party the day before we start classes

Eliza -- why not?

Bridget -- because theres drinking and you don’t want to be hung over tmrw

Eliza -- [rolls her eyes] so Leah, do you want me to show you around?

Leah -- sure

Eliza -- [walks out]

Leah -- [starts to leave] and Bridget..

Bridget -- what?

Leah -- you need to have so fun once in a while...or i might just have to send you to the same place I sent my last room mate

Bridget -- and where is that?

Leah -- [smirks, leaves]

Bridget -- [kinda scared]


Joe -- [in his room unpacking]

Aimee -- [comes in] hi Joe

Joe -- how did you get in?

Aimee -- you left the door unlocked

Joe -- oh..have you seen Ray?

Aimee -- [glares at him]

Joe -- what?

Aimee -- i don’t like her!

Joe -- you don’t kno her!

Aimee -- she doesn’t look like she’s 17

Joe -- what are you talking about?

Aimee -- nothing, nevermind

Joe -- well i should go find her [starts to leave]

Aimee -- um Joe?

Joe -- what?

Aimee -- you know theres a party tonight in Nick’s dorm and i was wondering if your going

Joe -- probably not, Nick doesn’t like me around him

Aimee -- well maybe we could do something then

Joe -- sure, i’ll call you later [leaves]

Aimee -- [smiles a bit, goes back to her room]


Nick -- [watching tv]

Jake -- can’t we watch something else?

Nick -- no

Jake -- seriously Nick porn is getting old

Nick -- its not porn

Jake -- its close enough

Brian -- [comes in, throws his bag on one of the beds]

Jake -- it took you a while to get here

Brian -- i kno, my stupid brother decided not to drive me. so any new hot girls?

Jake -- yeah

Nick -- like Leah

Brian -- Leah Tyler?

Nick -- how do you kno about her?

Brian -- everyone knows about her! Is she really going here now?

Nick -- yeah

Brian -- she is so hot

Nick -- how do you kno? You haven’t even seen her

Brian -- yeah i have, she used to be with Jesse

Jake -- she was with your brother?

Brian -- yeah..for like a day or two

Jake -- how come no one has real relationships anymore

Nick -- cuz relationships are boring, you can only be with one person

Jake -- yeah thats the point!

Nick -- whatever

Brian -- so are you going to try and get with Leah?

Nick -- try?

Brian -- well how long do you think-----

Nick -- i say five days. In five days Leah will be in my bed screaming my name

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13. februar 2011
13. februar 2011
14. februar 2011
No veselo pričakujam nasljedni del. Da vidmo če se izpovne trditev Nick-a xD .
Drugač pa zlo dobr! Men je angleški jezik enden najlepših .
;D ;D
P.S- Next...!...
14. februar 2011
oo hudo

14. februar 2011
Eliza -- so how do you like Bayview?

Leah -- its better then my last school

Eliza -- really?

Leah -- yeah the guys are so much hotter

Eliza -- what was your last school?

Leah -- West Point

Joe -- [comes over] i thot i recognized you

Leah -- hi Joe

Joe -- [puts his arm around her]

Eliza -- you two kno each other?

Leah -- yeah..a bit

Joe -- i didn’t kno you were coming this year

Leah -- well i am..unless they kick me out

Joe -- they won’t

Eliza -- yeah Bayview doesn’t kick anyone out

Leah -- so Joe are you going to the party?

Joe -- no, not this one

Eliza -- why not?

Joe -- because i’m hanging out with Aimee

Eliza -- oh

Joe -- yeah so i’ll see you guys later [leaves]

Leah -- we should go back to the room, i want to find something to wear for the party

Eliza -- same [they go back to their room]

Bridget -- [moves to the corner of the room]

Eliza -- whats wrong?

Bridget -- nothing

Eliza -- your so weird sometimes


Brian -- only 5 days?

Nick -- yup

Jake -- you realize this is Leah Tyler right?

Nick -- so?

