Ebony is a loving friend, a devoted sister, and a caring daughter. She's shy, bright, and too sweet for her own good. There's only one problem...Ebony is in love with her best friend's boyfriend and discovers a secret that could tear the happy couple apart. The problem? If she shares the secret with him, her friend will spill an even bigger secret that could haunt her for the rest of her life...

Sound a lot like Pretty Little Liars?Well, I assure you it's not. Her best friend doesn't die, there's no creepy guy stalking her with his blind sister, and there's no lesbian kiss...maybe.

The secret? Well that's just it, it's a secret...the more Ebony wants to tell the more haunted she becomes and the more life threatening her friend gets. She has dreams...terrible dreams that tangle her in a web ofdespairand life just isn't fair...
15. maj 2011

Name: Ebony Williams

Age: 17

Personality: Kind, caring, considerate, trusting, innocent

Likes: Making people smile, laughing, small children, animals, music, writing and having fun

Dislikes: Crying, mean people, being pushed around, not being able to fix things

Looks: Tall, long dark hair, hazel eyes, athletic body

Relationship: Single

Best Friend: Seth and Claire

Crush: Logan
15. maj 2011

Name: Logan Sinclair

Age: 18

Personality: Nice, funny, outgoing, shy around girls

Likes: Reading, writing, swimming, hiking, photography

Dislikes: The fact that he smokes, lying, disloyal people, highschool cliches

Looks: Tall, skinny with slight muscules, big hazel eyes, auburn hair

Relationship: Dating Claire

Best Friend: Seth

Crush: Claire, but sometimes Ebony
15. maj 2011

Name: Claire Davison

Age: 18

Personality: 'bad girl', outgoing, manipulative, playful, sweet to the ones she loves

Likes: playing people, living on the edge, smoking, messing with Ebony

Dislikes: Losing, being lied to, girls prettier than her

Looks: Short, blond, a tatoo over her boob, a few piecings, long blond hair with a few piercings, green eyes

Relationship: Dating Ethan

Best Friend: Ebony
15. maj 2011

Name: Seth Jinkins

Age: 17

Personality: Shy, caring, loyal, observant

Likes: Nice people, photography, smiling, writing

Dislikes: Seeing people get hurt, ignorance, disloyal people, lies

Looks: Tall, skinny, big blue eyes, dark 'emo' hair

Best Friend: Logan and Ebony

Relationship: Single

Crush: Ebony
15. maj 2011
Wanna taste? Here's a treat:

10 years ago:

"Boy, why are you crying?" You ask squatting next to a boy face down in the sandbox. He doesn't acknollege you at first so you try again. "Boy?"

"Who, me?" He asks, his voice muffled in the sand. You smile.

"Yes, you, silly. Why? Why are you crying?"

He rolls over on his back to get a better look at you. His eyes are mystifying, the most beautiful color blue you've ever seen in your life.

"I'm crying because I have no friends." He whispers, He closes his eyes as a single tear runs down his cheek. You join him on the ground staring up at the clouds.

"Well that's not true." You say. "You have me. I'm Ebony."

"Ebony?" He repeats. You nod. "I'm Seth."
15. maj 2011
“Ebony, wake up!” I force my eyes open to see Clair hunched over me with her hand covering my mouth. My first initial though? Scream. Second though? It’s Clair…dear God, what’d she do now.

“Ebony…” Clair says in a harsh voice. Her face is cast in shadows making it impossible to read her expression. I debate whether or not I should be alarmed but decide I should probably hear her out first. “I did something really bad…”

Now I’m worried. I prop myself up on my elbows and she lets her hand fall slack. “What happened?” I asked trying to coat my voice in as much kindness as possible. She looks away.

“Promise me you will never tell.” She says. “Promise me that you will…that you’ll take it to your grave.”

I bite my lip. Her head snaps back to me. “Promise!” She demands. I nod. She takes a deep breath and shifts her body to fit perfectly next to mine.

“I did something wicked.” She smirks, all fear is out of her voice and is replaced by something that resembles excitement.

“And what is that?” I ask. Now I can smell the putrid scent of alcohol surrounding her fragile body.

“I slept with someone…” She chirps. Big surprise there…she’s constantly cheating on Logan. The poor guy has no clue…every time I see his face I have to force myself not to blurt it out. Logan’s the first good guy Clair has ever dated…a part of me is hoping he’ll have more luck changing her than I have…and an even greater part is hoping he’ll dump her and come crawling to me. As if, Clair’s gorgeous.

