no to sem prekopirala iz fb-ja ker je to nekakšna zgodbica.od vas ne pričakujem da berete.ali nextae.samo uživajte.!;Paja in je v angleščini.

Chapter 1:

-''It won’t hurt Monica, I promise.''
-''Matt, I don’t think we should be doing this, we are too young.''
-''You worry too much Monica…''

Those were the only words you remembered from that night. It was senior picnic, and you and your boyfriend Matt escaped the crowds, and went back to his house. What happened wasn’t planned for you, but it was the worst night of your life. You were woken by the sudden screams of summer, when the last bell rang of your high school year. You slowly got up and walked out of the door. It was 3 months since that night, and you found out that you were expecting. You had to tell Matt, but most of all you needed to tell Kristen your best friend..

Kristen was coming over to your house, and she kept on saying what you guys were going to do that summer.

-''MONICA!'' she screamed. ''It's summer time!''
-''Yeah Kristen.WooHoo'' you said but not in a happy voice.
-''So Monica, I am so excited because we have to plan for college, and we are going to go to the beach together! & Oh My God! This is going to be the best summer ever!''
''Hahah yeah you said.'' You opened your house door, and you and Kristen walked in your room..
-''Monica let's call Matt!'' Kristen said.
-''Um no, Kristen I don’t think that’s a good idea.''
-''Why not?''
Suddenly you felt throw up coming up your throat, and you ran to your bathroom. It was because of the pregnancy.

Kristen’s P.O.V :
That’s weird? I thought to myself. I wonder if Monica, is ok. I sat down on her bed, and felt my feet touching something on the floor. Awkward.. I said. I picked it up and it was a pregnancy test. ''OH SHIT! MONICA’S PREGNAT!''

Back to you:
I wiped my mouth and opened the door, to find Kristen holding the pregnancy test I took earlier today in her hand.
-''Monica..'' she began to say:''Are you pregnant?''
odgovorite z da ali ne.
boste brali.? DA/NE
vam je vsaj malo všeč.? DA/NE
04. avgust 2012
04. avgust 2012
jutr nextam ker je takrat objavleno na fb-ju.bomo videli kako bo šlo naprej
04. avgust 2012
Chapter 2:

...I looked at Kristen, and I saw her look on her face and I had to tell her.
-''Yes, Kristen I am.''
-''Hooow? When did this happen?'' She said asking questions one after another.
Tears started forming in my eyes when I began to say it happened the day of senior picnic..
-''Matt, kind of forced me to have sex with him, and I did it because I loved him, and he loved me and here we are now.''
-''Monica? You’re only 18!''
-''I know, I know.''
-''You have to tell Matt, Monica. If you don’t then, you may regret your decision for the rest of your life.''
-''I can’tKkristen, I just can’t.''

You were full on crying now, and whatever kristen said just seemed to go in through one ear and out the other. Kristen just sat there hugging you.

-''How about we meet up with Matt tonight?'' You wiped your tears and agreed to it. He deserved to know.
You and Matt were going to go on a date anyways tonight, so it was the perfect chance to tell him about his child.
-''Hello beautiful'' he said kissing you.
-''Hi Matt'' you said.
Kristen gave you a hug, and then you and Matt went into the mall.
-''How are you?'' He said.
-''I am okay.'' There was alot of people here tonight and you wondered why. Suddenly two girls ran passed you with One Direction shirts, and well you knew who was here.
-''Matt!'' You said while grabbing his upper arm.
-''One Direction is here!''
-''So who cares Monica? We have more important things to talk about then One Direction, let’s go!''
-''Okay, you said.''

You have been having mix feelings about your relationship, ever since that night. After that day, Matt was treating you different. You started wondering about if he just wanted to get in your pants.

The dinner was awkward. Matt, was talking about football and he was drinking. After you were done with your food, you said:
-''Matt can I talk you for a second?''
-''Make it quick, I want to get home I am bored.''
-''Matt, I um I.. I am pregnant.''
-WHAT?!'' he said. ''You’re pregnant,? How the fuck did this happen?''
-''Watch your mouth Matt, geez.''
-''Who’s the dad?''
-''You Matt? Who else?''
-''Well, your such a slut anyways so anybody can be the baby daddy.''
-''Matt I am done, I am tired with your negativity, and how you don’t care about me or my feelings.''
-''I am done with you, GOODBYE!''
You walked away, but Matt caught up to you.
-''Get your fat ass over here you stupid bitch!'' That was the last you heard until you blacked out…
05. avgust 2012
05. avgust 2012
oprosti lucy če je trajalo da je zdaj na vrsti poglavje 3.danes dam dva poglavja ker je pisateljica na fb-ju očitno pozabila napisati.nisem še prebrala bom pa če je 1D notri jaz tega še nevem.

