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So we'll be following my dearest Kelsey Morgan,

You know the school's have stereotypes. Emos, nerds, jocks... Well, that's exactly who Ian Hayes is. A jock. But that's not all to him. He's also a musician. That's his big secret. And when Kelsey Morgan finds out and writes a note, what will happen? After all, Ian has a reputation to keep.

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26. julij 2013
26. julij 2013
I walked in my school, my head hanging low and moving with the beats of the music. I nodded my head up and down and avoided any physical contact with other students. Not because I don't like them... Oh, who am I kidding? I hate them. We're one of the most stereotypical schools out there. If there's no other label, you're just considered a loser.

I moved past the kids and walked to my locker. I opened it up and shuffled through my books, pulling out my Maths book. I sighed and turned around to meet the bubble gum pink hair of my best friend that was Lucy. "Hey, Kells," she said cheerfully. She was always cheery. I have never seen her sad or at least a bit down. Well, she wasn't like that in front of me.

"Hey, Luc," I said and gave her a quick hug before we both walked to our Maths class. "Ugh, Maths." Lucy hated Maths since she was a kid. Which didn't quite go together with her straight A grades and big black glasses. She was considered a nerd even though there was nothing nerdy about her. She partied, she was out-going, she hated school and was probably the exact opposite of a nerd. We sat down in our normal seats and prepared for class.

Right then, the jocks walked in. And by the jocks I mean Ian. He was captain of our football (American: soccer) team. Of course, he had a huge reputation to keep while me and Lucy just did what we did. He had to be exactly like others wanted him to be. I'm guessing you're wondering what's my label? Loner. I'm a "loner" which is not true. I have friends, lots of them. We hang out, party, do whatever. The problem is people at my school don't know them. Lucy is one of the few friends I have at my school. The others are from my music school. Even though Lucy isn't musical, she knows all of them and we're all very good friends.

I sighed as the jocks sat down, looking at my desk. "You should tell him... Or at least do something. Make a move." I looked at Lucy. She was talking about Ian. I've had a crush on him since freshman year. I laughed out loud making some heads turn towards me. "You're funny, Luc. You know I can't do that. He's the head jock and I'm the loner," I said.

"Musician," she corrected me and turned to the board as the teacher came in and started the class. The day went by slowly, but soon it was over. Lucy and I only had two periods together. Maths and English. An those were our first classes and then I didn't see her until lunch. It was sad being alone. We met up at my locker at the end of class.

"Can you come over today?" she asked me as I put the books in my bag. I sighed and gave her a sad look. "No, piano practice," I pouted. "It's okay. Have fun," she said before walking out of the school. I headed for our music room and sat on the piano bench. Nobody actually knew I played piano. I played guitar and drums too, plus violin. Quite a musician. I played different songs and soon my practice time was over. But today, I didn't have much homework so I decided to stay a little longer. As I played I heard someone from outside the door. I frantically looked around for a place to hide. I spotted the storage room and grabbed my backpack, running towards the closet.

Right when I closed the door, someone stepped inside the room. I leaned on the door, listening to whoever it was. There was shuffling and then the sound of tuning in a guitar. When that was done there was a voice saying, "Okay, let's start." I recognised that voice. Ian. After that he started singing. I didn't recognize the song, but his voice was amazing. Absolutely amazing. I leaned on the door and closed my eyes, listening to his beautiful voice. I didn't know he could sing, or play guitar.

But soon enough he stopped, finishing the song. I sighed and stepped forward, accidentally hitting some cymbals. They came crushing down. "Hello? Is anyone in there?" Ian said. He came closer and opened the door. I squeezed myself behind it, thanking God for the black outfit I chose that collided with the shadows. Ian looked around, then backed away and ran out of the music room. I followed soon after. I saw him stuff his things in his locker then scurrying out of school. I thought about his voice. I had his song stuck in my head. I thought about whether I should say something to him, but then decided better not. I did something else. I took a piece of fair blue paper and sat down, writing the next words:

'Dear Ian!
Your voice is amazing. You really shouldn't hide a talent like that.
I can't get your song out of my head. It's really good.
Don't stop sing because someone knows, please. And don't look for me.
Don't try to find out who I am. Anyway...
Love always,
your secret listener.
P.S. I won't tell anyone. Your secret's safe with me.

I slid the note in his locker and walked out of the school thinking about what might happen.
27. julij 2013
27. julij 2013
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