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A story about an ordinary teenage girl Hannah who's life isn't complicated at all. He whole life changes when she bumps into Harry Styles himself. She keeps meeting him on random places and they become great friends. Not after a long time being friends, Harry finds himself falling for her even though he knows she is taken...
03. september 2012
Chapter 1

Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up with the sun that morning. I got up and put on my sweatpants. It was really warm outside, tought it was in the start of August. I went to the kitchen and looked for something to eat. There was nothing good in the cabinets, so I shuffled back to my room and dacided what to wear. I put on my gray tee with my plaid shirt over and pulled my Levi's out of the pile of jeans on the couch. I grabbed my wallet and Iphone sliding them into my pockets and put my gray beanie over my curls picking my white low converses from the floor. Putting them on I leaned on the hallway wall blowing a curl from my face. I quietly picked up my keys and slowly opened the frond door being greeted with a sunny day and a cloudless sky. I went out on the street and got in to the closest groceries shop. I picked out some junk food and took some apples, then paid for it and went out. It was early and gladly there were no screaming girls. I felt a buzz in my pocket and took out the phone. I got a message from Louis, asking where I am. I was replying him when I bumped into a girl. All the stuff I had in my hands fell down and so did hers. ''Oh my god, watch out!'' she loudly said and started picking the stuff up.

''I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking…'' I said and helped her.

We picked all the things and she looked at me instantly putting a small grin on her face.

''Hey, you're that Harry S… S something, right?'' she asked and I could help but notice a few freckles on her nose.

''Yeah, Harry Styles. Look, sorry again…'' I stated but she cut me of.

''It's okay. Hey, mind for a little favour?'' she looked for something in her bag.

''Could you give me your autograph, for my younger sister, she's a big fan, big,'' she said smiling and pulled out a piece of paper.

''Okay sure…'' I took the paper. ''What's her name?'' I asked with a smirk playing on my face.

'' Natalie'' she said passing me a pen.

I wrote on the paper:

to Natalie: Harry Styles x

and gave it back to her.

''Thankss Harry!'' she took it and put in back to her bag.

''I have to go now, I have to make breakfast for her, bye!'' she said and turned around.

''I didn't catch your name!'' I said after her .

''It's Hannah'' she smiled twirling to face me walking backwards.

''Nice meeting you, Hannah!'' I said with a cheeky smile and waved as she grinned a bit.

''Same to you, Styles, same to you,'' she waved back and continued her way on the street.

Another text came as I remembered I didn't reply to Louis.

It said: Ay mate, why aren't you replying?

I texted back: I went to the shop, no worries. I'm on my way back. See you in a minute.

I brought the food the the apartment and opened a bag of haribo gummy bears.

''What did you get, curly??'' came Louis to the kitchen and looked in the bag curiously.

''Just some snacks, we were low on them..'' I said back and sat on the bar chair.

''By the way, sorry for not texting you back, I bumped into this girl and then I forgot..'' I said and looked at him.

''Oh, really. Was she pretty?'' he asked.

''Yeah, she had long straight hair. Natural blonde, defenetly. Blue eyes. And she was really nice. I gave her an autograph for her younger sister.''

''Ooh, cool,'' Louis responded, took a packet of cookies and opened them.

''Have you had your breakfast yet?'' I asked and he shook with his head.

''OK then, what shall we have?'' I asked, ''eggs with bacon or pancakes with a little bit of syrup?''

''Both?'' Louis said and I looked at him.

''What? I'm hungry like hell! By the way, did you get any carrots?'' he smiled and ate a cookie.

''No I haven't sorry… And you're making the pancakes!'' I said and took the pan to make some eggs.

Louis put on his cooking apron. He looked really funny. I took the bacon out of the refrigerator and louis started making the pancakes. He burned most of them. He isn't such as good cook as me, though. Heh. Joke, joke.

''All done!'' he said as he put the last pancake on the plate.

I've put the eggs on the island. We usually eat breakfast and snacks on it, tought there's only two of us in the apartment. We ate it all and then cleaned everything up. I sat on the couch and opened my Mac. I went on tumblr. Just to check what the fans were talking about. If there's anything new. There was a whole load of new photos. I was just about to close the internet when I saw a photo of me helping Hannah pick her stuff up. And there was another one; of her giving me that piece of paper.

The captions were all like:

'Who is she?'

'Did she give him her number?'

'What's on that paper?'

There was hate too. I just hate how the paparazzi make everything look so wrong. Ugh.

''God, I hate those people'' I quietly said to myself.

Louis apparently heard me and looked at me asking, ''ay, Harold, what's wrong?''.

''It's just… I hate the papparazzi… I mean, look…'' I said and turned around my Mac so he could see.

''Wow, they're fast…'' Louis said while looking at the photos.

''Nevermind...'' I murmured closing the lap top and standing up, ''I'm going for a wolk in the park, I need some fresh air. See you later!''

''Okay curly, I'll miss you!'' he said and smiled.

I smiled,''yes, Boo Bear, I will miss you too…'' and then walked out the apartment picking up my keys.

It was really warm outside. I put on some music making my way to starbucks. I payed form y dring and flashed a smile to the waitress as I walked out directing to the park. There was a lot of people there. Including fans, but I didn't mind. I was already used to it. Every couple of minutes they'd stop me and ask for a picture or an autograph. Same things everyday. I was just about to retunt home when a girl came up to me and asked for a picture. I nodded and smiled to the camera.

''Natalie!'' I heard a girl shout and I recognized the voice.

I quickly turned into the direction I heard the shout from. I saw her running towards us. She tripped in the hole in the ground and I quickly caught her,

''wow, Hannah, you're practicaly falling for me. Like literally'' I winked at her smiling in a cheeky way.

She looked at me and smiled, blushing deep red.

''Nice try Styles..'' she grinned patting my cheek playfully after she stood up looking over at the girl next to us.

''Natalie, I know this is Harry Styles, but don't ever run off like that!'' Hannah said to her.

The girl, Natalie, nodded and smiled.

''So this is Natalie?'' I asked and gave her a cheeky smile.

''Yes, this is the little pain in the butt!'' said Hannah smilig.

''Nice to meet you young lady..'' I said and shook Natalies hand.

''I heard something about you being a big fan of mine. Is that true?'' I asked and looked at Hannah.

Natalie shoot a look at her causing her to giggle and looked at me shyly.

''What do you say, we go get this lad over here an Ice Cream and then head off to my flat, where Louis is all alone?'' I put my arm around her shoulder and looked over at Hannah waiting for her to agree.

''Please Hannah?'' Natalie was begging.

''Yeah, come on!'' I smiled and she nodded.

''Yay!'' sqeeled Natalie a bit over excited.

I noticed some girls looking over at us. They might of recognized Hannah from the photos.

''Let's go!''



03. september 2012
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