Brian -- so she’s not like the other girls here

Nick -- no girl can resist Nick Jonas

Brian -- well Nick Jonas is full of himself

Nick -- [glares at him]

Brian -- i’m just saying

Nick -- well don’t!

Jake -- are you going to talk to Leah at the party?

Nick -- yeah..if she goes

Jake -- you should try having a girlfriend

Nick -- why would i do that?

Jake -- because...nevermind


Leah -- so why do you need my key?

Eliza -- its for a game

Leah -- yeah but your key is the same one

Eliza -- Leah just get it!

Leah -- fine..but whats the game

Eliza -- you give me your key and then i give it to a guy

Leah -- fine i’ll get the key

Eliza -- good

Leah -- [goes into her room, grabs her key]

Bridget -- how did you get in if you didn’t have your key?

Leah -- picked the are you going to stay in here all night?

Bridget -- maybe

Leah -- why don’t you have some fun?

Bridget -- because i don’t want to get detention before school even starts

Leah -- [rolls her eyes] goody goody [starts to leave]

Bridget -- criminal!

Leah -- what did you just call me?!

Bridget -- nothing

Leah -- yeah thats what i thot [starts to leave]

Bridget -- you wouldn’t really kill me..right?

Leah -- [shrugs, leaves the room, goes over to Eliza]

Eliza -- did you get it?

Leah -- yeah, but i don’t think i’ll play the game

Eliza -- why not, it seems like your kinda thing

Leah -- it is, i just want to check out the guys here first

Eliza -- fine

Brian -- [comes over, hands Leah a drink]

Leah -- um thanks

Eliza -- what do you want?

Brian -- i’m supposed to get information on Leah

Leah -- [rolls her eyes, starts to leave]

Brian -- [grabs her arm] where do you think your going?

Leah -- [pulls her arms away, pours her drink on him]

Brian -- bitch!

Leah -- thats the best you can do?

Brian -- wha----

Leah -- [walks away from him]

Brian -- what just happened?

Eliza -- you just lost your chance with Leah

Brian -- damn it!

Eliza -- its not like you had a chance in the first place tho

Brian -- whatever Eliza [goes over to Nick]

Nick -- what did you find out [drinking beer]

Brian -- nothing [grabs a drink]

Nick -- wow Brian, thats a lot of help!

Brian -- sorry

Nick -- where is she now?

Brian -- she went that way [points to where Leah went]

Nick -- she looks even better then this morning

Brian -- yeah she does

Nick -- [hits him] i called dibs

Brian -- fine

Nick -- [finishes his drink, throws it out, goes over to Leah] hi babe

Leah -- what do you want?!

Nick -- [pushes her against the wall] i want you in my bed

Leah -- [wraps her arms around his neck] oh really?

Nick -- hell yeah baby

Leah -- so i’m guessing your good?

Nick -- the best

Leah -- [smirks, leans close to his ear] in your dreams [brings her knee up, hitting him where it hurts xD]

Nick -- [falls to the ground] what the fuck Bitch!!

Leah -- [walks away]

Jake -- [comes over] wow the amazing Nick Jonas gets rejected!

Nick -- shut up Jake!


Nick -- [wakes up with a headache, looks at the clock] i hate school

Jake -- no you hate waking up early

Brian -- and working

Nick -- [gets out of bed] how many girls last night?

Brian -- three i think

Jake -- you can’t remember

Nick -- no [takes a pain killer for his headache] wich means they weren’t very good

Brian -- or it means you had a bit to much to drink

Nick -- whats our first class?

Jake -- history

Nick -- [sarcastic] great

Brian -- Leah’s in that class

Jake -- how do you kno?

Brian -- i talked to Eliza, they’re roommates

Nick -- they are?

Brian -- yeah

Nick -- good, it will be easier to get Leah this way

Jake -- why don’t you just find a girlfr----

Nick -- if you want to see tmrw, don’t finish that sentence!

Jake -- [rolls his eyes] just get ready, class starts in 15 minutes [leaves]

Brian -- [starts to leave]

Nick -- wanna skip with me?