“Who did you sleep with?” I ask only half listening. She hums and nestles into my chest. I can feel her breath running along my neck as she leans into my ear.

“Mr. Sinclair.” She giggles. “He’s a good f^ck!”

My heart stops. “Mr. Sinclair as in Logan’s dad?” I ask.

“Mmmhmmm.” She breaths. “And his brother Justin, too. I’ve never done a college boy before. They’re messy…”

I can’t quite wrap my mind around it. Clair with Mr. Sinclair AND Justin Sinclair?! What is going on?!

“Were you…were you sober at the time?” I gulp.

“You bet your sweet virgin ass I was!” Clair chirps. “It was sooooo easy. Justin just gave me that look, ya know? The I-wanna-fuck-your-brains-out look and I was all for that. Logan is sssuch a boyscout. He never wants to do ANYTHING! I swear he’s gay. Either that, or a virgin. Maybe even both….”

“Clair, focus! Are you ok? Did Mr. Sinclair…did he…did he rape you?”

“Hell no!” She snaps. “I told you I was sober…He walked in on me and Justin and gave me the father look. Justin got scare and hid under the covers, I just watched him, sizing him up. He’s not that old, Eb. He’s like…he’s like 38. I could tell he was horny, so was like ‘I think we should talk’ then pounced on him. Ugh, he’s so good at fingering me! So experienced, ya know? And the way he knew exactly what he was doing when he ate me out…”

“Ok, Clair, I get it.” I say utterly repulsed. She moans and rolls over.

“Oh! I’m so horny right now! All I keep thinking about is Mr. Sinclair! He’s soooo good! Sooo good…”

She starts snoring. I slap her to wake her up.

“Clair, so why are you drunk?” I ask in a low voice.

“Oh, that.” She frowns. “Well Mrs. Sinclair came home early and almost caught us. I said to hell with it! This is the best f^ck I’ve ever had! Let her find us! But he kicked me out…I didn’t like that so I went to his stash and stole allllll his liquor.”

“You did?” I say in a small voice. She nods her head into my chest. I sigh. She’s such a child, but I love her. I untuck the covers and wrap her in a cocoon then shuffle through my dresser until I find my secret stash of bottled water. I hand one to her and pet her hair. She takes a sip then slides back into place.

“You know who I haven’t f^cked yet?” Clair asks wistfully. I glare.


“Seth Jinkins.” She says. “Damn, sometimes I think that boy is soooo sexy with those big blue eyes! Yum yum!”

My body starts to burn, blood boiling. Seth is my very best friend. He’s a great guy. Practically my brother, and Clair would ruin him. She’d rip out his heart, tear it to shreds, spit on it, burn it, then force him to eat the ashes as she had sex with another guy. Don’t get me wrong, Clair’s a wonderful person, one of my best friends, but Seth…I love Seth. He’s my oldest and very best friend in the world. Up until Logan moved here, I was hopelessly in love with him…now I found another guy to be hopelessly in love with.

“Night night, Ebby.” Clair yawns drifting into a deep slumber.

“Goodnight.” I whisper back.

“And Ebony?” She says only half awake. I look at her without saying a word. “Lock it in your pocket, you’re takin’ this one to the grave.”
15. maj 2011

(but with hazel eyes...)
15. maj 2011

15. maj 2011
< - 2 Months ago…
“Ebony!” Clair shouts down the halls. I turn and smile. Her face is serious, which frightens me. “Ebony.” She says again. I frown.

“Clair, what happened?”

“It’s Seth!” She cries. “Come quick! I think…I think…oh gawd, I don’t wanna think!”

She falls dramatically into my arms. I push her to her feet, my heart racing faster than the speed of light. Seth, my beloved Seth, the goofy kid who has always been there for me…I can’t think. I can barely breath. All I want to know is that he’s ok.

“Clair, I need you to focus.” I say. She nods. “Can you please take me to him? Like, right now?”

“Yeah, I can do that.” She says, but she’s hesitant. I narrow my eyes impatiently to her. “Oh! You mean right now!” She laughs, but I hardly think it’s funny. “Yeah, follow me.”

She latches onto my arm weaving in and out of hallway traffic. I run over all the possible things that could happen to him…bad break up, falling off the roof, eating too quickly…the kid’s accident prone! It could be anything!

