''Come on sweetheart wake up it's time to go to school'' my mom always wakes me up like that and that's why i love her. We have our ups and downs but she is always there for me no matter what.
''i don't want too''i moaned half asleep. I'm a lazy person so what. Actually i didn't wanted to get up, because when i get from school we are moving out of London and somewhere god knows where. I'm gonna miss all of my friends here but i'm kind of used to it since my mom gets a new job every year and we have to move to a different part of England.
So let me introduce myself. My name is Charlotte Williams and i'm 14 years old. I love singing and acting. My parents divorced when i was three. My dad's name is Mark Tomlinson, but i never seen him since he left.
'' okay, so what should i wear?'' i never know what to wear even though i have a closet full of clothes. I mean who doesn't.
'' this is perfect'' i said dressing into a stipped sweater, light washed jeans, some converse and hopped in my moms car. She always drives me to school because i'm usually late and i don't like walking. Like i said lazy person.
'' by sweetie. Don't forget to pack when you get home'' she said right before i left.
'' hey Charlotte. I heard you are moving again.'' Sophie said. She always keps track on thing. I think i'm going to miss her the most. Well she is my best friend.
'' yeah i'm gonna mis you so much'' i said hugging her. It's kind of a thing we do to say hi. Well this day couldn't get worse. Why? Because my biggest enemy showed up.
'' so Charlotte, heard you are moving to a farm. Good luck feeding the pigs'' i hate Amanda she is always so mean like what have i done to her.
'' i'm going to chop her head of'' i wispered to Sophie who disappeared, who knows where. I looked at my watch and ran to class cause i was late and i'm never late. Just kidding i'm always late. When i finally found my classroom the biggest humiliation was about to happen. I slowly opened the door that reveald a really angry teacher . Even worse my math teacher. I wasn't the biggest genius in math and everybody knew that .
'' Mrs. Willliams you are late'' have you ever expirience something like that. The deep voice saying that. It's worse than a horror movie.
'' i know Mr. Carson. I'm sorry.'' I said trying to look sad and took a seat i the back of the classroom.
'' so as i was saying if b eaquals -6 how would you calculate the final result?'' Mr. Carson likes to torture his students with not quite understandable questions.
'' Charlotte come out please and calculate this'' he said. I was dead. I don't know this. I didn't have a choice it's either try or get an F.
'' so calculate this. If Log"2n"(1944) = Log"n" (486√2), determine the value of n^6. (the "2n" and "n" are subscripts of log)'' whaaaaaaat? i bet you can't calculate this.
'' ok so… uum… basically…you just…uum… is it 3?'' what is this science it's imposiblle to do this.
'' charlotte please sit. I am very disapointed in you''. Yeah right disappoinded. The rest of my typical school day was just normal. You know more boring classes and finally lunch, then more classes. It was about 4 pm when i got home.
Finally i get to rest and pack all of my stuff. My mom's not home yet so i can watch a little bit of tv and check twitter and there was something really going on because everybody i know was twetting but i'm not interested anymore because Amanda started a fight with some other girl. Bitch . I changet in to something more comfortable so i can wear on a road and picked a grey sweathshirt with a pug on it, some bright yellow sweats and sneakers. i slowly started packing and made a list of things i can't forget.
'' Ok so laptop check, cellphone check, make up check, hair straitener check, tedy bear check, ipod check and now for my clothes'' since i have a big closet i need two suitcases. When i was finally done my mom came home and started putting things in our car.
'' bring you luggage Charlotte'' she yelled from downstairs.
''Coming'' i yelled back. First i need a plan to get 2 suitcases down the stairs then we can talk. I had i few trouble at the start but i made it.
'' here you go mom'' i said to her while giving her the luggage and went to the front seat. She putted some boxes on the back seat, it was probably some boring stuff she took with her, like China teapots. The ride was long, like really long. We were driving for three hours till we got there. I looked outside my window i saw the most boring place on earth.
'' Relax we are not there yet'' she said. I got a bit relieved that i'm not gonna ba stuck here. About five minutes later i saw a sign that said Holmes Chapel, Chesire.