Brian -- not on the first day Nick, we’ll get suspended

Nick -- whatever

Brian -- [leaves]

Nick -- [starts getting ready]


Leah -- [goes into the classroom, sits at the back]

Eliza -- [sitting at the desk infront of Leah, turns around] how are you feeling?

Leah -- hungover [puts her head on the desk]

Eliza -- well your not the only one, i think the whole class is hungover

Leah -- i’ll be back in a second, i need to yeah [runs out]

Eliza -- [rolls her eyes]

Teacher -- [comes in, starts writing his name on the board]

Nick -- [comes in, sees the teacher] what the hell! what are you doing here?!

Leah -- [comes back in, reads the name off the board] morning Mr. Jonas [winks at the teacher, takes her seat]

15. februar 2011
pa tu ko sm napisala nick jonas to ni kao on pravi sam se nism nobenga drugega priimka spomnla
15. februar 2011

15. februar 2011
Teacher -- [comes in, starts writing his name on the board]

Nick -- [comes in, sees the teacher] what the hell! what are you doing here?!

Leah -- [comes back in, reads the name off the board] morning Mr. Jonas [winks at the teacher, takes her seat]

Nick -- Trey what are you doing here?!

Trey -- i’m your teacher Nicholas! Now take a seat!

Nick -- fine [walks to the back of the classroom, sits next to Leah] hi babe

Leah -- [rolls her eyes] leave me alone

Nick -- [puts his hand on her leg]

Leah -- [slaps his hand away] do you really want a repeat of last night

Nick -- do you have any idea who your dealing with?!

Trey -- Nick! Be quiet! [starts teaching]

Leah -- oh so your Nick

Nick -- what?

Leah -- Nick Jonas right?

Nick -- yeah

Leah -- the youngest Jonas?

Nick -- yeah, besides my little brother -----

Leah -- i’m not interested!

Nick -- whatever, you will be

Trey -- Nick!

Nick -- i’m not the only one talking!

Trey -- just be quiet! And listen! [Continues teaching]


Leah -- [goes up to Kevin’s desk] Mr. Jonas?

Trey -- what is it Leah?

Leah -- i was just wondering if you could help me [bites her bottom lip]

Trey -- i’ll see you tmrw Leah

Leah -- okay, tmrw night it is [winks at him, starts to leave]

Trey -- i meant in class

Leah -- whatever you say Mr. Jonas [walks out of the class room]

Nick -- [grabs her arm, takes her into the janitors closet]

Leah -- let me go! [pulls her arm away]

Nick -- why are you flirting with my brother?!

Leah -- does it bother you?

Nick -- yes!

Leah -- good [walks out]

Nick -- [follows her] why are you interested in him and not me?!

Leah -- because you are wasting my time! And your brother is hot [goes to her next class]


Nick -- [goes to his room]

Brian -- so how did it go with Leah?

Nick -- went good, she’ll be in my bed soon

Brian -- really? Cuz from what i heard she’s going to be in Trey’s bed soon

Jake -- why didn’t you tell us Trey was teaching here now

Nick -- because i didn’t know

Jake -- its kinda know the thing with him and Leah

Nick -- there isn’t a thing with him and Leah

Brian -- well the whole school is talking about it, and its kinda making you look bad

Nick -- why?

Brian -- because everyone knows that your trying to get Leah, and now she has something with your older brother

Nick -- she doesn’t have something with Trey!

Brian -- whatever you say


Joe -- [goes to Aimee’s room]

Aimee -- [opens the door] hi Joe

Joe -- are your roommates around?

Aimee -- not right now, why?

Joe -- just wondering [goes into her room]

Aimee -- is there something you need?

Joe -- no i was just bored

Aimee -- bored?

Joe -- yeah

Aimee -- why don’t you go fool around with your slut?

Joe -- [glares at her]

Aimee -- sorry, i just think that----

Joe -- i know what you think, you told me enough times during the summer

Aimee -- so where is Ray anyways?