Suddenly Clair stops at a door I’ve never seen before. She turns to me with a wicked grin. I tilt my head to one side.

“Clair…” I say uneasily.

“No, seriously, he’s in here. He was trying to reach the top shelf and slipped. A whole shelf fell on him! There’s blood…so so much blood!” She sobs, but with her it’s hard to tell if she’s lying or not. Clair has two sides. The sweet and loving side and the psycho prankster that just wants to have fun. I’m not sure which one is talking to me at the moment. I watch her out of the corner of my eyes as I reach for the handle. The door swings open and…


Clair shoves me into the room slamming the door behind her as she walks off with her famous witchy laugh. I hit the ground hard and manage grazed my knee on the way down. I rub my head. For a short blond lady, she’s stronger than she looks. I pick myself up and try the door…its locked, go figure. I sigh and look around for something to help but unfortunately this is just a bathroom storage closet, nothing at all useful here. I turn to the door and start knocking.

“Help!” I cry. “My best friend locked me in this closet! Help! Help!”

Suddenly the handle moves, I take a step back as the door swings open.

“Thank God, thanks Clair! I knew you’d come back for me…” I pause as a tall new face grins down at me. “You’re not Clair.” I note.

“Afraid not.” The boy says with a delicious British accent. “But quite frankly I’m glad I’m not, otherwise I’d be a girl and that’d be quite awkward.”

My cheeks burn. “Yeah, no offense or anything, but I think you’d make a terrible girl.”

“None taken, actually I think that’s a rather high compliment. I like being a boy.”

“And I like being a girl.” I laugh. “I’m Ebony.”

“Logan.” He says sticking out his hand. “Now tell me about this Clair and explain to me why she locked you in a closet.”

è Now…

“Oh, Ebony’s in here…” I can hear my mom directing someone to my room. I groan and roll over to find Clair still passed out in my bed. I shake my head at her and stretch. She’s still holding onto the bottled water I handed her last night when she randomly showed up completely sh*tfaced.

“Knock first, she might be indecent.” Mom whispers. I smile. Same old goofy mom. Nothing’s really changed at all.

*knock knock knock*

“I’m not indecent.” I say with a yawn. “It’s safe to come in. I wont blind you with my nudity.”

“Well that would be a welcomed change.” Seth says stepping in through the door. I smile. “Good morning sleeping beauty.”

“Good morning to you too!” I chirp shedding my sheets and sprinting to him to give him a hug. He welcomes me with open arms and chuckles.

“I see the queen of the damned has managed to crash here another night.” I turn to Clair drooling on my bed and frown. Seth has never liked Clair. He claims she’s a user, a liar, a manipulator, and a slut. All these things are kinda true, but he neglects to see the sweet loving girl I see, the girl who I can talk to for hours and never get bored. The girl that’s like my sister.

“Honestly, how do you put up with her Ebony?” Seth sighs frustrated. “You think after last time you’d learn…”

“I’d learn what?” I snap. He retreats.

“Nothing.” He mutters. “I didn’t say a word.”

I shake my head and lead him to my bed leaving the door open so mom wont have a heart attack and die. “Wanna play a trick on her?” I ask with a wicked grin. Seth raises an eyebrow and nods his approval. I take the water bottle carefully away from Clair, lift up the sheets, pour some on the bed, place it back into her hands and redress her in the covers. Seth smiles knowing all too well where this is going and giggles as I shove him into my closet and slip back into my sheets.

“Clair! What did you do?!” I yelp. She shoots up, eyes widen in terror as she rips off the covers.

“I-I-I” She stammers. “It wasn’t me! I swear! I don’t do that! I would never….I was drunk! Did I really just pee?”

I start busting up laughing and Seth comes striding out of the closet hysterical with a smirk so clear and bright even Clair can’t help but smile back. But that look quickly fades as she turns to me furious.

“You slut!” She yells bringing back her hand and releasing it as hard and fast as she can against the flesh of my cheek.


The force of her hand is like nothing I have ever felt before. I can hear Seth gasp as he races to my side cradling me in his chest.

“What did you do!” He screams at her. I flinch. I’ve never heard Seth so angry and protective before. I place my hand on my wound and pat his arm.

“It’s okay.” I coo.

“Okay?!” He shouts. “That b*tch just slapped the sh*t out of you! Don’t tell me it’s ‘okay’!”