Chapter 3

I arrived at my house I saw rose left a msg for me and a key under the rug in front of the door ,I open the door and enter in my house it was like a haunted house ,so silent , I throw my jacket on the
Couch with my bag ,I was about to go upstairs suddenly the land line phone start ringing ,holy shit I got scared and fall from the 2 steps of my stairs,ouccch my head i, I went up to my couch by crawling ,pick up the phone ,it was mom telling me that they are not coming home for someone's death and they will stay there for 2 days , I m scared of being home alone and for 2 nights my parents leave me, wow they trust me I didn't know that I call rosie after my mum hung up , I ask to come home for sleep over ,she said Yes right away ,when she came at my house we share a hug and I ask her,maybe we should invite Niall shall we? "Yeah sure why not" - she said happily ,I went upstairs to get my phone and Dial niall's number
"Hey niall , can you come to my house for sleep over what say?I won't mind if you bring any of the boys" - I asked
"amm wait a minute let me ask harry and Zayn, hold on" - he said
I was waiting
"Yeah we are coming,we don't have any activity tonight or next day so ,they say it would be fun but Zayn is asking his some friend call kirsty to come with him so is it Ok?" - he asked
"Amm yeahh suree its fine" - I stated
"Perfect we will be there in 30 minutes ok bye" - he said while cut the phone
Niall said Zayn ,harry and zayn's friend kirsty is coming
[Rosie's POV]
"What harry is cominggggggg yaaaayyyeeee I love you shaylee so much"-i said by shaking her giving her a pack on her cheek..."ok ok chill now if harry sees you ,he might be thinking that you are crazy" - she said ...."what name you tell me Zayn's friend who?" - I ask shaylee..."it was K-k-kirsty" - she said
Kirsty the skater girl?-i ask ..."I don't know rose" -she said , "well if she's her I will defntly going to slap her" - I said ..."But why" -shaylee asked
"Trust me you don't wanna know" - I said with some evil look on my face..."Well ok don't But come here to help me setting the beds and make some popcorn for the night and drinks"-shaylee asked me to help her so I went there for help her
[Zayn's POV]
I called kirsty for the sleep over and she said YES ,I give her the adress of Shaylee house while packing my few cloths ,so she will be there -i said to niall and harry ,they both were throwing cloths in a ugly pack ..we were leaving the hotel but suddenly I remember I forgot my hair spray , how I m gonna survive with out it , where it is , oh there you are my baby spray,I turn back to niall and harry ,first they look at eachother and than me by shaking there heads , WHATTT I can't live with out my spray giving a kiss to my spray- I stated , Shut the F*** up and let's go ...yeah yeah coming , we sat in the car and I start driving
[Louis 's POV]
Now liam is also gone to meet a girl Eilidh, what the hell should I do now,i take out mys laptop and connect to facebook and twitter try to find jennifer, but i couldn't find her
Huh where is this girl I shout and throw the laptop away in anger.....and leave the hotel ,i went to the cafe to grab a coffee and took the sofa , I m looking like a jerk sitting here alone -l m thinking and then someone shouted Louis , I turn back to look who shout my name, there was a girl standing on the counter,"JENNIFER
Finalllllyyyyy"- I shout while running through her with
[Jennifer POV]
Wow seeing Louis running through and the people around me giving some stupid looks , "Just my crazy friend Sorry continue to your work people" I complete my sentence and Louis hug me so tight ,he wasn't letting me go ,"louis we are in public" - I said looking around ,"Public can go to hell ,I just met you after 3 months" -louis said sarcastically ,"yaaayeeee I m also happy to meet you lou" - I said
"Really you are ? "-he said raising his eye brow ,ofcourse louis - I said
"If you are really excited to see me why you didn't try to stay in contact jenne?"-he asked me, "well it doesn't matter anymore louis we just met let's talk to eachother" - I said not letting him know why I left him and our friendship like this. So we sat on the sofa in cafe and lost in the chit chat .
[My POV]
My doorbell rings and there was harry, zayn and Niall,naill is already in his pyjamas,on his pyjamas there were cute bears ,what the hell I m noticing ,got away with my thoughts by niall hitting me on my forehead ,ahhh Niall why you hit me- said poking my forehead , nothing silly I missed you - he said in his cute puppy voice ,ok ok come in now
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neeeeee.!!ni taprau next.!!!ni še napisala tega ne brati.!!!
07. avgust 2012
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