Joe -- she’s going to a movie with some friends

Aimee -- and your not going?

Joe -- no, its a chick flick

Aimee -- says the guy who watched titanic with me 4 times

Joe -- because you wanted to

Aimee -- no Joe you wanted to!

Joe -- [covers her mouth] never say that again! Someone might hear

Aimee -- [moves his hand] fine

Joe -- [sits on the couch in the room] so what now?

Aimee -- [sits next to him] did you see Trey?

Joe -- no..was he looking for me?

Aimee -- no he’s teaching here now

Joe -- really?

Aimee -- yeah

Joe -- thats so weird

Aimee -- so he didn’t tell you?

Joe -- nope

Aimee -- i wonder if Nick knows

Joe -- if he does he’s probably not happy about it


Leah -- [goes into her room, sits on her bed]

Bridget -- where were you?

Leah -- out?

Eliza -- out where?

Leah -- i just went for a walk

Eliza -- where?

Leah -- the teachers dorm [bites her bottom lip]

Bridget -- what! you can’t go there!

Leah -- well i did

Eliza -- why?

Leah -- why do you think?

Bridget -- to get help with homework?

Leah -- [rolls her eyes] no Bridget! Thats why you would go to the teachers dorm

Bridget -- so why would you?

Eliza -- you don’t want to know

Leah -- yeah..and i’m going back later tonight [theres a knock on the door] who’s that?

Eliza -- i donno [opens the door] what do you want Nick?

Nick -- [goes into the room, sits down] i brot you a key to my room [gives it to her]

Eliza -- you mean you came to see Leah [sits next to him]

Nick -- no i came to see you baby [kisses her]

Eliza -- [deepens it]

Leah -- [rolls her eyes]

Nick -- [pulls Eliza onto his lap]

Bridget -- hello! There are other people here!

Eliza -- [pulls away]

Nick -- why don’t we continue this in my room?

Eliza -- okay [gets off him]

Nick -- unless you have a problem with that Leah

Leah -- nope, go ahead.

Eliza -- Leah is going out again

Nick -- where?

Bridget -- the teachers dorm

Nick -- what?

Leah -- [smirks] Mr. Jonas is helping me [bites her bottom lip] he a very good teacher

Eliza -- come on Nick lets go to your room

Nick -- fine

Eliza -- have fun tonight Leah

Leah -- i will [winks at Nick]

Nick -- [takes Eliza out of the room, starts walking to his room]

Eliza -- are you okay?

Nick -- i’m fine!

15. februar 2011
16. februar 2011
Nick -- [takes Eliza out of the room, starts walking to his room]

Eliza -- are you okay?

Nick -- i’m fine!

Eliza -- you don’t sound fine

Nick -- [takes her into his room, pushes her on the bed]

Brian -- i guess thats our cue, come on Jake [leaves]

Jake -- Nick-----

Nick -- OUT!

Jake -- fine [leaves, closes the door behind him]

Nick -- [kisses Eliza]

Eliza -- [deepens it]

Nick -- [takes her shirt off]

Eliza -- [pushes him away a bit] Nick i’m not doing this when your mad!

Nick -- i’m not mad! [kisses her neck]

Eliza -- yes you are! [pushes him away] and you always hurt me when your mad

Nick -- [takes her pants off]

Eliza -- Nick!

Nick -- just let me have my fun!

Eliza -- no! Not when your mad! [pushes him off, puts her clothes back on]

Nick -- Eliza!

Eliza -- i’ll see you later Nick [leaves]


Leah -- [walks to Trey’s room, knocks on the door]

Trey -- [opens the door, sees Leah, starts to close the door]

Leah -- [holds it open, walks into the room]

Trey -- what are you doing here?

Leah -- you invited me. remember?

Trey -- no, you came by and said i should get ready for tonight cuz you were going anyways i told you not to come

Leah -- no i remember you said, i would love for you to come Leah..and wear something sexy

Trey -- i didn’t say that!

