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Hi! I'm Hillary I'm 17 years old.I live in Alanta, Georgia. My best friends are, well... Soha or Soso,Kelly or Kells,Michelle or Max and Nicole or Nic. They're all my best friends. They've been with me through thick and thin.You guys must also not know but I was once dating Justin Bieber before he was famous but it was, you know... we were 14, we dated for a year,he told me he loved me but i guess he just got bored because one day i want to his house cause he said he was sick so i was gone to his house to make him some soup .i opened the door and saw jessica who was once my friend was making out with him and he was kissing back.I was so heartbroken i didnt forgive him ever he kept calling me texting me but i wanted him to feel the same way i did so ididnt forgive him so easily and i wasnt gonna forgive him right now either in what ever way.Anyways after seeing that i ran and threw his necklace he gaveme he said i love you if i break that you can throw this away and he broke that promise in just 2 days i was so heartbroken because he was my first love that i lay in my bed for a week and didnt eat,sleep or drink at that time.I threw evertrhing in my room and broke it>i even cut my arm with a J on it but then my best friends kno how to cheer me up but i still miss him but not gonna forgive him ever cause he'sthe one who messed with my feelings.Now enough of that so my dad's name is John alexander and my mom's name is maria kenels and mine is hillary alexander kenels.i go to alanta high school,im not a nerd neither popular just normal.My big brother who's 19 steven is like the superhero of the school captain of the football team and blah blah so nobody knows im his little sister because im not just gonna let everyone call me steven's little sister cause i like who i am.The last question in her mind was that no never my mom or dad or justin's mom knew we dated and we wanted it to keep it like that they dont even know he cheated on me.but that's the past... I moved from canada here in alanta to start a new life and i did just want to forget about that jerk that was once in my life!

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24. oktober 2011
napište next če bote al pa kaj tazga )
24. oktober 2011
če bote brali*
24. oktober 2011
Next...!!! Kako pa to, da je v sej mene ne nexti!!!
24. oktober 2011
NeXT PLeaSe!!!
25. oktober 2011
ja newem no... mislim da mi mau bol gre pisanje u angleščini
25. oktober 2011
steven:GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF BED HILLARY! he shouted from downstairs

i opened my eyes and saw the time CRAP! its 6:50 i hurried into the bathroom,brushed my teeth,straightened my hair,did my makeup all pretty like and chnaged into this:

i came downstairs and saw my mom cooking waffles

me:hey mom

maria:hey honey want some?

me:yes please

my mom served the waffles i said thank you and started eating it like an animal cause i was gonna be late after i was done my mom gave me a wierd look

me:mom i have to go bye

mariaye honey

i sat in the school bus my brother didnt go in the school bus my mom bought him car so he thought he was coolenough not to ride in the bus but in his car so where was i oh yea i want to the bus and like always my friend max or michelle saved me a seat and kelly and nicole sat behind us soso or soha wasnt with us she was with her bofriend bradley at the back seeing them together reminded me of justin it was hard to hold back the tears but i had to

-At school-

i was walking into school with my friends they were obsessed with justin but they were good friends they didnt talk about justin when i was there so they were loyal the bell rang i went to music class i loved msuic it was my life i wanted to be a recording artist but ive been posting on youtube but no luck yet but im sure im confident one day that day will come so i was heading to music class and suddenly bumpeds into someone

???orry let me helpyou *he started to help me*

me:its okay

somehow is voice sounded familiar i couldnt just put my finger on it who was he.....
25. oktober 2011
pa prosim povejte še komu za zgodbico
25. oktober 2011
10. april 2012
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