'' Are you hungry sweetheart'' my mom asked stoping infront of a small bakery.
'' yeah i'm gonna have a doughnut '' i said. I went into the bakery and saw this hansome young guy.
''may i help you'' he said in his slow accent.
'' yeah can i get one doungnut '' i said looking at everything they had.
'' that would be two pounds'' he said giving me the bag.
'' Here you go'' i said giving him the money.
'' Thank you have a nice day'' he answered right before i left.
Me and my mom were driving for ten minutes until we stopped infront of a medium house a little bigger that the last one. She started draging things in the house and i got my suitcases. I went to my room who was really big with it's own closet and a bathroom. I gasped. I went to find my mom who was outside talking to our neigbour already.
'' Anne this is my daughter Charlotte'' she said introducing me.
'' well nice to meet you'' said the woman who i think her name was Anne
''you know i have a son that is the same age as you maybe you should meet him''she said with her high class accent. I have to say she was polite.
'' thank you but i'm kind of busy unpacking'' i said the nicest way posible.
'' oh well maybe some other time'' our neighbour replyed as i went inside. I was tired of the ride so i layed on my bed and tried to get some sleep. But not for long.
''Char, Anne asked if we will join them for dinner and i said yes so get ready in twenty minutes and wear something nice'' my mom said leaving my room. As i was trying to decide what to wear my phone rang and it was sophie.
'' char how is it''
''how is what''
''the farm''
''first is not a farm it's a neigbourhood just like in london and second i have to go cause my mom got me to a dinner with my neighbours so i'll call you later''. I saw what i was going to wear and it was just perfect. I straitend my hair and left with my mom. We knocked on the door and Anne came to walk us in. There's another problem. Everyone was dressed formally and then there was me wearing ripped leggings, american flag printed sweater and platform ankle boots.
'' please come in'' anne said while opening the door a little more.
'' make yourself like home'' there was litterally 10 people here all dressed in dresses and suits.
'' the dinner will be ready in 5 minutes''. Wait didn't she said she is got a son cause i don't see him, there is no one younger than 40. I have to say the dinner was quite good. It was chicken and some masht potatoes and a really good dessert.
'' so where is your son anne?'' my mom AS always has to do this.
''oh he is reahersing with his band in the garage''. A band, now that caught my attention.
''oh your son sings, you should hear my Charlotte sing she is great'' mom STOP.
'' charlotte, darling i know you are bored here so why don't you go to the garage and check on my sons band'' Anne sugestted
'' i would love to'' i said. I got up and she showed me the way to the garage. As soon as i was getting close i could hear the music . I slowly entered and closed the doorbehind me but they didn't noticed me so i stood there by the door till the song finished. I started clapping and they all looked at me confused. It was him, the guy from the bakery. He was the lead singer
'' You guys are good but there is something missing'' i said trying to look like i'm a profesional.
''hey it's the girl from the bakery'' the curly guy from the bakery said. I must say he is cute. No Charlotte you can not say this.
'' i'm Harry Styles by the way and this is lead guitarist Haydn Morris, bass guitarist Nick Clough and drummer Will Sweeny.'' He said introducing the other boys to me.
'' nice to meet you i'm Charlotte Williams''. I said.
'' so you think something is missing'' the drummer asked me.
''yeah i think you are missing a beat. Can i get that guitar for a second.''i said Pointing to the lead guitarist.
'' yeah sure whatever'' he said and offered it to me.
'' ok, start again.'' I said. The drummer gave a beat and i starred to play and Harry started to sing. There was still something missing but i couldn't point my finger on it.
'' you are really good '' said Harry to me as the song ended.
'' It was nothing. Now do you think you can play like this.'' I asked everyone. The moment they tried to say something my mom bursted in
'' Charlotte we need to go now cause it's late'' she said a little bit worried.
''ok i'm coming. Nice meeting you guys bye'' a yelled as i was getting out of the room. My mom was litterly running out of the house.
'' mom what 's wrong?'' i asked a little bit confused.