“Did you really just call me a b*tch?” Clair asks as calm and cool as the summer’s breeze. She honestly doesn’t think she did anything wrong as she points a bony manicured finger at me. “That b*tch you’re cradling purposefully embarrassed me for no apparent reason…and will you quit shouting? All this drama is giving me a killer headache, and I do mean killer.”

“I can’t believe it.” Seth gasps holding me closer to him. “You’re completely drunk!”

“Sweetie, I believe the word is ‘hung over’. I was drunk yesterday. Today I’m fine.”

Seth’s entire body tenses up as he sweeps me up in his arm bridal style and marches me out of my room too angry to even say a word to me. I stare up at him wide eyed astonished that’d he’d ever be this mad.

“I hate her.” He says once we’re outside…outside as in outside of my house. He sits down at the bench in my backyard overlooking the pond. I squirm out of his grip and sit next to him.

“She’s an acquired taste.” I tell him. He shakes his head no and looks at me. Tears fill his eyes as he touches the raw part of my face.

“How can you defend her when she hurt you?” He asks. I don’t have an answer.
15. maj 2011

15. maj 2011

15. maj 2011

(But with green eyes)
15. maj 2011
“Ebby! Ebbby!” Clair hollers. Seth looks at me and shakes his head no not wanting me to go back to her.

“She’s my friend.” I tell him.

“And so am I.” He points out. “But I’d never even dream of hurting you.”

He brushes the hair out of my face to where Clair slapped me so hard it left a mark. I shy away.

“She didn’t mean it…she was drunk.” I murmur.

“Hung over.” He corrects. I sigh. He was right. Why do I keep making excuse for her? She’s a terrible friend and an even worse person.

“Ah! There you are Ebony!” She says leaning over the bench to give me a hug. “And wicked battle scar! This one we’re gonna remember for a long time!”

Seth just glares at her dumbfounded as I gently place my hand on my cheek.

“Uh, loser, can you peace out so I can talk to my best friend? We’ve got some major catching up to do.”

Seth just continues glaring as she motions for him to leave.

“It’s ok. I’ll meet up with you at the park in an hour. I’m…I’m sorry.” I say. Clair rolls her eyes and sneers as Seth reluctantly gets up and gives me a hug. He lingers next to my ear.

“Call me.” He whispers. “If that b*tch touches you again, don’t hesitate to call.”

I nod and he lets go.

“See yah later, slut.” He grumbles as he strides away. Clair stares after him, watching him closely as he glides in through my house.

“Damn that boy is fine!” She says taking his seat.

“Wow, really?” I comment. “Have you forgotten about Logan, your boyfriend. You know the one. Tall, gorgeous hair, delicious British accent, super sweet and caring...”

“Yes, yes.” She says. “But it doesn’t hurt to look…or flirt…or make out. Having sex is the line though…I’m not a skank.”

“Oh really?” I say raising a brow. “And what about last night?”

Her smile dissolves. “What do you mean what about last night?” She asks.

“Do I have to say it?” I ask shivering in disgust.

“You mean…oh God, I told you…Ebony, you have to believe me that was a two time thing.”

“Two time!” I yelp. She gasps.

“I didn’t tell you…?”

“You told me about Justin and Mr. Sinclair.” I say, my mind still trying to catch up with my heart.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God.” She repeats like a broken record. “That wasn’t the first time…with Justin I mean. I’ve been doing him for a month.”

“You what!” I screech. She clasps her hands over my mouth.

“You have to understand, Logan wants to wait for a six month so it will be special. I have needs, Eb, and he ain’t enough!”

I rip her hand away from my lips and glare. She sighs.

“I know it’s bad, but the Sinclairs aren’t the only people I’ve been f^cking…there’s some more…”

“More?” I gasp. She nods. “How many?”

“Four.” She states flatly. I nearly pass out.

“I know, but now that I’m of age, more people want me on account of I’m no longer jail bait. But the most delicious and hot sexy mess I’ve done is still Mr. Sinclair. He just makes me sooooo horny!”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Oh but I am.” She says, her bright green eyes clouded and cold. “And if you tell anyone, I wont hesitate to spill your secret…”

Her voice is completely serious despite her chilling smile and lifeless eyes…I value my life more than sharing a simple secret.

“I, uh, promised Seth I’d meet him at the park.” I say softly. Clair’s eyebrows burrow over her deep green eyes into an intense glare. She reaches for my wrist as I stand to walk away. I yelp, her grip is tight, so strong that it turns my hand white. I look at it, then back at her. Her face is serious, concerned, unlike any expression I’ve ever seen her wear before.