Leah -- well then why did i put this on [takes her shirt off, showing off her red lace bra]

Trey -- [looks away from her] Leah you aren’t supposed to be here, you need to go back to your room

Leah -- wait i haven’t showed you the matching thong

Trey-- matching---Leah get out!

Leah -- [slides her skirt off]

Trey-- Leah!

Leah -- i know you like it Trey

Trey -- thats not the point!

Leah -- [bites her bottom lip] so you do like it?

Trey -- Leah-----

Leah -- so wheres your bed? Thru here? [goes into the bedroom]

Trey -- [follows her] i mean it Leah you have to go!

Leah -- [sits on his bed] your bed is so much more comfortable then mine

Trey -- Leah if you don’t leave i’ll give you detention!

Leah -- [bites her bottom lip]

Trey -- what?

Leah -- why don’t you punish me in a different way? [Spreads her legs]

Trey -- oh god [leaves the room]

Leah -- [lays back on the bed]

Trey -- [sits down on the couch in the living room area, hears a knock on the door, opens it]

Nick -- is she here?

Trey -- what do you want Nick

Nick -- is Leah here?!

Trey -- no of course not

Nick -- [walks into the room] are you sure?

Trey-- yes

Nick -- is there anything going on with you guys?

Trey -- no of course not! Leah’s my student Nick!

Leah -- [comes in] Trey whats taking so long

Nick -- i thot you said she’s wasn’t here!

Trey -- she’s not supposed to be here

Nick -- [staring at Leah’s body]

Leah -- careful Nick, your starting to drool

Nick -- [glares at her]

Trey -- Leah put your clothes on and get out!

Leah -- fine [puts her clothes on] but i’ll come back so we can finish our fun [kisses Trey , leaves]

Trey -- Nick you can’t tell anyone!

Nick -- why shouldn’t i?!

Trey -- because i’ll get fired

Nick -- well i didn’t want you working here anyways

Trey -- please Nick. I didn’t tell Leah to come and when she got here i told her to leave

Nick -- you get me out of class a couple times and i won’t tell anyone

Trey -- fine

Nick -- so theres really nothing going on?

Trey -- of course not

Nick -- good [leaves]


Joe -- [walking down the hallway, sees Ray, goes over to her] hi baby

Ray -- um hi Joe, don’t you have class?

Joe -- nope, not till after lunch. What about you?

Ray -- um i have Math

Joe -- well i can walk you to class if you want

Ray -- no you don’t have

Joe -- its fine [starts walking her to class]

Ray -- no Joe, i’ll see you after class, Kay? [kisses him, runs to her next class]

Joe -- okay?

Aimee -- [goes over to him] you have a free block now right?

Joe -- yeah

Aimee -- what does Ray have?

Joe -- Math

Aimee -- isn’t her math class the other way?

Joe -- i donno

Aimee -- want to go to the beach?

Joe -- sure [they go down to the beach and sit on the sand] have you talked to Kelly lately?

Aimee -- not really, i was going to go to her room later today or tmrw tho

Joe -- i haven’t see Nick much either

Aimee -- thats probably a good thing

Joe -- yeah i guess, he changes to much when we come back to school

Aimee -- well he’s got that whole bad boy reputation

Joe -- yeah

Aimee -- so how do you know Leah? She doesn’t seem like the type of girl you would spend time with

Joe -- i met her in the Bahamas while we were there during spring break

Aimee -- so you guys were friends?

Joe -- more like friends with benifits


Leah -- [walking to class]

Nick -- [goes over to her] so your a slut?

Leah -- what? no i’m not

Nick -- you were trying to seduce your teacher, and did a really bad job

Leah -- that doesn’t make me a slut

Nick -- oh i kno, it makes you a bad slut

Leah -- [grabs his shirt] shut up Jonas!

Nick -- [smirks] make me Tyler

Leah -- [glares at him]

Nick -- [pins her against the wall] i love it when your feisty
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sori nea več nextam kr noben ne bere
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če želiš poslati sporočilo v to temo, se prijavi ali včlani
Vpiši povezavo do slike