'' nothing it's just that you have school tomorrow and it's about eleven so you have to go to sleep'' she said. Something was off, my mom would never say i have to go to sleep. Oh well. I slowly took a shower brushed my teeth putted my hair into a pony tail and changed into my beautiful pj's.
moj novi fanfic pač v ang je ker ga že mam ful dolgo napisanega in sem ga prvo mislila na wattpad objavit. upam da vam bo všeč.



Charlotte's mom Kimberly:

25. maj 2014
Zelo dobro pišeš(jst pov tk dobr nebi pisala,če bi mogla napisat v angleščini )
25. maj 2014
omg ... kok je prfect <333 ...
hvala za vse tvoje ff ....
neeext <3
25. maj 2014
*beep* *beep*
I don't want to wake up yet. Nice dream come back. Not working, i guess i have to wake up. I went to my bathroom and brushed my teeth combed my hair and puted makeup on. As i walked back to my bedroom i saw a note on my desk.
Dear charlotte i had to leave early so you have to walk to school. Love you mom xx
I had to get dressed so i trew on osem navy printed shorts and a white mickey mouse top. As the class started at 9 pm and it was 8:30 i had to run. As i went outside i saw none other than Harry waiting on a bus stop. I crossed the road and joined him.
'' hi Harry'' i said quite happy to see him. Omg what is wrong with me.
'' Hi Charlotte. You exited about something.'' he asked crearly seeing me freakin out.
'' No i'm good. So listen i heard the battle of the bands is going to be soon. Are you guys gonna enter?''i asked showing him the commercial
'' no we're not good enough. I mean you heard us right we stink'' he was a little sad now and i didn't wanted anyone sad.
''you know with a little bit of work you guys could actually win this thing'' i said trying to cheer him up.
'' there is no point, Haydn and Nick are grounded so we can't practise.'' Harry said while looking at the ground. I stayed silent because i didn't know what to say. I was almost 9 am and the bus still wasn't here.
'' looks like the bus is not coming. You wanna go to town for a coffee?'' i asked. He looked at me a little bit confused
'' you mean like skipping school?''.
''Yeah what else'' wait what am i saying no this is not right, but spending 6 hours with harry sounded like fun.
'' Ok i don't want to go to stupid school anyway'' harry said standind up
'' but wait we need money to go to town and we don't have it'' harry said like it's obvious.
'' i've got an idea my mom's not home so we can stay at my place and play video games'' now i was exited. Harry gloved like a cristmas tree
'' did you said video games. I'm in''. So we stayed at my house for 6 hours till my mom got home.thank god she didn't saw harry here because you know… my mom is a little bit overprotective.
'' Darling how was your first day of school'' my mom yelled when she came into my room.
'' It was great i made a lot of new friends'' i sounded like a five year old that just came from a new school.
'' good. Are you hungry?'' she asked me as always. You can't blame a girl for loving food.
'' starving'' i said as i went to kicthen. I took some milk from the fridge and cereals from a kitcen counter. I have all kinds of cereals like sweet cereals, honey cereals, corn flakes whitch are my favourite actually, Chocolate Chex , Cinnamon Chex and loads more. The dinning table was i the corner of a room and was sorrounded by windows so i saw harry coming over. I ran to the front door and opened them right as he wanted to knock
'' hi Charlotte. I was thinking if we are good friends and stuff don't i need your number?'' harry asked cheekely. I took a piece of paper and a pen and wrote it down.
''call me anytime'' i said giving him the paper. He took it and left. A second later my phone buzed in my back pocket. It was from harry.a simple smiley face and a name Harry. For someone who looked like a player he was really sweet. As the day went on i tried to decide what to wear tommorow for school. I needed new stuff so i asked my mom if i can go shopping. She said yes and gave me some money. I took a bus to town and went to different shops. Surprisingly i didn't buy much which is odd. When i came home it was already 7:30 pm so i trew my bags i a corner of my room and took a shower. When i was done i did my nails brushed my teeth and changed to my pijamas and wached my favourite tv show the family guy. I got reallys tired through the show so i went to bed with my tv on. I didn't sleep well though because i was waking up every hour with this strange feeling in my stomach. It was gone by the morning when i woke up. I weared some new clothes to school and picked a navy blue dress white white polka dots, a jeans jacket and some platforms. I had quite a mixed style.