“Remember what I said.” She hisses. “You tell, I tell…and your secret is way worse than mine.”

I nod and she lets go. I rub my wrist. By now you think I wouldn’t be so surprised at her brutish strength, but every time she lifts a finger to me it takes me off guard. I sigh and slump away. I can feel her eyes glued to me as I cut through my yard and head strait for the park. I want to confess to Logan so badly…out of everyone he deserves to know, he deserves better than Clair. As much as I love the girl, she is psycho…
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But with these eyes:


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lepo lepo
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I turn down the street that leads to the park. I look up and there’s Seth…with Logan. I freeze. They’re talking. Seth’s face is serious, his posture stiff as he talks with his hands. Logan is his bipolar opposite. He’s relaxed, shooting off his childish grin as he chuckles at everything Seth is saying, which seems to irritate Seth a lot. Suddenly Seth’s gaze meets mine. He smiles and waves me over. Logan follows his gaze and nods at me. I drag my feet.

“Ebony!” Logan cheers giving me a hug. “I was wondering when you…when you…”

He stops, grabs my face in his hands and brushes my hair out of my face. He gently tilts my face to its side and frowns. He strokes the puffy pink mark. I flinch.

“This is fresh…” He states. His eyes burrow focused on the mark. “Wha..what happened?”

I hesitate. There’s no easy way to explain to him…I promised Clair I wouldn’t do anything to break them up, but…

“Your psycho girl…” Seth starts wrinkling his nose. I snap my head back to him.

“This psycho girl walked right into a door. Yeah, I know, I’m reeeeeealll smart. Lets hear it, bring on the jokes.” I say giving a pitiful nervous laugh. I pray Logan can’t hear the sad attempt of a lie I’m feeding him. Luckily he doesn’t suspect a thing. He chuckles stroking the bruise with his thumb. Seth shakes his head disappointed in me. I can’t meet his gaze.

“Oh, Ebony, you’re such a klutz!” Logan laughs. “That’s a really nasty looking mark! You should be more careful. We wouldn’t to mess up that pretty little face of yours, huh?”

I blush. He’s so sweet…

“Yeah, that’s what happened.” Seth mumbles. I look back at him and frown. He’s furious, but what could I say? Clair doesn’t mess around…

“Logan!” All three of us turn to face the blond headed bimbo. Speak of the devil…

“Who invited the skank?” Seth grumbles. Logan and I glare.

“Ha ha. Very funny.” Clair says draping her arms around Logan and leaning over his shoulders to plant a sloppy kiss on his lips. “Mmmm.” She hums.

I shrink back into Seth who automatically grabs my hand. “Lets go for icecream.” He suggests. “We wouldn’t want to catch an std.”

“Really? Well you’re missing out.” Clair says kissing Logan up and down his neck. I shiver. Logan cradles her face and greets her with a peck on the lips…oh how I wish it was me…

“You guys are disgusting.” Seth moans. “Come on, Ebony, there’s an icecream shop just down the road. I’ll drive.”

I nod and let him drag me to his 2003 Saab. He doesn’t let go of my hand the entire way there, we just drive in an awkward silence and enter in an even more uncomfortable silence. I know exactly what he’s thinking, ‘Ebony, why’d you lie to Logan? Don’t you want them to break up just as much as me?’ Honestly, yes, I do…but he doesn’t know Clair like I do. He doesn’t know how dark it is being on her bad side. I’ve watched her tear people to shreds without thinking twice about it…I don’t want to end up like them…lost and forgotten…

“What do you want, my treat.” Seth says digging into his pocket for his wallet. I smile and touch his hand.

“No, you paid last time. It’s my turn. Consider this a thank you for rescuing me twice today.”

He gives me his adorable innocent smile and nods. “Ok, fine. You win, you pay but you have to promise to be honest with me.”

“Aren’t I always?” I ask leaning into his chest. His grin widens as he wraps his arms around me in a tight hug.

“Yes, that’s one of my favorite qualities about you.” He says resting his chin on my head.

“One of?” I ask. He takes a deep breath.

“$5.62.” The girl at the cash register says handing us the usual. I smile and swipe my debit card. She nods us away eager to take the next people’s orders. Seth leads us to our usual seats in the corner of the parlor. I can already tell he has questions lined up ready to fire away…

“Why?” He asks taking a huge bite out of his sundae.

