Once upon a time, there was a mighty kingdom, ruled by King Peter and Queen Cinderella. In the kingdom there was peace and love.
One day King Peter said to Cinderella that was going to the ball in Africa. Cinderella wanted to go with him, but he didn’t allow her. The ball was supposed to be only for men. Three days later King Peter went to a one day trip to the African kingdom Mususaki.
Cinderella was alone and sad. She went to the basement to write ballads. She was writing ballad “All alone”, when she said: “I really want go to the ball”, when suddenly, all the rats in basement changed into horses. Cinderella screamed. But then she heard voice: “Don’t be afraid, it’s me!” Cinderella looked and there she was – her fairy. “It’s me, I will help you...again. But there is a problem. This ball isn’t just for men. Princess Cocora lied to the King and invited him to charm him,” said the fairy. Cinderella was very angry. “This stupid black monkey wants to steal MY king?!!!!” “Don’t worry. You will go to the ball. I changed all the rats in your basement into horses, one lizard in your castle into the coachman and the pumpkin in your kitchen into the coach,” said the fairy. “Oh dear,” said the Cinderella.
Cinderella went upstairs into the kitchen. It was all dirty and broken. The water, pieces of wood and food were all over the place: on the wall and the floor. In the middle of the kitchen there was a coach. Cinderella went to the hall where she found the coachman. She returned to the kitchen where the coach, the coachman, the horses and the fairy were waiting for her.
“But how will we get there on time?” asked Cinderella. The fairy turned to the horses and turned them all into pegazes.
Then they flew to Africa. But in the middle of their way to Africa, they crashed into Harabudabi, an Arabian wizard, on his flying carpet. They all fell into the sea and died.
King Peter married Princess Cocora a month after Cinderella’s death. But there was also Japanese Princess Che-rry-san.
But that’s another story (there were many more princesses there...).

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