malo sem ga skrajšala ker bi drugač bi ful predolgo
26. maj 2014
26. maj 2014
prefect <3
26. maj 2014
We had PE today which i hate but the teacher is really nice her name is Mrs. White. I was spending the whole time in school with Harry because i didn't really knew anyone here. Lunch here was really good. It was pizza and pasta and tacos and chicken and everything you could possibly think of. Harry had rehersals today so i decided i watch them while they play in the school recording studio.
'' Charlotte you made it'' Harry said surprised to see me
'' we haven't been to lunch yet so we're gonna go now and you can wait here'' .
''yeah sure'' i said while i sat on a chair. I was at the recording studio for five minutes and i couldn't resist the microphone. I putted my ipod in the speaker and played Torn by Natalie Imbruglia. I was singing along the whole song and when it ended i heard people clapping behind me. It was Hary , Nick, Haydn and Will.
''my mom was right when she said you're a good singer. You should join the xfactor next year'' Harry said when he walked to me.
'' No thanks i have a huge stage fright'' that was an oldest exuse in the book.
'' well we are looking for a new singer and i thought you could join us'' Harry said looking at the other boys. I just love his slow accent. Wait what am i saying.
'' well i can try''i said sounding unsure.
'' great i'll get the other microphone'' harry said jumping around of exitement.
'' so charlotte tell us a little bit about yourself'' Nick said.
'' well i was born in Newcastle and my parents divorced when i was 3. Me and my mom are always moving because of her job, my hair are originally dark brown but i lightened them, my favourite singer is Elton John and my midle name is Alex.'' I said. So that is basically it.
'' so where have you lived'' Will asked.
'' I lived in Newcastle then we moved to London and after two years we went to Paris, then we moved to Southapton then i lived in Dublin for a year and a half and then we went to London again and now im here.'' I explained.
''wow that is a lot of homes. So how long are you going to stay here?'' said Nick.
'' hey guys i'm back'' Harry ran into the room.
'' ok here you go Char. Have you ever heard of Valerie by Amy Winehouse?'' harry asked me and gave me the song lyrics which were colored in pink. I'm guessing that is my solo.
'' ready 1, 2, 3, 4'' will said while making a beat with drum sticks.
''Well sometimes I go out, by myself, and I look across the water. And I think of all the things, of what you're doing, and in my head I paint a picture.'' I started and then harry continued
''Since I've come home, well my body's been a mess, and I miss your ginger hair, and the way you like to dress.'' We sang through the whole song.
'' charlotte you are better than i thought'' harry said surprised.
'' so are we gonna enter the batle of the bands now or what'' i asked them but they weren't quite sure how to answer
'' we would but we don't have a name'' nick said… i don't quite know how to describe that.
'' i got one how about crazy monkeys'' asked haydn and wanted a good respond, but he wasn't really getting it.
'' how about white eskimo. That's kind of random'' i said spining on a chair and wanting to get sick.
'' i like it. White Eskimo, yeah that's tottaly us.'' Harry said. Will looked at me with this strange look on his face
'' Charlotte how are you going to preform if you have stage fright?'' he asked me. BUSTED, ok the truth was i realised i was falling for harry and singing wit him on stage would made me even more nervous. I mean i'm nervous enough when i have to read something out loud. Maybe i could pretend i was sick on the day of a concert, but i can't even fool my mom with that so how am i gonna fool the boys who probably used that as an exuse. I will just have to tell harry that i like him. But what if he doesn't like me back, i'll destroy our friendship. I can't, this is the first time i am afraid of telling someone how i feel. Maybe i really care about him. '' char, are you back to reallity?'' harry asked. I didn't even realise i was looking at him all the time. How long was it anyways? '' what?'' i asked cause i wasn't really paying attention.
'' Harry i have to tell you something…'' stop charlotte your brains aren't working at the moment. You are going to say something stupid.