“Clair.” I say flatly. He rolls his eyes.

“Can you be a bit more specific?”

I take a deep breath and inhale most of my parfait.

“She has something on me…something that could ruin my life, my future, my hopes and dreams and the way you and everyone else looks at me…I know its selfish, but I don’t want to risk it. You have to believe me, it’s killing me.”

“So let me get this strait…” Seth says setting the sundae down and shooting me his thinking face. “You let her treat you like sh*t because you’re to afraid to stand up to her?”

I lower my head, when you put it like that it sounds pathetic…

“That b*tch! Ebony, you are the most kind and caring and overall wonderful person I know, but damn girl! You have to grow a pair and stand up for yourself or else people like Clair are going to keep abusing you! This whole situation makes me sick! I have to convince myself every night that kidnapping you in the middle of the night for your own good is a terrible idea! Ebony, I love you…I hate that this is happening to you.”

I blush and plunge my spoon into my icream… this is why Seth is my very best friend. He knows just how to cheer me up.

“Seth, I love you. More than you can ever know.” I smile. His face turns a beat red. He opens his mouth to respond but is cut off by…

(right click and select ‘open link in new tab’) **

“Your phone.” I giggle finishing the rest of the song as he answers the call.

“Hey sis…” He says, there’s a pause. His face drops. “What?, calm down, Anna, I cant…wait, what?…What?! He did what?!, I’m on my way! Just stay put! I…I...Anna, everything will be fine. I’m coming to get you.”

He slams the phone shut and bolts from the table.

“We’ll finish the conversation later.” He says. “Thanks for the treat.”

I nod. “Seth…be careful. Let me know if everything’s alright.”

He doesn’t say anything as he races out of the store…


The streets seem a lot darker at night…well dusk. I smile humming as I twirl down the sidewalk and head for the swings. The park is empty, surprise surprise. I shrug it off kicking up my heels and soaring into the sky…

“Lovely night, isn’t it?” I turn to meet Logan smiling down at me. I blush and nearly topple over. “Mind if I join you?”

“N…not at all.” I choke. He chuckles and plants himself in the open swing next to me.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you.” He grins looking into space.

“You didn’t.” I lie.

“Yes, yes.” He sighs. There’s a pause. “Ebony, may I ask you something.”

“Sure.” I smile. “I mean, I know you will whether I want you to or not, so go for it.”

He looks at me and gives me his heart warming crooked smile. I nearly melt.

“Why do you…I mean, how do you tolerate Clair.”

I stare at him stunned.

“What do you mean?” I ask. He sighs.

“Clair is a beautiful woman, but she’s rather intense at times…sometimes its hard to be around her. She’s a diva. Sometimes I wish I were dating someone…someone a lot like you.”

I look at him stunned, my mouth gaping open. He gives off a nervous laugh and blushes.

“Seth told me.” He continues. “About what happened this morning. How you got that mark…quite frankly I’m not shocked at all. Clair has quite a temper…she’s tried to come after me a few times.”

“She..she has?” I ask. He nods. I lower my head.

“But I’m trapped. There’s this side to her that’s wild and exciting. She’s not like girls I usually go for…she’s thrilling.”

I bite my lip. Of course she is…

“But…” He says lifting my chin. “Sometimes I wonder how it’d be like if I had dated you instead…”

He leans in, closing his eyes…this is everything I dreamed of…everything I wanted. It takes my breath away…

“I-I can’t.” I stammer pulling away. His hand falls slack and he sighs. “I’m sorry…”

“Even when its not your fault you apologize.” He says. “Cute…”
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Nadaljujem ??
komentirite kej ...
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I can barely breath, it takes every last bit of strength I have to pull away from him. “Logan…” I say. “I want to kiss you more than you will ever know, but I…but I can’t…”

He nods and eases back on the swings. “I admire that about you.” He says. “You’re always so honest and sincere. That’s how you and Clair are different. Clair is like a funhouse, you never know which side of her you’ll get. But with you, it’s always what you see is what you get. That’s not a bad thing.”

I lower my head and look at the ground digging my toe into the sand. It sure sounded like a bad thing to me…Logan sighs and jumps down from the swing. He turns and smiles at me.

“Ebony, things would be so different if I would’ve told you how I felt sooner…If Clair never kissed me, I would be with you. I want you to remember that.”

