this story wil be english. i hope u will like it.
hello. my name is miša and i'am from new york. i could say my life is perfect. everyone says i'm so cute but i don't belive them. i work as a model for three years now and i'm 19. i have family and friends who love me but i have enemies too. and that's how it all begins ...

do u like my story?

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01. maj 2011
pictures of me from fotoshoots:

photos of others in the story u get later.
01. maj 2011
Nexttt ... !
02. maj 2011
it was satturday when my mobile phone woke me up. i got messagge:
hey miša. miss u so much. can u come over to me tonight? taylor
it was from my ex-boyfriend. we broke up two weeks ago cause he was possesive and jealous. but i love him anyway. i got up from my bed and quitely open my door. there was nobody at the hall. i took my clothes and went to the bathroom. i just wanted some time for me, so i opened the pipe and let the water fall in a bathtub. it was panned for today that i go in my modal agency. they wanted me to shoot some comercial. but all i wanted to do is lay on my bed and dreamnig about him. taylor. he has souch a beutiful name and he is beutiful too. he has brown hair and blue eyes. every girl would wanted to have him. but no. he wanted me. when i was having bath, my phone rang. i stood up and took my phone. then i sat back and answer. it was my best friend sarah.
m-me, s-sarah
s- hej miša. what are you doing?
m- hey. im having bath. why?
s- oh. well ... taylor called me you know ... and (she had a crush on him too)
m- yes, u can go out with him. and thank you for asking me.
s- oh, im so glad. i thought u would be might. you are not mad, right?
m- of course not. me and taylor broke up two weaks ago.
s- but you still love him right?
m- yes, but i would be happy if u were his girlfriend. im happy for u.
s- oh miša. you are souch a good friend and i ...
m- dont make drama from nothing. you are going on date with him and if u like each other i wont stand form it.
s- but im so scared. what if he doesnt like me?
m- dont be. everyone likes u. just be yourself.
s- okey. will u help pick up the clothes?
m- if i will have time. miranda 8she is my boss) wants me to shoot a comercial about a perfume.
s- okey. come over if u will have some time. ly bay
m- ly back čaw
i would really be happy if sarah would start dating taylor. i look at the clock. half past nine. ou shit. one hour till i meet with shooting team. i jump out of the bath and dressed in my jeans and t-shirt.
10. maj 2011



10. maj 2011
10. maj 2011
18. april 2012
18. april 2012
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