'' i… um…'' shut up, shut up, shut up.
'' what's wrong charlotte?'' omg i can't tell him i love him, why am i acting like that… but what if it's obvious that i like him. I hope not.
'' i just wanted to say that i… i never had a friend like you'' if there is one thing that i learned from Sophie is how to get out of awkward situations.
'' oh really i thought you are gonna say something else cause you sounded serious but thank you your the only girlfriend i ever had'' wait a second he did not just said girlfriend did he
'' what do you mean by girlfriend?'' i asked. I could feel that i was blushing hard and i hate it when i blush.
'' no wait i didn't mean girlfriend like a couple i meant like a friend that is a girl you know…'' harry said while laughing so hard he almost cried. I totally forgot about the time it was getting late and i don't want to miss britains next top model. At night i couldn't sleep well because of that felling in my tummy again. It was like 2 AM but Sophie said if i need her i can call her. And that's what i did.
''Charlotte when i said you can call me if you need me i didn't mean in the midle of a night…'' she said tiredly. I don't know if that's even a word.
'' look there is an emergency…'' i said quick but she interuptted me
'' if you don't know what to wear for tommorrow i can't help you…'' she said.
'' no it's not about that. Listen there is this guy and i think he is really cute and he's got a band in which i sing in and he's kind of my best friend so i can't tell him how i feel…'' i said complaining
''girl you are fucked up…'' really that's all you have to say
'' what do you mean'' i asked her
'' you can't be friends with a guy you like you eather date him or you *YAWN*…'' wait did she just fell asleep. Well i can hear her snoring so probably. I think it's time to go to sleep then.
29. maj 2014
neeext <33
29. maj 2014
29. maj 2014
That's odd. My mom should’ve woke me up by now. Instead of her I got a text from Harry which was not quite what I expected:
From: Harry
'' Morning beautiful''
To: Harry
''Are you ok Harry??''
From: Harry
''Yeah why wouldn't I be?'’
To: Harry
''You texted me saying 'morning beautiful'. Is this some kind of a joke?''
From: Harry
''I didn't text that. Ohh I just saw my text, yeah, I let Will play with my phone and he must of text you that.''
To Harry:
''Well thank him for waking me up''
I didn't get any replies anymore. I got ready for school. I tried to get my mind of Harry’s perfect curls and his slow accent that I could listen to every single minute of my life… Charlotte girl you are not okay. I waited for a school bus alone and worst of all, it's raining. Top that I got an F in math and a D- in history. For that I can thank Harry because he told me all the answers. That is what you get for talking in class.
Not even lunch was good. Why does everybody hate me? I really need to find Harry, I thought to myself. I didn't really need to look for him as I saw him three seconds later, running down the halls towards me yelling '' we got in, we got in!!'' and holding up a piece of paper with our name on it.
''No way'' I said as I read the names of bands that got though.
‘‘What’s wrong aren't you exited as I am?'' Harry asked looking directly in my eyes. I couldn't help but look back at his perfect green eyes. In situations like that I get quite lost and say something embarrassing so I rather looked away.
''see this band?” I said pointing to a name Rusty Patrol.
‘’what is wrong with that name?'' Harry asked.
'' These guys are from my last school. Amanda is singing in it and they are writing they're own music. They even make music videos. There is no way we are going to win this'' I said panicking inside.
''Relax we still have time to practice'' Harry said calming me down a bit. I didn’t' say anything, all I did again was look into those green eyes and I was completely out of this world. I liked Harry so much but I couldn't risk our friendship. What if he doesn't like me back? I will look like a fool if I tell him.
‘'Charlotte are you okay? You are acting weird lately. What's wrong?'' Harry said. I couldn’t look at those eyes so I looked away and closed my eyes. For a second I didn't care about anything around me, all I could think about was Harry. I need to stop for a bit, I'm going too fast and as my mom used to say 'if you go to fast you are going to hit something and break something'. I'm going to hit our friendship and break it. Life would be so easier if everybody could read minds.
malo krajši je :/
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31. maj 2014
31. maj 2014
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