I stare at him stunned. Why on earth would he tell me that?! Now I’m going to hate myself for being shy for the rest of my life…ugh! He smiles and strides away into the moonlight, his thick dark hair catching the light just right forming a halo around his head. I sigh and stare at the sky…at the stars and just how beautiful the night is. I remember that day…the day Clair kissed Logan…

< - 2 months ago:
“So I hear he’s delicious.” Clair says leaning up against my locker. She’s talking about Logan. So far I’ve been hiding him from her. Clair has a way of always stealing away my crushes. There’s Mark, Anthony, David, Dylan, Cole, and even Ian from the first grade. They’d take one look at Clair, she’s flip her hair, grab them by the collar and make them say “Ebony who?” Boyfriends weren’t off limits to her either, but that’s a whole different story. I shut my locker and smile at her.

“I like Logan.” I say softly. “He’s smart, kind, gentle, and he makes me laugh.”

“He sounds boring!” She yawns. “I only care how hot he is. I hear he has an accent! Now that’s sexy!”

I blush just thinking about it, but shake the thought out of my head.

“Clair, I think Logan might like me too, so if I do introduce you to him will you promise me you’ll be on your best behavior?”

“Scout’s honor!” She says crossing her heart. I give her an uneasy look then nod.

“Ok.” I whisper. “He’s with Seth right now in photography. Please, Clair. I really like this guy. Be nice.”

“Since when am I not nice?” She asks. I shoot her that ‘really?’ look and she laughs.

“I get it I get it, he’s all yours. Now lets meet the lucky guy! I’m so excited!”

The next thing I see Clair’s on top of Logan…

She told me she had to approve of him…

She said she wanted to talk….

I never guessed that talking…

Meant sticking..

Your tongue…

Down someone else’s…


è Now:

My phone starts ringing (right click and select ‘open link in new tab’)

It’s Seth’s ringtone. I smile. I picked this song in particular because I really admired how he never took crap from anyone and if someone ever needed him, or something was against the rules, he’s always unafraid to break them in order to help someone he loves…

I let the song go on for a few seconds before picking up.

“Hello Seth my sunshine, is everything alright?” There’s a pause. My heart skips a beat. “Seth…?”

“Ebony…” Seth chokes. “I…I need you. Please, can you meet me somewhere?”

I nod despite knowing the fact that he can’t see me.

“Yes, of course my darling. Anywhere. I’ll meet you anywhere you’d like, just name it.”

“I’m already here.” He says. I whirl around to see the dark silhouette of my friend. Without thinking I slam the phone shut, take off running, and wrap my arms around him in a tight deathgrip. He holds me close, so close to him I can hear his heart beating rapidly against his ribs…

“Seth…” I coo. “What…what happened? Is Anna ok?”

He shakes his head no gripping my hair in his fist.

“Ebony.” He sobs. “Anna…Anna might die. There was an accident. My dad…drunk…crash…”

My eyes widen and all I can do to comfort him is hold him close.




17. maj 2011
Ebony goes to the park to clear her head and meet up with Seth when she sees him talking to Logan who panics when he sees her face. Seth starts to explain but Ebony cuts him off trying to protect Clair from a nasty break up...Clair crashes the party and Seth and Ebony bail to an icecream shop so Seth can start asking Ebony questions, but Seth gets a mysterious call and has to leave. Feeling alone Ebony returns to the park and starts to's late, Logan arrives and starts to explain his doubts about Clair. Ebony and Logan almost kiss but Ebony wont allow it. Logan leaves and Ebony gets a call from Seth who says he needs her...)

I sneak Seth into my room, he could really use a friend and right now and I’m all he’s got. He’s hysterical. His whole body shaking as he tries to tell me what happened through violent tremors. I find another water bottle in my stash and hand it to him.

“Keep hydrated.” I say pulling the covers over his head. “I just want you to be happy again…you can tell me whenever you’re ready.”

I pull out some extra sheets in my closet and start making the best bed I can when suddenly something catches my wrist. I look down. It’s Seth. He’s looking at me with pleading eyes.

“Stay with me.” He begs. I purse my lips and reluctantly crawl into bed. Can you imagine mom’s face if she walked in? She’d have a heart attack for sure…Seth wraps his arms around me and buries his head into my back. Our body’s fit so perfectly together…I close my eyes and start to drift…Seth…my beloved Seth, we’ve been through hell and back, haven’t we?

< - 7 years ago…
“Class, I’d like you to meet Clair. She just moved here from Michigan, I’d like you to do your best to welcome her.”

A few students attempt to mumble a greeting but I give off my brightest smile and wave to her. She looks too calm, I wonder how many times she’s had to do this…had to stand in front of a room full of strangers…

“I don’t like her…” Seth murmurs. I shoot him a confused look and he shrinks back into his desk.

“Why?” I ask. He shrugs.

“I can just tell she’s trouble.”

I roll my eyes and turn my attention back to the teacher.

“Anyone want to offer Clair a seat?” Mrs. Applebeen asks. My hand shoots up faster than the speed of light. Clair smiles and sits next to me, but her eyes are focused on Seth.

“I’m Clair.” She says as-a-matter-of-factly.

“I’m Ebony.” I smile. “And this is Seth.”

She shakes our hands…

>>>3 Days Later…

“Take it back!” Clair shouts shoving Seth’s face into the dirt at recess. A mob forms around them as she sticks a handful of sand into his pants. I break through just in time to witness it.

“Never!” Seth screams back.

“Take it back!”


Clair jumps to her feet and stands on his head. I run as fast as I can and yank her off, glaring.

“What are you doing?!” I ask not taking my eyes away from her for a minute as I help Seth to his feet. He’s dizzy and nearly topples back over. Clair smirks.

“I was just trying to show our dear friend Seth here the art of karate.” She lies sweetly. I look at her unsure.

“Liar!!!” Seth yelps falling into me. I steady him. “She went all psycho because I wouldn’t ask her to be my girlfriend!”

“Is that true?” I ask Clair getting my first taste of envy and jealousy. Seth has always been my love…Clair’s smile slips, but she lifts her head anyways and lies to my face.

“No.” She says firmly. “Seth asked me if I knew how to fight so I was demonstrating it to him.” The lie was flawless, but I believed Seth.

“Liar!” He exclaims getting dizzy. “I said I didn’t like you and that you’re an ugly snob!”

This time Clair completely loses her cool as she lunges for the poor defeated Seth. I make the mistake of stepping in her way and end up with a sprained ankle and a black eye…

è Now:

“Ebony! Breakfast is ready!” Mom calls. I yawn and stretch out my arms a little surprised to see Seth still sleeping soundly with his arms around my waist. I pry them away and smile down at him.

“I use to be so in love with you.” I whisper to him. “What happened?”

He moans and rolls back over. I tip toe to my dresser and pull out my notepad and scribble down a note.

“Dear Seth,

Good morning my sunshine! I trust you slept well because the simple fact of the matter is, if you’re reading this, chances are I’m still downstairs eating breakfast, and if you’re not reading this then chances are you just woke up to a delicious morning feast I managed to sneak back up to my room. Either way, I’m glad you’re still here…

Love Always,


I reread the note before placing it in his hand and racing down the stairs. Mom greets me with a smile as my sisters Andria and Cindy yawn and take their seats.

“Good morning!” I chirp. Cindy and Andria glare and moan, but mom manages to smile.

“Morning.” She says placing a heaping plate of pancakes, eggs, and bacon in front of me. My mouth waters, I am so blessed to have a mother who loves cooking.

“So, tell me Ebony, how’s Seth?” Mom asks. I nearly choke on my orange juice.

“What do you mean?” I ask nervously.

“Yesterday he seemed pretty irritated…do you know why?”

“Yeah, why?” Cindy mocks. Andria rolls her eyes. Cindy is the youngest sister. She’s 13 and although she looks older than me most of the time, sometimes her childish ways get to her.

“It’s Clair.” I say poking at my food.

“When is it not Clair?” Andria asks unenthused. She has a point. Andria and Clair clash, it’s the whole queen bee concept, Andria is drop dead gorgeous, and classy in the party girl kinda way. Clair rivals that. She’s a beautiful tease. Occasionally tease triumphs over classy.

“Be nice…” Mom pipes in trying to mediate. Andria rolls her eyes and dismisses herself from the table. “So…?” She continues without looking at me. “What did Clair do now?”

But her thought is interrupted by Cindy gasping in horror at my face. “Dude! You’ve got a nasty shiner!” She screams. Andria rushes back into the room and stares at me wide eyed. I try to hide my face. It doesn’t work…mom breaks through the shield of sisters and examines my eye. She’s furious.

“Is this why he was mad?” She asks in her mommy voice. “Is this what Clair did to you?”

Mrs. Williams



17. maj 2011




17. maj 2011
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